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  1. Being a Alabama fan of course I can't stand Phat Phil, but this really doesn't have anything to do with my distain with him, just looking at it from the outside. Tennessee is going to be much better off now that he is out! He has had his fat fingers involved in every decision made with that program and it has gone from bad to horrible! I want Tenn to get better, I use to love a great game on the 3rd Saturday in October, still want to beat them, but would like a competitive game!
  2. It is kind of weird that they hold it against Jones based on the fact that "he was surrounded by NFL talent at Bama". My comment to those is, isn't he going to be surrounded by NFL talent in the NFL?
  3. I have to say I am really surprised to see you put Jones as a 4th or 5th round QB. Is he a 1st round QB to start day 1, no. The best situation for him is to be able to sit a year and learn behind a veteran, but I just don't see him as a 4th or 5th rounder. I could be wrong.
  4. I have heard Mond mentioned several times in this thread. Did you guys watch him at A&M? I like the guy, good guy, never in trouble, etc., but I don't see him having the skill set to be a good pro QB. I see him to be a good back-up QB at best. He had some horrible games, I mean some flat out terrible games at A&M! He has the drive and is a baller, but not sure he has the mindset.
  5. He did not do well at Senior Bowl, but have an awesome career!
  6. He's good, real good. Won the Outland Trophy on the Best OL in college football. He is huge, something like 6'4" over 320 lbs. The only drawback I see on him is that he can sometimes get beat by the real quick DLs. Needs to work on his speed. But as I recall, I think he didn't give up a sack this year.
  7. I don't agree with you, watch some of those highlights and go back and watch other throw of his. He throws guys open. I watched every play this year and saw what a good QB he can be. Maybe he is 4th, or maybe he is not, but he is the best passer in the draft class no doubt!
  8. Hey, that's been the dig on Jones. He's only good in college because he has NFL talent around him. Guess what, he will be playing with NFL talent in the NFL! It is a ridiculous argument!!
  9. I was really talking about college coaches to the top of the game. I will give you Johnson and Switzer, but Harbaugh and Walsh weren't really winning National Championships at Stanford.
  10. I agree, but time will tell. All the evidence points to it not working out. Look at all the great college coaches not making it in the NFL, Saban, Spurrier, Pete Carrol his first attempt in the NFL. Being a good coach in college is not allows an indicator that you will succeed in the NFL. Besides Pete Carrol, who was a top college coach who ended up in the NFL and won playoff games or ended up in the Super Bowl?
  11. I just said he wasn't cut out for the NFL and that there was about 75% of the callers I heard of the radio hating on him. So not sure where we disagreeing or are you agreeing with me?
  12. Every time I hear his name, I drop to my knees and thank the Lord!
  13. Not so fast my friend. His made his infamous statement on 12/21 and was hired on 1/3. Some of the best college coaches don't make it in the NFL, Saban, Spurrier, Pete Carrol failed the first time he went to the NFL. Coaching students and coaching grown men who do it for a living is a completely different animal. I was in Miami for the National Championship game against ND 8 years ago and listening to the sports talk radio I would say the "hate" level was about 75%. The strictly NFL fans hate him, but most of college fans appreciate what he has done as a coach.
  14. I have always heard it was a FO decision and that Coach Saban wanted him. For whatever reason, I sure am glad that they didn't keep him because that is one of the reasons that Coach Saban left Miami and came to Alabama. That and the fact that Ms. Terry hated living in Miami.
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