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  1. Back after a 3 month ban for going on a conservative rant. That’s fine I deserved it. However, the NFL has reached an impasse with its fan base. For those that care, see my profile. Birdland 2.0
  2. That Green Beret sums up how cowardly and effeminate our Country has become since Reagan left office. American pride IS slowly coming back. BAN be d----ed!
  3. Head on over to the TATF "ESPN Who's the Overrated Team" thread. Almost positive a WARNING POINT and/or BAN is coming my way for Tim Mazetti and myself making very UN PC statements. Ahhh, Free Speech!
  4. Cue the Governor Palin would say, Drill , Baby, Drill!
  5. I agree on Saudia Arabia being part of problem. The Wahhabism school of Islam is just as vile as Hezbollah and ISIS. I don't trust Saudia Arabia, but the heir to the throne is actually pro-Israel. 100 million in US military shipment to the Saudis. The only country I trust in the ME is Israel. At least 60% of our oil comes from one particular field in Saudia Arabia. Not necessary anymore. US is NOW world's leading oil producer! Saudia Arabia like Jordan and Egypt do not want a nuclear weapons capable Iran either. Point being that we're not beholden to ME except to protect Israel and eliminate ISIS as well a nuclear threat Iran and even so-called moderate Islamic countries see Iran as a threat to regional peace.
  6. @PeytonMannings Forehead, props on meaty, informative play analysis. I truly hope Sarkisian just adds to this heavy , pre-snap Jon Gruden style WCO with defense-sapping between tackles power runs! Glad you're back!
  7. Mark Levin on US immigration policy of reciprocity with Islamic countries:
  8. This thread title needs changed to : Politicians Who Need 10-20 Year Prison Terms in Solitary Confinement.
  9. This post just seems to fit in this PC -INCORRECT thread: If HRC was president this farmer would be audited and land might be seized via eminent domain for new federal agency ET CETERA...
  10. All the deaths linked to the Clintons and Obama are MERE coincidence.
  11. Cold War never ended. Sanity is being restored in Europe. Poland and now Lithuania receiving Patriot middle defense systems!
  12. Trump spent his entire career voting and supporting Democrats. The fact that he's slowly listening to conservatives AND going to the RIGHT in policies IS fantastic! I was ready to pencil in Cruz 3 weeks before voting. His mistakes are TRIVIAL and miniscule compared to the complete disgrace of Obama.
  13. Patriot Missle Systems being sent to Poland (Jerusalem Post)
  14. (from iPhone) This is the top priority in the Middle East. GW Bush gave Israel bunker buster bombs in 2006 to penetrate all 12 known nuclear facilities in Iran. This country IS the world sponsor of Islamic terrorism! Israel and the USA could incorporate a joint Air/Naval/Land strike on 12 known nuclear plants, all hard military targets of air defense/aircraft/navy/troops while putting submarine fleet on task of destroying/monitoring Iranian navy.