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  1. Back after a 3 month ban for going on a conservative rant. That’s fine I deserved it. However, the NFL has reached an impasse with its fan base. For those that care, see my profile. Birdland 2.0
  2. That Green Beret sums up how cowardly and effeminate our Country has become since Reagan left office. American pride IS slowly coming back. BAN be d----ed!
  3. Head on over to the TATF "ESPN Who's the Overrated Team" thread. Almost positive a WARNING POINT and/or BAN is coming my way for Tim Mazetti and myself making very UN PC statements. Ahhh, Free Speech!
  4. I want LEGAL PAIN and if THE PUNISHER, Debo , Poole or @Takk get fined, too bad. New England needs to know they p-ssed off the wrong team. Every game needs to be a crescendo in Offensive fluidity and Defensive opponent crushing.
  5. Man , I'm feeling old. Thought for sure you said, Me, after that drag strip in my sack. That just takes hygiene to a PPV level!
  6. Gif of TATF! Put this in the HOF threads! This could posted every 5' on this board!
  7. I agree on Saudia Arabia being part of problem. The Wahhabism school of Islam is just as vile as Hezbollah and ISIS. I don't trust Saudia Arabia, but the heir to the throne is actually pro-Israel. 100 million in US military shipment to the Saudis. The only country I trust in the ME is Israel. At least 60% of our oil comes from one particular field in Saudia Arabia. Not necessary anymore. US is NOW world's leading oil producer! Saudia Arabia like Jordan and Egypt do not want a nuclear weapons capable Iran either. Point being that we're not beholden to ME except to protect Israel and elimi
  8. @PeytonMannings Forehead, props on meaty, informative play analysis. I truly hope Sarkisian just adds to this heavy , pre-snap Jon Gruden style WCO with defense-sapping between tackles power runs! Glad you're back!
  9. Amen, @Statick! However, I've had parents say the same thing to me that ET Williams says, "Here's the phone, call CPS and take your suitcase." Truth is parents do have rights and as an educator I've had to fill out CPS reports. Fraudulent charges are dismissed within a year of reporting per State database.Parents need to look at legal process of a child calling ET CETERA. There's a difference between a belt/wooden spoon and the hyperbole of rampant broken bones and so forth...
  10. Couldn't agree more. Inner city or suburbia, THE LAZY ENTITLED CHILD SYNDROME dominates the household in America. One more reason why this man is on my avatar. Every parent that loves and DISCIPLINES his/her child is a pillar in America. I graduated from high school in 1984. Today's generation of youth need discipline and responsibility!
  11. Mark Levin on US immigration policy of reciprocity with Islamic countries: http://em.mrc.org/SB0S0K0AY050LRO0f00imMD
  12. The Clemson geneticist states in the latest study (2005) of comparing human and chimpanzee DNA strands that they have an 85% similarity in structure. He states that the % needed for conclusive (factual proof ) evidence IS 99%. The study concludes that apes are similar in structure but not conclusively genetic descendants. Evolution is a theory NOT a fact. Ive heard the talking points that evangelical scientists are substandard. None the men at ICR have PhDs from Liberty/Bob Jones/Oral Roberts/BIOLA University, but all "reputable" secular bastions. I've heard that science keeps evolv
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