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  1. If he is smart, he will go with baseball. If I am not mistaken, he has already been drafted by some baseball organization, just not sure which one.
  2. Bingo! I am sure he makes a whole lot more money with his school, doing guest appearences, radio gigs.
  3. What's that saying, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog" We have not fight in us this year, we thought we were going to be a big dog, but we can't even get off the front porch! I know I opened myself up to Mike Vick comments, but please, let a sleeping dog lay.
  4. Oh, got it. Agree with you completely. We have no depth, and what we did have that wasn't the cap buster guys, Upshaw and Clayborn, they let go. I think that really hurt us and nobody is talking about it.
  5. So all I was saying was that the 2017 defense was better than the 2018. What I know, we had the #8 defense in the league in 2017 based on points allowed, rushing and receiving yards allowed, sacks, turnovers, average rush per carry and average yards per catch. Some people love to dig into the embedded numbers to find what they want to confirm their hypothesis. Politicians do it, the education system, where I work does it. If a school get lower scores on tests, administrators will dig until they find numbers that make it look good. 7th grade math scores went up, 6th grade Science scores went up. Does that mean the overall school score did not go down? No. So go ahead and find the numbers to confirm your argument. I have watched football long enough to say A defense is better than B defense. Just like GA is a better team than OU.
  6. Last year we had some beef on the line, Upshaw and Clayborn took up a whole of space on that D-Line, and they were not cap busters. I mean we were the # 8 defense in the league last year, that is pretty good. Not sure where you guys are getting this, we weren't that good last year?? Please tell me what I am missing here!
  7. You think our defenses are the same? Interesting how people put in or take out numbers to fit their arguements. 2017 we were the #8 defense. We gave up a total of 1665 rushing yards and 9 rushing TDs. 2018 we are the #26 defense. We have given up 1706 yards rushing and 15 rushing TDs. These guys that I was refering to were not 3 down players, mostly played against the run. They were also not real high dollar guys, with the exception of Poe. I think Upshaw was at 1 million. So yea, I think I line was a heck of lot better than last year.
  8. Is our line better this year or last year?
  9. Right, I guess I wasn't clear enough for some, I meant going with a Clemson guy in 1st round like we did with Beasley.
  10. Does anyone else feel nervous about drafting another d-lineman from Clemson? Maybe I'm being over reactive, Beasely still stings a bit.
  11. I am not sure why you are bagging on those guys from last that we let walk? They did a pretty good job last year. I would take those guys over the mess we have on the D-Line this year. Quinn wants the fast space tacklers, okay sounds good, but sometimes you just need some big dudes on the line. It all starts on both the lines, in the trenches as they say.
  12. You are right about Bama's D being fired up about Tua losing Heisman. Within minutes of the annoucement they posted the motto #December 29th. Will that really make a difference? I have no idea, but I do know the defense feels like they want to prove that the voters got it wrong. We will see on December 29th, which is my birthday, would be a great birthday present!
  13. I sort of disagree and it makes it even worse. I think they are trying to win and they are so bad that they can't. For many reasons, coaching, lack of disicpline, lack of depth, and general attitude. They are just overall a really bad team, not talent wise, just team wise. You can have all the talent you want, but if they are not a good team,you have nothing.
  14. That is wrong! Where the heck is his wife? I would never allow my husband to look like such a fool!
  15. Charles Davis is an idiot. Aaron so savvy because he is snapping the ball with 2-4 seconds left on play clock. Really? High school QBs must be savvy too!