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  1. Sorry, I didn’t know kidding someone about a potentially fatal disease that they had was TOO PC!
  2. Really not funny, you don’t know that he was drinking again. I have had family really struggle with alcoholism, it is horrible! Nothing about it funny!
  3. Bama fans, including me, love him!! Kind of funny people saying he isn’t creative! Probably need to watch more Bama games.
  4. Breaks my heart. Prayers for her and her family, so sad.🙏
  5. I am so thankful that we have some relevant football on Saturday! The simple fact that Bama is playing is good! The fact that GA is playing is good! We have the battle of the God awful Orange and the team that shall not be named. Who know what might happens with Indiana and OU? That might end up being a really good game! I hope this remains intact and I am looking forward to a good football Saturday after the horror of last Saturday!
  6. There is also a big chance he ends up at the Saban coaching rehab clinic. He has a habit of bringing in fired coaches and giving them second chances.
  7. Oh my gosh! That is so horrible, I just can't imagine if that was my daughter and what my husband would do to anyone who did that to his baby girl!
  8. I asking because I really don’t know, why do you think he opted out if it wasn’t Covid?
  9. That’s the big difference between the 2 programs, we expect to win it all every season, but it hasn’t always been that way! It is the responsibility of the HC to have a legit QB, sorry but that’s the facts. Who was the back up for Fromm last year? I get it, Newman left, but who was next up after him?
  10. Thank you sir! And simper fi! I was raised by a Major in the Corp and have nothing but ultimate respect for you Marines! On another note, I believe GA win get one, understand that means we won’t, but if we don’t win, I am 100% Dawg! Completely off topic, I think the Braves are in real good shape for next year! I hope we keep the DH and we resign Ozuna!
  11. Please don't get mad at me, BUT Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa in 2007 and took over a really bad program. Shula did not leave much in the cupboard, John Parker Wilson was our QB, our top WR was DJ Hall, and our top RB was a sophomore Roy Upchurch. On defense we had DE Gilberry and on special teams with had kicker Tiffin. We were BAD before Saban got there, I mean really bad. But he won a NCG in 2009. Kirby had way more talent when he came into GA than Saban, but everyone makes excuses for him! It was the same thing with Richt and let's be honest, he was at GA way too long, but everyone kept
  12. I was raised in GA and live here now, so I have lived thru all those painful Falcon and Braves losses. I know how it feels, believe me! I went to Bama after Bear, during the awful years when Bo Jackson was at Auburn. I lived thru some tough days, years, at Bama too. I agree it has been tough for GA fans, and I know the pain, but I believe it will get better!
  13. Honestly has he really had a chance? 2 or 3 series in 1st of season and comes in during biggest game losing by 20. I’m just thinking he needs more time.
  14. Time for Kirby to make a change as you all said, but I don’t think he will. He is just too stubborn or set in his ways, whatever verbiage you want to use. I’m really pissed that he keeps putting SB out there, especially against FL!!
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