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  1. Atlanta should be the mecca of the NBA! I think there is so much focus given to college football, which I love and is my passion, but Atlanta has been labeled the home of college football with the SECCG, Kickoff Classic and Peach Bowl.
  2. I have a serious question. I stayed up and watch the Hawks win game 4, but shame shame, I turned on Braves and went to bed because I am a god awful fan and didn't believe. So, here we are on Friday night and heaven help us we are down at half-time, do I watch the second half or not? I think not watching game 5 has better mojo than watching game 4, but what do you think? Real world problems!
  3. I feel like such a bad fan! I stayed up to watch the game on Monday night, but last night I gave up on my team. I really didn't see any way they could back and win that one. This team is such an UN-Atlanta team! So frustrated with the Braves and their inability to win and a bullpen that can only give up homeruns when they get the batters to 1-2 or 0-2 counts that I let that pessimism carry over to the Hawks. I love this Hawks and wish I had 20k to get floor seats to Friday's nights game!
  4. I agree with you, but they will never start calling flopping because of you know who! The King of Flop!
  5. Was looking at the Knicks message board and they HATE us! I love it!! It's great to be hated, it means that you mean something. As a Alabama fan, I don't mind be hated at all. GO HAWKS!!
  6. I hope so! Our bullpen has been horrible!
  7. This ^^ is what is killing me! I loved watching the Braves and not being worried being down a run or two going into the 6th. I had faith that they would score late. Now we can't keep a lead, WTH!!!
  8. You do know that the picture everyone is talking about was taken after the Tennessee in 2018 when he was the 3rd or 4th string QB? To think that body shapes and types won't change from your sophomore year until your senior is just wrong! Take a look at his changes from freshman to senior year! https://tdalabamamag.com/2021/01/13/social-media-reacts-photo-mac-jones-as-freshman-now/
  9. You almost got it! Ohio State knew he had a medical issue, heck I bet GA knew, but everyone kept it quiet. Alabama reported the DUI, it was published in numerous new outlets, so it was not kept quiet. Do you know understand? How would someone's medical issue compare to an independent action of another? That's stupid and not what I said!
  10. You might want to sit down at your desk and reread what I wrote. Follow along. I referenced you comment when you said the "issue" was swept under the rug. I said it was not and talking about sweeping "issues" under the rug... This might be difficult for you to follow, but the point of my post was the "sweeping the thing under rug" hypocrisy you were spouting! Please raise your hand if you have anymore questions!
  11. Nothing was swept under the rug. It was reported, Saban took action that was reported, and articles are being written about it now. If you want to throw shade about sweeping things under the rug, what about Fields just coming clean about having epilepsy? Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for anyone who suffers from this condition, but don't throw stones in glass houses!
  12. Jones made a huge mistake in 2017 to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking! There is no doubt about that. But what has he done since? They say that incident turned his life around and after that he grew up and set his focus on college and football. No one can doubt his focus after graduating with a 4.0 GPA and leading his team to a National Championship! Unlike some of you want to claim, it was reported in the news. Here is a link that includes the article about incident in Tuscaloosa News and also talks about what happened to him as a person after the DUI. https://www.s
  13. This says so much about his character as a team mate. Najee came into Bama being kind of a me first guy, but that has certainly changed while at school. Credit to him for maturing!
  14. You never know who is going to step up and ball. When Waddle went down there were a lot of people who said Alabama will never recover and is out of championship. Well, Smith had a record breaking year and John Metchie got a chance to play and he did great! Not that this makes the loss of Pickens any easier to take, but someone will step up and take advantage of the playing time.
  15. Bummer, I thought if I shared it since I am a member, everyone could see it. 99% Bama board wishes him the best, what a bummer for GA, hate to see a kids go down type comments. 1% dragging Cochran into the story, stupid! Auburn board was filled with, Couldn't happen to a nicer guy type posts. Very classless, but we all know Auburn fans can be that way!
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