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  1. Well, well, look at you! You just had to jump right on in with you oh so funny joke too! You guys are hysterical! I bet ya'll get your jokes and talking points from the ladies of the View!
  2. Wow, that is so funny! I haven't heard that one in at least a week. I was raised in GA, so I am going to presume I have as many teeth as your average Georgian.
  3. Are you stupid or just can't read I said national emergency not public health emergency. So I was not wrong, he signed national emergency in October 2009! After 1000 deaths and millions sick. Please don't tell me I have to explain the difference!
  4. April 2009 Swine Flu declared a pandemic. 6 months later in October Obama declared a national emergency after millions were infected and 1000 dead. He didn't have to play politics because the opposition didn't attack him at every turn. I use the racist insult in January as an example of democratic playing politics!
  5. When was Obama held responsible for Swine flu of 09-10? 59 million Americans contracted it, 265,000 hospitalized, 12,000 died Trump closed travel to China before any other country, Italy and Iran for example, in January and was called a racist by your leaders! I guess Trump was just too quick on that one!
  6. Typical lib, when you don't have an answer, just insult. Ridiculous analogy.
  7. I worked and paid off my loans years ago, will I get any of those funds returned to me? I mean if people are getting their loans paid off, what about us who struggled to pay our off?
  8. Simply question. How is a President responsible for a virus?
  9. Their lack of response and attempt to cover it up is the reason it has spread globally! We shut down travel with them, they did nothing!
  10. This situation that is going to be terrible for our students/children. So students in metro Atlanta are going to digital learning. Major problems! My school like many, have under privileged and even homeless students. How are they going to participate in digital learning without internet or a device? They are going to fall far behind their peers! What about special needs students who need 1on 1 or 1 on2-3 learning. They are going fall even further behind their peers. What about all my students who depend on free breakfast and lunch. During summer, preparations are made to get food for these children, these kids might be going hungry! The most important question. If this is so dire, why can the students go to school tomorrow? These days off don't start until Monday. There is something more than a virus or media mania going on here. I don't know what, but this is like nothing I have seen and I have been around a few years.
  11. How do you become a "medical detective "?
  12. I guess UCF will win another championship! I'm sure they will claim it. In all seriousness, I am so sad for these players, families, universities, and cities that host these events. From what I am getting from the DOE, we all just need to be vigilant in taking care of ourselves and those with immune issues and the elderly. Wash you hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. I am not taking this lightly, but I am also not running for the hills. Look at the facts and stats regarding what is going on with this virus vs the past pandemic virus of the past. KEEP CALM AND WASH YOUR HANDS!
  13. GA has first confirmed death of virus. 67 year old male with underlying medical conditions. No details on what the underlying conditions were at this time.
  14. In light of the NBA season being suspended, UCF have claimed the NBA Title! Champions Again! LOL
  15. I am not allowed to share DOE links. That is what we were provided in our meeting yesterday. I trust our source since it come from CDC, you can look it up if you want.