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  1. I was really talking about college coaches to the top of the game. I will give you Johnson and Switzer, but Harbaugh and Walsh weren't really winning National Championships at Stanford.
  2. I agree, but time will tell. All the evidence points to it not working out. Look at all the great college coaches not making it in the NFL, Saban, Spurrier, Pete Carrol his first attempt in the NFL. Being a good coach in college is not allows an indicator that you will succeed in the NFL. Besides Pete Carrol, who was a top college coach who ended up in the NFL and won playoff games or ended up in the Super Bowl?
  3. I just said he wasn't cut out for the NFL and that there was about 75% of the callers I heard of the radio hating on him. So not sure where we disagreeing or are you agreeing with me?
  4. Every time I hear his name, I drop to my knees and thank the Lord!
  5. Not so fast my friend. His made his infamous statement on 12/21 and was hired on 1/3. Some of the best college coaches don't make it in the NFL, Saban, Spurrier, Pete Carrol failed the first time he went to the NFL. Coaching students and coaching grown men who do it for a living is a completely different animal. I was in Miami for the National Championship game against ND 8 years ago and listening to the sports talk radio I would say the "hate" level was about 75%. The strictly NFL fans hate him, but most of college fans appreciate what he has done as a coach.
  6. I have always heard it was a FO decision and that Coach Saban wanted him. For whatever reason, I sure am glad that they didn't keep him because that is one of the reasons that Coach Saban left Miami and came to Alabama. That and the fact that Ms. Terry hated living in Miami.
  7. I'm a Bama fan, so no it's not about GA players, it is about SEC players!
  8. It should be noted that Fromm played much better in the national championship game against Bama than Fields did last night! Just pointing it out.
  9. I hope that sends a message to these young guys who come in and think they should play right away!
  10. If you go back to 2012 when we drafted Jones, we have 6 SEC players on our team that we DRAFTED! I just there are times we have passed on stud SEC players. Not only in 1st, but in 2 or 3 rounds.
  11. I admit it, I am an Alabama homer and a SEC homer. I don’t understand why the Falcons don’t look and draft more SEC players! There is really no doubt that the SEC is the toughest conference in the country and it was like the group almost avoided them. Just an early morning thought after a late night!
  12. I haven't seen Wilson play a lot, but I did watch him play against Coastal Carolina and I was not impressed. He only passed for about 250 yards and put up 17 points against a Group of 5 team. That is a bit concerning to me.
  13. I heard there were 2 starting DL men and a few on the depth chart. I think if they have the required number of scholarship players, they need to play. Ohio State has had every concession given to them, they need to play! Or maybe it is true, they just want another week for Fields to heal!
  14. That was on Kirby calling that stupid play! We just defended the stupid play call, not hard to defend that!
  15. How does he owe Bama one? Ohio State beat us the last time we played!
  16. Heck No!! I can’t stand his act, that bring your own guts crap is not Bama!
  17. It’s always the ones that beat their chests the loudest about being a “Good Christian”, who are not always the good guys! They talk so loudly because their actions are screaming something else!
  18. Sometimes I really wish Saban would just let the dogs run and not take his foot off the gas. But I get it, we have to keep our guys healthy for the NCG. I honestly didn’t want to beat them up as badly as I wanted it 8 years ago in Miami. We were there and those fans were so arrogant, telling us at our tailgate tent that we had never seen a defense like theirs! We all smiled and after they walked by laughed our arses off! I loved that beat down!!
  19. Instead we get the first holding penalty of the game!!
  20. All I got to say in this thread today until after the game is, ROLL TIDE ROLL! Too nervous to post during game and don’t want to be a jinx!
  21. I have always loved bowl games, but I am over 50 since my last birthday!
  22. We were supposed to stomp the Gators and that was a nail bitter! I take nothing for granted!
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