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  1. In all fairness, most draft people had him going in the 2nd round. Shows how dumb NFL teams can be.
  2. Still waiting for the Giants to start their single game tickets sale...as it stands, the seats I want are gonna be $400+ but I don't get many opportunities to see the Falcons play in person so it'll be worth it.
  3. Yea, and if we know that, much of the league must also. Thus Irvin is telling the Seahawks they can't trade him unless it's to Atlanta. Wonder how long this will take to develop
  4. Part of me also wonders if this is something of an admission that he won't fetch as much on the open market as he might've anticipated. He was drafted to be a great pass rusher but just turned into a pretty good linebacker (can rush the passer, but hasn't excelled at it). Seattle has a lot of checks to sign and given that Irvin's output, just makes sense for them to let him go and if he realizes what his realistic future contract could be. Or as BayFalcon said, this is his tactic to avoid a trade to anywhere but Atlanta.
  5. Very true. And most of our LB depth are late round picks/UDFA that have yet to show much. All that said, just know I definitely want to add guys like Irvin to this team -- fit the scheme, great complimentary players, versatile. Let's hope he's as serious about coming to the Falcons as he says he is.
  6. Oh, I wholeheartedly agree that just because we have guys at the position Irvin plays doesn't mean we shouldn't get him (I said I would love to have him), but that our roster & contract situations may be prohibitive in pursuing him relative to what he is seeking in compensation. If he is willing to take a lesser contract to play in Atlanta, I absolutely say go for it. From a personnel standpoint, it makes guys expendable, but have to unfortunately consider cap and financial implications.
  7. So is he saying he will take a "hometown" discount to play in Atlanta? Because that's the only way signing him would really work with the current roster makeup. That said, I would love to have him
  8. Just based on the schedule, this was the same record I predicted. Of course time will tell, but it seems realistic.
  9. These are really cool. Crazy to think a person goes from being able to fit in the helmet to just wearing it on their head.
  10. It's not Harry's fault the FO waited for him to not be on the team before finally drafting a WR, I'll give him that. but the complacency was a major problem marring the Smith-TD regime and HD is basically the posterboy for that.
  11. I will defend most any player readily, but HD simply was the bare minimum of what you want at slot receiver, imo.
  12. Has him listed as 426 for his weight. Probably meant 246
  13. Gotta love that Vic Beasley typo
  14. Not really a comforting thought, but perhaps everyone agreed not to draft him.
  15. We definitely have some great run stoppers on D now..Durant on the weakside and Reed at SLB are huge improvements -- I believe defensively they will make huge contributions in that department, which in turn should help the pass rush (teams won't be gashing us for 7+ yards a run and we won't have to load up). In regards to our offense, Shanahan and the stable we have should go quite a ways in giving us an efficient run game. It won't be spectacular, but it'll have homerun capability and that's all we need. I don't necessarily believe in the run helping a team perform play action passes better (there was an article quite a few years ago that supported the argument that the QB is the main factor behind how well a play action pass goes, NOT the threat of a team's running game), but **** it doesn't matter. Just have an effective offense that can score when it needs to and churn out first downs to hold a lead.
  16. Seems unlikely this year through a trade. Best shot would be free agency next season if the Seahawks fail to keep him long term, but then again, I'm not sure it'd really be worth paying him that high a price.
  17. That doesn't contradict what he wrote here though. OP: I think your grades are fair. Agree on most accounts -- excited to see the front 7 this year.
  18. I understand the frustration with the team's failure -- Matt included. But Andy Dalton holds his team back. The Falcons misery has been a team effort, just as their winning seasons were. I do admire your adherence to the old ignorance is bliss thing though. It's kind of impressive.
  19. I'm beginning to understand your understanding of this football team is about as good as your reading comprehension. I'm sorry you have to live that way; I imagine it is difficult day to day for everyone around you.
  20. why even bring up Andy Dalton when he has 0 playoff wins? I get that it's meant to be a demerit against Matt, but it's a weak one. Matt Ryan & Bryant essentially won against the Seahawks in '12 against a healthy LOB -- the last quarterback to really do that. He had an unfortunate fumble against San Fran. We know how that went. Matt Ryan is a great quarterback. FYI, Matt Hassleback reached a super bowl so...yea, reinforcing the point here.
  21. So his ceiling is good enough to get to a penalty flag of within the super bowl? nice. guess really that's as high as anyone can go. in regards to the topic: Yea, the passed few seasons really felt aimless in terms of what kind of roster we were building.
  22. I don't think they think about how much you think about what they were thinking
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