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  1. I would let Freeman and Coleman walk. There is really no reason to pay top dollar to any RB. Even Gurley struggled with a bad Oline. In spite of the scoring, the Falcons have been terrible running the ball. The team would be better off using a low rounder to draft an RB or even getting a UDFA.
  2. Why in the fug is JJ running out of bounds?
  3. I think this accurately describes what the OP is saying Falcons= Jobber Rest of the NFL= Yokozuna
  4. You are actually agreeing with a point you are trying to argue against. ALL Olines age. You can even say all Olines are investments also. The point is not if the team invested in it, but when, and if that Oline is still as valuable as when it was initially invested in, whether it is FA or the draft. It would be asinine to believe that some player, regardless of position, is going to play at the same level in their early to mid 30s as they did in their mid 20s. Sure there are a few exceptions, but that is not the rule. Also it's not necessarily even FA either. It's when the Falcons got the player. Getting players nearing their late 20s or later is a bad investment for long term value. It's not just that they are old but banged up. Injuries stack over time. Also 9th best doesn't mean crap since Olines across the NFL are crap. It's a relative privation fallacy. It's the equavalent of saying you have the 9th least crappy Oline. Sure you want bang for your buck. The draft is more helpful since the money spent is lower by comparison. But if your team is like the Falcons, which refuses to trade down to gain draft capital, then they will just try to get in their opinion BPA, even if that means overlooking the Oline, or scraping the barrel from what is left. The problem is not just talent but the assumption that a talented player will stay talented. Fans for the most part just assume that what players on the roster will just continue to get better and all they need to do is fill in the gaps. It doesn't work that way. Even Alex Mack is old. He is still playing well but expect a decline in the next couple of years. I am surprised it hasn't occurred already.
  5. As far as I am concerned, you might as well stick a fork in his career. Not only are the injuries piling up, but their effects are stacking. It won't get easier. Combine that with the shelf life of a RB, and the physical demand it has on the body, it pretty much over for him. Devonta was a good RB. It's a shame. PS: The only kind of good news is, given the state of the running game this year, which is non-existant, it might not really matter.
  6. Ryan is not to blame, though Wilson would be an upgrade. I would say the defense needs to play better but a good chunk of them are backups and it would be an unrealistic expectation to believe they would be as good or close to as good as the starters were.
  7. All 4 of those teams are doing better than the Steelers. Why in the world do you think the Falcons would beat them to be a spoiler in the first place.
  8. We already did find out. It's called the preseason. And they stunk.
  9. There is no numbering system on message boards. You could have easily said the Falcons are tied in 2nd place with 4 other teams. You are just making stuff up now.
  10. Well it's kinda meaningless also because you can create the "pace" at any time. You could have done it week one and said the D has to carry the team.
  11. Just like people mentioned about Fitzmagic, this isn't going to continue the whole season. I am glad he is doing much better, and he probably will continue to do better than compared to last season, but the "pace" is pretty unrealistic. I hope I am wrong. Even if Ryan is 2/3 of that pace, that is quite an improvement.
  12. Says the person who hates evidence. Keep going with the tribalism.
  13. The evidence shows the opposite. You clearly are for tribalism rather than deal with evidence.
  14. The penalties are a problem but and the coaches willing to play it safe. Give up yards underneath because they are scared of the big plays. Personally I would be willing to risk the big play rather than have the D get massacred with long drives that will eventually lead to a TD anyway.