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  1. Wow. You must be a born runner! Go, man, go!
  2. I see a chiropractor once a week, joined Weight Watchers and am looking at isometric workouts for the 40 somethings. Take a bunch of supplements too!
  3. I could use thoughts and prayers. 51 1/2 and 40 plus lbs overweight. Permanently back on WW online. Lost 8. Can't work out as intense as I used to. Glad to see this thread. Something we can all agree on!
  4. Taking time off for sanity and credential studying!

  5. Somebody tell me the series Left4Dead came out with the 3rd installment? Second, any chance of using cheat codes in L4D 2 so I can play solitaire on Xbox once team goes into Louisiana? If one of you could PM , I'd appreciate it.
  6. Zeke, you make me laugh as much as Papa Chaz. I'm writing on your feed to let you know as a wedding present I'll be praying for you and your fiance for God's blessing and protection.  Marriage is a beautiful instiitution, but one of the most challenging relationships I've ever been in.  Best always, dude. PM whenever, Birdland 

  7. If you're reading this , it means I'm posting. PM my posterior about studying. I have a teaching credential to finish and tests to pass and a wife who thinks every guy on here spends WAY too much time on TATF.

  8. Happy B day! I'll be 51 in January.

  9. Ending account. Need to concentrate on finishing teaching credential.


  10. Thanks, JP.  I'm assuming that's your child as Lord Vader:D

    1. Jdrizzle


      It is. My favorite part is that I'm one of the few who know how hard she was cheesing under that mask.

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