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  1. You can get on the map by starting over. WHen is it being practical with working with what you have vs being stubborn because you don't want to change? Anyway, for me, when it comes to football, seeing is believing, especially against stiff competition. We already heard the fan boys criticize TAFT when DQ got hired, and how he was going to prove the TAFT haters wrong. Let's just see how this goes before we rave about the guy. AS is not bringing his Titans team with him. So whatever he helped do in Tennessee stays in Tennessee. Not only are people expecting him to be able to reprodu
  2. I didn't say he needed to be paid 10 million a year. WTH are you talking about? I just said Ryan's contract is a problem. Ryan is a good QB being paid elite money. I don't blame Ryan for accepting the money. I blame the front office of the Falcons, and indirectly all the teams, for creating such disparity for what starting QBs make. Even then this wouldnt be a problem if the owners didn lie and make a cap, under the guise of parity, simply because they didnt want to pay more money to the players. Its BS. Since that is the circumstances, QBs have an overinflated chunk of the cap, and
  3. I would have Trey at 2. He is the youngest QB of the group meaning he can actually get a year or so experience and be as young as these others QB are coming into the draft. Age is an underrated feature in the draft. People love Matt Ryan here so much but imagine this: Getting Ryan at around age 20 and giving him 3 years of NFL experience vs drafting Ryan at age 23. Anyway Trevor and Justin are just 21 being true juniors, so they are really young. But I love Justn's physical traits that cannot be taught, even more so than the rest of them. if Trey is a hard worker with good intel
  4. So you take things too literal also. Obviously it just means that is the side you are taking. You are trying to argue he isn't "the" problem which a lot of supporters assume people are trying to argue against Ryan. It is not Ryan. It is his contract. I don't blame Ryan. I blame the people who panicked when they over payed him since teams are in a salary cap situation. This would not even be an issue if there was no cap. Teams artificially limited spending as an excuse to limit the amount of money they paid collectively to players.
  5. I didn't blame any of the Falcons problems on Ryan nor did I burden shift. Ryan is not a problem. His contract is. I blame the front office.
  6. So in other words you are in the "Matt Ryan is not the problem" camp. Matt Ryan as a player isn't a problem. He has reached his ceiling. He isn't going to get better. But he is also a decent starting QB. He is a good QB being paid elite QB money, especially WHEN he was signed. His contract is A problem. A big one.
  7. Yeah that is true. But the market doesn't reflect what the player is worth, but what the team anticipates. It's not just the Falcons. Teams overpay for QBs since they fear they won't get a decent one to replace them. They overpay with 1 year left because they are afraid if they wait another year, that it will cost them more. Sometimes that way of thinking works, and it saves the team money in the long run, but most times it bites them in the ***. Fact is Ryan got the richest Rookie contract ever when he played, and when he was resigned got the top contract in the league, and resigned
  8. You have a reading comprehension problem. "Every time he signed with the team he gets paid like he is the Number 1 QB in the league though he plays as if he is top 10-15 ish generally. " Was Ryan signed in 2020?
  9. Believe it or not, I support Ryan as well. He is a quality human being. I have nothing against him. For me, it's more about TD giving him these massive contracts. Every time he signed with the team he gets paid like he is the Number 1 QB in the league though he plays as if he is top 10-15 ish generally. Now granted, it's not all TDs fault, that is the market, but the Falcons are so afraid of losing a solid player so they over pay them, rather than taking a risk. The fact is the Falcons are stuck with these overinflated contracts. And even that wouldn't be such a problem if it
  10. Thanks for contradicting yourself. Then you follow up with "All QB’s need to be set up for success." So thanks for showing evidence for YOU this about Ryan winning the SB, not the team. So the team needs to be set up for Ryan to win a SB. It's not that Ryan needs to improve to help the team win. Last time I checked QBs are part of the team. If the team needs to improve, that includes the QB. You guys see it not as "The Falcons" but Ryan AND the Falcons. Got it. Anyway, I don't even necessarily have a problem with Ryan, but Ryan's contract. He isn't worth what the Falcon
  11. "LOL" isn't a rebuttal. Even when we had Shanny, it was Shanny who was blamed for the loss. You have unfalsafiable hypothesis. What is the LIKELINESS of Ryan having a talented team overall as his MVP year again by the time his current contract is over? I don't want to hear about possibility. Sure it's possible. I want you to tell me the odds. Will Ryan be as good as he was as he gets older? Will the team be good enough and improve fast enough? Remember to be a SB winning TEAM, all the pieces need to be in place at THE SAME TIME. Right now Ryan is playing mediocre. So not are yo
  12. I never claimed that he can't. I believe he probably won't and the older he gets that probability grows larger. You are still burden shifting. As far as fixation goes, I am OK if the Falcons won a SB with Ryan. I am not anti-Ryan. I am just pro Falcons, with or without Ryan. It seems you want the Falcons to win a SB for Ryan rather than the other way around. Also you are just being stubborn with your poor reasoning. As if being stubborn will make it truer. Ryan will be 36. Most QBs do not win a SB at that age. You can find exceptions. But unless the team is great, it's highly unlike
  13. You didn't provide evidence that Ryan can win a SB in 2021 or beyond. You showed that one week, Ryan played better than Mahomes. Not that Ryan even did great that week, but Mahomes did poorly and Ryan did better. As for Koetter, you are asking me to defend a position I don't have. Don't try to burden shift. You obviously didn't google relative privation. If you did, you would have realized the flaw in your reasoning. So this is what a relative privation is: https://academy4sc.org/topic/fallacy-of-relative-privation-all-problems-are-relative/ Also, using your r
  14. So your reasoing is Mahomes is great QB that has a bad game, and Ryan did better than Mahomes that week, therefore Ryan can win a SB. Google "relative privation".
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