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  1. He will be playing on Saturday in Senior Bowl, of course it will be good for him as a 10th year senior! So glad he is gone!
  2. No, neither of my kids were/are interested in attending. However, when my son was considering Notre Dame, I do know that private religious universities have incredible financial aid. Because of they private endowments, their aid is not limited by income levels. If your child qualifies and has great grades they will make it very easy for even a middle or upper middle familiy to send a kid there.
  3. The whole one and done has really taken away the fun of college basketball. I mean we all know Duke and Kentucky are going to get the best recruits because they want the best exposure because they know they have 1 year to prove they got what it takes in the NBA. There isn't time to build connections with players like there use to be, like with football, because you know their are gone in a year. I think Villanova is pretty good at keeping players for more than 1 year and still playing at a high level, NOT every player, but more than the Dukes and Kentuckys of the college basketball. I also believe a lot of this discussion depends on how you feel about college sports vs pro sports. I love college sports, more than the pros, but thats just me.
  4. The question posed was " why are these back-ups not wanting to stay and compete ". I am not familiar with GA's 3rd sting walk on QB, was just answering a general question that was asked. If he had so many ties to TCU, why not walk on there and earn the scholarship that you think he will get there now?
  5. I don't mean to sound like an old lady even though I am middled aged, but this generation craves immediate gratification. Waiting their turn is just not something they have learned, especially the kids that have made it on a D1 roster. As an educator and Mom it is every unfortunate for them. Life is full of delayed gratifications and that lesson is much easier to learn as a child or teenager, not an adult. Ok, I just stepped down from my soap box, sorry it is the educator in me who has been watching this trend for years now.
  6. We liked the AP route. There is a fee for the test at the end of the semester, I think it was about $200.00,maybe less. They take a test and if they score a 3-5 they get the college credit, depending on level of class, for that class going into college. Some colleges don't take all of them, but most major universities do. Bama took every one of my sons AP credits even the one he took as a freshman in HS. That is how he had so many college credits going in as a freshman. But I will say your kid has to be dedicated to studying, my son is an advid learner, my daughter is a junior in HS and has taken 3 AP classes,she is more social and just not like her brother in that regard. The nice thing was they get the bump on GPA with these class which helps with schools who look at GPA for scholorship $$.
  7. My son entered Bama as a freshman but with enough college credits to be a second semester sophomore. He will be able to graduate with a masters in engineering in 4 years. High schools offer so many AP courses now, but it is really difficult.
  8. Thanks for posting, I got this thru Tide Pride, but not good at posting links. This post is exactly why I would have such a hard time pulling against him, even as a Bommer Sooner. He is one heck of a young man and I will always wish him the best in whatever he does!
  9. Jalen to Oklahoma,didn't see that coming! I just hope we don't have to play him,for many reasons, but mostly because I would have a hard time pulling against him.
  10. Please for the love of God and all things Holy, let the Eagles beat the Saints!
  11. I think Sark will do great at Bama. He has spent time there, knows Saban and his way of doing things and has an understanding of The Process. He has a great offensive mind and with the talent at Bama this is a great combination! ROLL TIDE ROLL!
  12. Saivion went down in 3rd quarter, Ross ran free in for TD, and he was carted off the field. In the 4th my son saw #4 in the defensive huddle and wondered what Juedy was doing in the defensive huddle. Upon closer look he saw it was Saivion who had made a miraculous recovery. Not too sad to see him go, but will miss the other 4. Still waiting to hear about Thompson and Wilson. Fingets crossed!
  13. I thought you didn't like the Locksly/Jalen thing when I brought it up earlier? I do appreciate you having your opinion as I have mine. Just a friendly conversation with opposing views, nothing wrong with that.
  14. You really can't judge his QB NFL talent from the years when he was a run first QB. Now maybe you can see things the rest of us can't, doubt it or you would be workig for a NFL team, but the guy has gotten much better in his pass game. And like UAB_DAWG said, there isn't enough evidence to judge his abilities passed on his limited play this year. No one is saying he is a 100% NFL QB. It is only you making blanket 100% statements.
  15. So now we find out Enos, QB coach at Bama, is leaving and going to be OC at Miami. Look like Miami too might be a place for Jalen IF he leaves. We have lost almost our whole offensive staff, might expalin a little about the horrible offensive plan Monday night! Or vice verus, Saban chewed them out so bad they tuck their tails and ran!