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  1. Absolutely, Notre Dame was the only school Bear Bryant never beat. The hate goes deep!
  2. I hope GA beats the pants off ND! I have been to 2 NCGs in my life. My Dad took the whole faimily down to New Orleans to see GA beat them in the Sugar Bowl. He told me later how arrogant they were, but I was too young to really notice. The next time I went, we took our kids to Miami to watch Bama curb stomp them. Let me tell you, they were so cocky and arrogant, telling us we had never seen a defense like theirs. We were like, really, like all the SEC defenses we had played??!! It was a pleasure chanting RUDY RUDY RUDY as they exited the staduim early in the 3rd quarter! My Tua reference was really directed to a couple of posters saying how they didn't trust Tua and my feelings that Bama fans and Saban do trust him.
  3. Not sure if you saw, Tua won the Maxwell Player of the Week Award for his play against SC last week. The same award he won last year. That is why we aren't so worried about Tua. If he was as bad as you guy say he was last year and won the award, and won the weekly award the first time he played a SEC team this year, I think he is doing just fine. Still pulling for the Dawgs against those arrogant nasty little leprechauns!
  4. I am very sorry that you are so angry about plays in a game that your didn't play in. You do know we had a TD called back? You do know we had a player ejected?
  5. It was clearly a hold on fake kick. He had Lee by the front and then the back of his jersey. I know that's not what everyone wants to see, but take off your red and black glasses and look again.
  6. Everyone knows Tua was hurt. Come on, let's be honest. There is no guarantee we will play in SECCG or that GA will either. I am going to focus on Bama, cheer for my team, pull for GA because it's a family thing, and see how the season plays out. What I am not going to do is focus all my attention on another team's QB that I don't know if we are even going to play!
  7. You worry about your team. Why are GA fans so obsessed with Bama?
  8. That's okay, Bama fans and more importantly Coach Saban trust Tua.
  9. Yea, probably doesn't happen every time GA plays a football game! GA is good enough to beat Bama, no doubt. Fans just need to give up the same carrying on about penalities not being called against Bama, which is furthest from the truth if you look at that stats, ie Bama vs SC.
  10. Got it, didn't know first post was talking about players.
  11. It started back in 2009-2010 when my nephew was at GA. They it called the Spike Squad and has continued ever since.
  12. My point is that every game, no matter the team, doesn't get every penalty called against them Bama had over double the amount of penalties called them than SC, but still the conversation contiues with GA fans about the refs not calling penalites against Bama. I love GA, all my family except my household are Dawgs, but this same ole complaining about missed calls just keeps going on and on. What you think about TN fans complaining about GA teams getting away with penalites on a board in a game that TN wasn't even playing in?
  13. That is an interesting fact. I have one too. Did y'all know that Notre Dame was the only school that Bear Bryant never beat! That is why the NCG in Miami was so much fun, watching them tuck their tails and walk away. I think GA will win,no doubt. GA is just a much better coached team, better talent, and much deeper talent. This Bama fan is all Dawgs during this game!
  14. It must be nice to "know" that your team never ever gets away with ANY missed calls. I mean as a fan who pulls for GA as my #2 school, I don't think I have ever seen them hold and not get called for it. It is just amazing has disciplined their players are, wish Bama could play that clean! And for the record, Bama had 11 penalities for 92 yards, SC had 5 for 32 yards. I can see where everyone say Bama had the refs in their back pockets!
  15. That looked really bad. Hope Camargo is ok!