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  1. I dont have a problem with either player or the position they play. For me, the OL along with the QB is the engine of the offence, which i wanted the Falcons to.focus on for years now. My ownly slight quibble is I think they could have gotten either player or a comparatively equivalent player if they traded down, assuming they had any trade offers, or even if Falcons waited a round later to draft them. I think both players are good safe players and at the very least wil be an immediete upgrade at both positions for the Falcons.
  2. I think Ryan would be decent on any team. However, if Ryan and Wilson switched spots and all other factors re.ained the same, Wilsons numbers would greatly improve while Ryans would decline. Even if someone shows that seattles d is better, what does that have to do with the offence? Now both seattles and atlantas oline have been bad but seattles oline has been histoically bad in the past. If ryan had the same wheels as wilson i would say it is even. they are both great leaders who lead by example and are smart and hard working. ryan has the height and wilson has the mobility. height is not much of a factor. mobility is. if you took Ryan and gave him 4.5 speed, you dont think that would be a dramatic improvement?
  3. No. ni ce strawman. by my logic every qb is part of the success and failure of the teams sucess and failure. the more a.qb contributes, the more the qb is part of that success or failure. i am not the one forgetting its a team sport when the team wins attributing the success to only one player. You will never see me type Wilson, or any other Qb beat a team. that would be really stupid. teams beat teams. its not just any one player.
  4. thanks for confirmation to what i said. even ryan would admit his success is dependent on the people catching the ball, peeps blocking for him, and a run gsme to take some of the pressure off. You have tunnel vision when it comes to Ryan. Ryan fan boys perception is when the Falcons win its really Ryan beating the opposing team. When the Falcons lose, its becuase its the other members of the teams fault.
  5. There is no stat for h ow fast a wr gets open or route running. i doubt anyone th inks that overall seattles wrs are even close in that area. When you have ridldy as wr number 3 and he is better th an all of seattles wrs. ev en if xesttles wrs are better at catching, which i doubt, they arent nealry as good as getting open.
  6. Both are great qbs. If you shrunk Ryan down and made him much more mobile he would be Wilson. how is Ryan better than or equal to Ryan+mobility?
  7. Wilson made more mistakes but also made more plays in the playoffs. Falcons b eat the Seahawks not just Ryan. Ryan is a great QB. Wilson is a shorter much more mobile version of Ryan. Wilson is an upgrade by comparison. I like Ryan but Ryan fanboys go too far. If the Falcons win it's becuase of Ryan. If the team losses or is not as successful by comparison, then the its the rest of the teams fault. Offence and defence wins championships. Falcons had the greatest d of all time and didnt make the playoffs when they had the gritz blitz. You still need an offence to outscore the other team and at least sustain drives to give the d a rest. i dont care how talented they are. a tired d is a crap d.
  8. I never got the Saints hate. To me they are just another team. I just want the Falcons to win the Super Bowl. If they don't win it, I could care less who does. I think the Saints hate is more of a homer issue than a Falcon fan issue.
  9. I have been complaining about the Oline for years, especially the guards, and all I have been called is a hater and troll.
  10. I am glad Ryan turned it around this year. This year actually might be even more impressive than 2016 since he really doesn't have much of a running game helping him. I was really worried that 2016 was a fluke. I hope he keeps it up.
  11. I think that was true in past years. I am not sure it is true anymore.
  12. No one questions if the Falcons have some talent for SOME of their starters. Obviously they do. But they do have glaring holes and depth has always been the Achilles heel for this team. I don't buy into the hype of the Falcons beat up a lowly team or a team that has a lot of injuries, just like I don't get angry if they lose to a really good team and say the team stinks. Only when the Falcons lose to the worse of the worse does it hurt, or when the Falcons win against strong healthy teams before I buy into the hype. There are too many variables in winning or losing for me to be dramatic one way or the other.
  13. Julio jumps higher than Calvin. Calvin has the height advantage though. Go look at their draft workouts. While Calvin's vertical was good, Julio's was freakish.
  14. No. It just means you agree that they should be paid that high and I don't. "Fair market value" is just an opinion. It's just saying "this is what the other guys make, so you should make it also".
  15. I don't know about fair market. To me those guys are all over paid.