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  1. It will be our first game too. Granted it will be at home for us, but given the question as to whether there will be fans or not, I am not sure how much of a home advantage there will be. I know I can't wait for that game!
  2. It will be bad missing those games, but for me will still have the Bama vs auburn game! Roll Tide! Bama's first 2 games were out of conference, I wonder if they can fill them? If not, our first game will be against GA.
  3. As long as we get college football, I don't mind playing all SEC games. At least we won't have to listen to all the weak conferences trying to call out SEC teams for our weak out of conference schedule!
  4. You say you have me ignored, but can't quit talking about me. You might need to get some rest and move away from the keyboard.
  5. The reason that there aren't more attacks is because those terrorists know we will open a can on their butts. Our military is the reason, the best in the world and no one wants to mess with us when they know we are retaliate.
  6. A perfect example of this was the Barr hearing yesterday. Those Dems only used the platform for election adds. They would ask a question of Barr and then give me no chance to answer, I reclaim my time was the phase that they had obviously had come up with before the hearing. But as Barr asked, in a hearing aren't those asking the questions looking for an answer?
  7. Thank goodness! His only reply was a Twitter post. I am not sure he ever used is own words, I guess he couldn't.
  8. Poster said the "good" of Byrd should outweigh his faults. I just want to know why the accomplishments of these men, as examples, are given the same. It's all you Dems who want every men's records dismissed for their faults. God forbid we recognize the man who founded our nation, or the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence, or the general who won the Civil War, or the man who in his time took the risk to prove the world wasn't flat because we hold them to our understandings 100s of years later!
  9. The same way this liberal movement is "honoring" George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses Grant, Christopher Columbus? Hypocrisy at its best!
  10. So are you saying if someone is dead for more than a decade, they get a pass. What about those that died over 50 years ago? How about 100 years ago? How about 200 years ago?
  11. Not embarrassed at all. The Democrats should be ashamed that they held a former KKK leader in such high regard. BTW, this was modern times.
  12. If you Nancy's dont understand it was a snap back at poster who compared me to his dumb relative, I don't know what to say.
  13. Intelligence levels have been proven to be genetic.
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