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  1. Yeah in you ignore the playoffs and the SB he got his team to in Philly. How did Morris lead TB do in the playoffs and SB?
  2. Well unless Morris draft an all time great at QB like Reid did, then talk to me. As far as Reid "flaming out", what was Reid's "flaming out" record in Philly compared to Morris's in TB?
  3. He had his chance in TB. How did that work out?
  4. Falcons are gonna Falcon. You can look forward to the team trading up to get a mediocre QB in the first round whenever they decide to get a new franchise QB and try to retain a few of their "stars' while having more holes than a swiss cheese factory on a missile range. Good times. Enjoy the ride.
  5. He gave his opinion and you are crying about it. He has no obligation to be a "good" fan. We all want different things. Seems you can't handle it.
  6. As great as Julio is as a football player, he seems like an even better human being.
  7. I would have no idea. The problem with coaching is that you are going to correlate their wins and losses but say the coaches are the cause. It's not like any of these coaches have some intellectual combine or any other methodology we can use to determine who does a better job. That and the fact that whatever variables that helped them become successful, most of it is not coming with them to their new team. They aren't taking their front office and players from their old team with them. It's more of a crap shoot than drafting players.
  8. So your solution is get a sorta mobile QB, with one good year, who has an average skill set. What could possibly go wrong?
  9. In other words, as the offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter did nothing to put the Falcons in a better position to execute. He made zero attempts to do anything different today than he had shown on tape. He has made it abundantly clear that his entire game plan revolves around Julio Jones and there is no backup plan and quarterback Matt Ryan has not been given the authority to check out of the stupidity that is called by Koetter. In year two under Dirk Koetter, the Atlanta Falcons are averaging 381 total yards a game. However, in 10 game
  10. The post I responded to was about mobile QBs getting custom playbooks, and I explained why they do and why guys like Ryan don't get those "custom" playbooks. Your response to mine is using vague language like "terrible position", which means nothing. A team can be in a terrible position based on scheme and/or talent. You are using a corrallation fallacy with post hoc reasoning. Such as mentioning the running game. It could be Koetter just doesn't scheme correctly, as you mentioned. It could be that he doesn't call as many running plays because the running game is just not that good. OL c
  11. I don't believe their are 2 schemes. But their are many playbooks designed for drop back QBs since that overwhelming vast majority of NFL QBs are not mobile QBs that can run like a Mahomes, Jackson, or Murray. People are whining that these mobile QBs have custom tailored playbooks, ignoring the fact that Ryan doesn't have the physical traits that these other guys have that require or exploit their running ability. Ryan is intelligent but he is average physically. What play is any OC going to call, that can be specifically designed to help Matt Ryan in the first place? Also Ryan ha
  12. I dont care what model of car you make him as, cars get beat up fast. Unless they are sitting in the garage, their value drops quickly and it doesnt take long that they eventually wear out. Julio is good, but like Ryan, his best days are behind him. Right now the fans are putting nostalgia over long term success.
  13. Whoever it is, fans will say how great the GM is. A few years down the line we will see in TAFT "Troffed!"
  14. Both players can say what many members of TAFT say when defending Ryan. "It was the coaching. We have plenty of talent".
  15. well i'm sure that it was their QB's fault for allowing the 2 defenders to smash into him. One pushing him forward and the other smashing into his leg. Therefore Ryan is the better QB, right?
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