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  1. You are as delustional as Geneanut. I wasn't the one here trolling. You guys were. You lack self awareness. The odd thing is that since you guys feel you need to police the board from opinions that you dislike, you guys actually become the trolls that you guys think you are trying to stop. You don't see me or the other chatters getting butt hurt because someone has a different opinion. And it is not like I even attacked the team or player. All I gave was an opinion on a QB trait that wasn't directed at anyone. But in Geneaut delusion he assumed, like you did that some how it was trolling. Just a different opinion. But no. You haven't worn me out. I just don't live on the board worrying about every post. I pop in time to time and add my 2 cents. It's not that big of a deal to me. So you and the others can go back to trolling your turf.
  2. I know Brees is on the Saints and Falcon fans hate the Saints and thus the face of their franchise, but for me it has been Vick, since he actually did devastate this team. Brees being on a rival team is one thing but he is a class act just like Matt Ryan is. If I was going to hate on a rival QB it would be Cam. He is a poor sport and braggart.
  3. Probably a neurological disorder. Seek help.
  4. I don't think anyone questioned Ryan's or the offenses ability to get yards. The problem has been points, specifically TDs. You can get all the yards in the world but without consistent scoring it means nothing. Before paranoid conspiratard homers get butthurt and assume this means I am implying Matt Ryan sucks, I am not. Ryan has done well in the TD department in recent years. Not great but good. I wish those rankings were about TDs.
  5. Conspiratards do need a sense of humor to balance out their paranoia. Good for you. Keep on posting on the thread you don't want to be resurrected.
  6. Says the guy who keeps posting in it. Paranoid conspiratard lacks total self awareness. Why am I not surprised?
  7. You are the one who responded to me, and now you want me to go away. Even your comebacks are illogical. That and the fact you and your buddy are the troll in this conversation. Get a life. If you don't like a person's opinion on the board, ignore it. That is what adults do. Try it some time.
  8. Says the paranoid delusional conspiratard.
  9. I agree. Someone mentioned Brady, but even Brady can work the pocket. Mobile QBs at least know how to buy time in the pocket. Just dodging would be sackers can be a big deal.
  10. Says the butthurt troll.
  11. Says the guy who BSed his way with assumptions and fallacies while claiming to having a degree in Philosophy.
  12. A whole lot of butthurt coming from you.
  13. It is like asking someone who wants Donald Trump impeached, if Donald Trump was honest and altruistic, would you still want him impeached. C'mon man.
  14. I agree it is not all the QBs fault. But since they have the most influence on the field they get the most glory and blame. It isn't fair either way.
  15. You suck at philosophy. Now you are reading into me thinking Ryan sucks. It's called a strawman. You got ripped off if you got a degree in it. All my initial post in this thread had to do was with being dominant is more important than being clutch. I didnt claim or imply Ryan sucks or being clutch isnt important at all or a QB cannot be clutch and dominant. Your every attempt to strawman me has failed. At best if you are good at philosophy, your paranoia of a would be Ryan attack has superceded your logical thinking, if you have it.