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    The Rock reacted to D.B.N. in This is why you need a mobile QB!   
    A mobile QB can at least escape pressure or extend the play. Didn’t know I had to break it down Barney style for you 
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    The Rock reacted to hjerry in I see why Dimi was fired.   
    Yep, this game was all about lack of talent, not coaching /s
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    The Rock got a reaction from Osiruz in Falcons Have Worst Pass Offense Inside Redzone   
    Been Ryan's achilles heel. Too conservative in the Red zone, tries to make the safe play too often instead of threading the needle in clutch moments.
    Our team has been constructed around a high scoring offense, obviously that has failed.
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    The Rock reacted to Atl Falcon in Falcons Have Worst Pass Offense Inside Redzone   
    I love MR2 but I think this is more on him than DK but it is what it is.
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    The Rock reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Falcons Have Worst Pass Offense Inside Redzone   
    We can all agree that Ryan is on pace to have one of the best seasons of his illustrious career.  But I can’t turn a blind eye at two rather large warts on the resume for Ryan & Koetter in 2020: our offense inside the Opponents 5, Opponents 10 & Opponents 20 yard line has been absolutely awful....and our utilization of RB’s in the pass game is just as bad.   Let’s take a look at each:
        • Inside The 5 Yard Line: not a huge sample size here but Ryan has completed no passes and has no TD’s and 1 INT.  Falcons rank: 32nd of 32 teams
         • Inside The 10 Yard Line: an offense with these weapons needs to do better.  Dirk has to utilize our RB’s in the passing game in this area.  On the season, Ryan is 8 of 19 (42.11%) with 7 TD’s and 1 INT.  Falcons Rank: 31st of 32 teams
         • Falcons Redzone Offense:  in total, Ryan is 19 of 41 (46.34%) with 8 TD’s and 1 INT.  Falcons Rank: 29th of 32 teams
    This falls on both Ryan and Dirk.  When the field shrinks, so does Dirk’s effectiveness as a playcaller.  We have too many weapons to be this bad.  Koetter needs to utilize Gurley/Hill/Ito in the pass game to get things ironed out.  Either that or let Knapp call the redzone offense
    Falcons Passing TD to RB’s: 0.   We Rank 32nd of 32 teams
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    The Rock reacted to Precyse in *** Official Falcons Vs Broncos In-Game Thread ***   
    Cant throw deep all day 
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    The Rock reacted to TheUsualStuff in Peyton Manning for GM   
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    The Rock reacted to Francis York Morgan in 6 Foot 5, 350 Ibs   
    Disagree tbh. Dex has been better to this point. Not trashing Lindstrom either, just speaking on what I've seen from both - though I bet Lindstrom would look better with a different OC too. And honestly DT hasn't been a huge issue with this team this year.
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    The Rock reacted to Spts1 in *** Official Lions Vs Falcons In Game Thread ***   
    should've kicked that field goal...
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    The Rock reacted to ⚡Slumerican⚡ in Bring back TD?   
    We're playing a 1-4 team that has alot of injuries and Cousins at qb.. Lets pump the breaks on that 
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    The Rock reacted to FalconinPA in Y’all still want Pam Newton Over Matt Ryan?   
    Who the **** said that? Most people were looking for a mobile college QB out of the draft. 
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    The Rock reacted to ROMERO in Miscellaneous dude on the sidelines got to go too   
    I think thats the equipment guy.
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    The Rock reacted to WhiskeyBruh in DUMMITROFF FIRED   
    I wanted McKay too but 2 for 3 ain't bad.
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    The Rock reacted to A Pimp Named Slickback™ in DUMMITROFF FIRED   
    Important Information regarding the Team.
    View Online  
      To our fans, partners and associates –

    From the moment I bought the Atlanta Falcons, I have believed my role is to be a steward of the franchise for you. At that time, I promised you I would do everything I could to consistently put a championship caliber team on the field that would also be a positive force for good in our community.

    Our recent results on the field have not met our high expectations and after careful consideration I have made the decision that a change in leadership of the club is needed. Very soon we will announce that General Manager Thomas Dimitroff and Head Coach Dan Quinn have been relieved of their duties. I wanted you to hear this news first, and from me directly with important context for making this decision. We owe each of you a better product on the field and I have determined this decision is necessary to that end.

    Over the last three seasons and into this one, we have dedicated all the resources we can to personnel, facilities, support functions and a variety of other areas to win consistently and deliver on our promise of a contending team. At the end of last season, we played well, won some games and seemed to have positive momentum that could be carried forward. Our play on the field earned an opportunity to show if it could continue, and be built upon, in 2020. Clearly, the results on the field this year, and more broadly over the last 3+ seasons, have not met our expectations or yours. Therefore, we have made this decision tonight.

    I have tremendous professional respect for Thomas and Dan, as well as deep personal affection for both, as well as their families. They have poured their hearts into our team. Beyond the on-field accomplishments, they have represented us with professionalism, class and in a manner reflective of our core values during their tenures here. I'm grateful for their contributions to the franchise, and with my deep admiration I wish them great success in their future endeavors.

    I am very proud of how our coaches, players and the organization continue to give back to Atlanta, our state, the military, schools, those much less fortunate and so many other impactful, worthy causes. Our commitment in this regard will never wane under my ownership of the team, it is quite simply one of the most important pillars of our team's mission and obligation. I'm also proud that during my tenure as owner, we have become one of the winningest teams in the league, having captured division titles and a conference championship. Since 2008 we have the 8th-most wins in the NFL and 4th-most in the NFC. Our appetite for winning remains very high and will for as long as I'm the owner of Atlanta's team.

    Rich McKay, our team's president and chief executive officer, will assume day-to-day oversight of football operations and assist me in leading our search for a new general manager and head coach. We will name an interim head coach tomorrow.

    Our business is about winning football games and that is what all of us will work earnestly to do the rest of this season. Our immediate focus will be supporting the team and trying to win as many games as possible with an eye to filling these critical roles at the appropriate time with leaders who will be charged with achieving a timely return to the winning standard you all expect from us.

    I remain committed to providing every resource I can toward our success, now and in the future. I'm confident new leadership in 2021 in these key roles, combined with the core talent on our team, will deliver an on-field product you all can celebrate and be proud of very soon. Thank you for your continued support of the Atlanta Falcons. It is something I do not take for granted.

    With gratitude and appreciation, Arthur M. Blank
    Owner and Chairman Atlanta Falcons Football Club
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    The Rock reacted to PriMeTiiMe in Ryan huggers   
    Had a great run game today. Defense despite giving up a heap of yards only gave up 23 points which is an easy win for a good offense.
    What does Ryan do? 16 offensive points and a game breaking interception inside the 5 yardline. Not to mention earlier in the game missing Hurst not once but twice for WIDE OPEN TDs. Had to settle for a FG.
    Panthers lost their top CB early and yet Ryan struggled to complete Any passes for 3 quarters.
    Let me guess the excuse... “He didn’t have Julio”. 
    EVERYTHING has to be be perfect for him to Win. When are the sheep going to wake up? He is DONE.
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    The Rock reacted to Falcons Fan MVP in We should all show Dan Quinn some respect   
    I agree that it's time to move on from Dan Quinn but Dan Quinn is one of the best head coaches and likeable that we've had. The players and staff loved working with him and the brotherhood culture. 
    Dan Quinn deserves a very tactful and respectful goodbye from our fan base for all the hard work he put in. I am sure he is just as disappointed as we are that things went downhill. 
    The Falcons players and front office may not think very highly of our fan base the way we lash out at Quinn sometimes. We should thank Quinn for all his hard work on social media and be encouraging to him. That doesn't mean that losing is acceptable. Dan Quinn will always be my boy. I don't know why he lost his touch. But unfortunately it's time to move on.
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    The Rock reacted to *TMo* in Any chance we go 0-16?   
    This is the falcon way.
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    The Rock reacted to papachaz in Any chance we go 0-16?   
    yes, yes we are.
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    The Rock reacted to caponine in Matt Is A Part Of The Problem   
    Mahomes would have hit Hurst ...... 
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    The Rock reacted to MilleniumFalcon in Matt Is A Part Of The Problem   
    He looks old. Scared in the pocket, hesitant, and throws come up short. What was that interception? Where was the decisive throw to a wide open Hurst? Move on if you get a top draft pick. 
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    The Rock reacted to nomak in Matt Is A Part Of The Problem   
    This game cost Matt a lot of fans. 
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    The Rock reacted to caponine in Matt Is A Part Of The Problem   
    Along with DQ, Koetter, Offense and Defense. No nore excuses , either you step up and produce and do the **** job or you dont 
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    The Rock reacted to The Daywalker in Melted Ice   
    And when he isn’t ate you gonna show your head if you’re wrong?
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    The Rock reacted to supercollider in Melted Ice   
    He signed off on Koetter, so he's partly to blame.
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