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  1. Mark Levin on US immigration policy of reciprocity with Islamic countries: http://em.mrc.org/SB0S0K0AY050LRO0f00imMD
  2. Cold War never ended. Sanity is being restored in Europe. Poland and now Lithuania receiving Patriot middle defense systems! http://i.nl03.net/ltr6/?_m=3n.002a.2060.rq0ao04mym.1w8m
  3. Trump spent his entire career voting and supporting Democrats. The fact that he's slowly listening to conservatives AND going to the RIGHT in policies IS fantastic! I was ready to pencil in Cruz 3 weeks before voting. His mistakes are TRIVIAL and miniscule compared to the complete disgrace of Obama.
  4. http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0011xxFAyegij08z0N9f3keLjE_l63G1dp9PcdLMeYiKk0HaFOcLjmp1Pz8XnQ3-A7fOrlzaaZAi9XuNn_GQHXVQKT6fFBw8yT9B4To-1d3lfQMYZtSlIQnnjeM91XHIpBOqej8zPLgdoSD-68wEl76EzG_yhu_oq_M86cOI45RH5xCHJdv08pZLgxbP85UeAesiEn5-ia_tQl9A9wkB0EzBEnTqrNy0jLF&c=byoSe4Y0pd2VM3jXNsAgFShsOjuSFDaRehgXVewk5Lz2Sid5ys4C8A==&ch=srjW5Tyhp3VGWQLiopgTcQzsIw2yqLwPyDTJiaOuLatKRFu3Ciuz1A== Patriot Missle Systems being sent to Poland (Jerusalem Post)
  5. I could swear it's Hanoi Hannah's daughter writing this excrement: Why Trump will never be a great leader - CNN https://apple.news/AQHyMWk2eRdGbwUG--T_6SQ
  6. He would Regarding Twitter. However, FDR gave weekly fireside radio chats to Americans and the people loved it. Trump is doing a 21st Century radio chat via Twitter. The good thing is they're aren't the train wreck type like his Presidential race. Is it juvenile to post MSNBC bashing and CNN Gifs? Absolutely! Is the MSM beyond Marxist Leninist and representative of everything fundamentally wrong in this country? Yes. Trump treats the media like President Truman treated world leaders: Shove your diplomacy straight up! Guaranteed he gets reelected in 2020 if he keeps leaning RIGHT!
  7. Netanyahu, another leader like Trump, who stands for the preeminence of Judeo-Christianity, quoting from OT in regards to UNESCO voting against Hebron being a Holy Jewish site: http://breakingisraelnews.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=5c0f59e0cd1aba49e650622c4&id=bb828585de&e=01ab36a435
  8. Illegal immigration in June reduced by 50% + http://em.mrc.org/uAL000AB5Y0K0E00dOmRSf0
  9. The LEFT and National Security is an oxymoron. Not since Truman have the Democrats had a President who makes the majority of Republicans today look weak. PS: WFW, if you want honest intel links see Globalsecurity.org and Realcleardefensepolicy.com. My guess is you're trying to be balanced showing an NPR link.
  10. Serge, I fully explained ad nauseum the character and the founders of Marvel. Did you ever watch documentary or was it just easier to give a non sequitor argument about how I'm bringing up ethnic groups controlling Hollywood? I stayed on topic and gave rationale. The LEFT on this board, like the old Soviet Union and current DNC, looks for any word which can cause critical argumentation and immediately twists/perverts/obfuscates its context by a Conservative, e.g. I mention founders of Hebrew faith of Marvel, you immediately assume I lashing out at Hollywood in a Semitic rant. I gave ratio
  11. Ohhh, I've been inferred/outright labeled as a White Supremacist anti Semite already. Fascinating how evangelical conservatives ARE given Soviet style labels in this new era of tolerance... Positive Note: Trumps assistant Nat Security adviser Nadia Schadlow is drawing up a white paper doc of his policy of "Protective Realism" (See conservativereview.com) Trump sees Russo/Sino/Islamic bloc as a threat and how to deal with it is not nation build. Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has same outlook: World is not Democratic Utopia, but hostile towards freedom-embracing countries(those whic
  12. Words can't describe this board. This song is a great description of this forum, Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Reddit/snap chat/Disqus:
  13. Yeah, of course. Excellent segue into another brilliant point...
  14. Ted Cruz's amendment to Senate ACA repeal/replace bill: http://em.mrc.org/Ac0h05RB00LKfOm00Y0e0AS
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