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  1. Have you been watching at all this season? Ryan had one good game but been mediocre since. He's playing his worst game today against the Panthers.
  2. Even Peyton Manning sucked at the end of his career. Ryan is not quite they're yet but he's declining.
  3. Quinn has the final say on the 53 man roster. If Dimitroff brings in 90 trash players in the off-season, Quinn has to choose the 53 best of those 90 trash players.
  4. They're doing both. Rodgers had some plays where he's standing for what seems like an eternity.
  5. Agreed, they both have to go.
  6. Dimitroff never effectively addresed the front 7. Hard to cover for 10 seconds as a DB.
  7. Dimitroff gave Quinn pedestrian talent on defense. And this high priced offense isn't producing.
  8. Maybe Trevor Lawrence will be able to get the ball there too.
  9. Commentators roasting Ryan for his arm strength. Ouch.
  10. Our weakest position is LB. No excuses for Quinn but Dimitroff left him with zero quality depth at LB.
  11. Dan Quinn is old school. Nice guy, but the end is near. End is also near for Dimitroff for constructing such an untalented defense.
  12. How about blame the guy who constructed this defense. Plenty of blame to go around from players, coaches, and executives.
  13. Sounds like a familiar trend. Maybe we should invest more in defense instead of this overpaid offense who can't put up points in the clutch.
  14. Julio was there for the last two games, and both of them were with us last season. Still not a successful formula because too many resources spent on offense instead of addressing our poor defense.
  15. Falcons are 0-3 with 2 all pro caliber WRs, the way this team is constructed isn't working.
  16. Should have drafted Lamar Jackson instead of Ridley. Then traded Ryan for all-pro caliber defenders.
  17. Proof investing more in offense gets you stats but little in the win column, or in our case nothing. Time to blow it up.
  18. The way our defense is playing, we might see this team get blown up by the trade deadline.
  19. I only see 2, D. Jones and G. Jarrett. Neal unfortunately is a shell of himself. Corner's are not ready for prime time. We only have one other solid LB. No real depth on the DLine. Mostly disappointment by TD, i.e. Duke Riley, Trufant, Vic Beasley, Senat, Southward, Fowler, etc.
  20. You expect Quinn to be able to make a formidable defense with toilet paper?
  21. The Matt Ryan and the Falcons haven't won a road game in September since 2017. Now that will extend into 2021. Deja vu all over again.
  22. Dimitroff is the one who assembled this porous defense. He should be canned too.
  23. You must have missed our 1st game. We have no defense. Need to get TDs instead of FGs, or else you'll see what you saw today.
  24. Too many FGs. Not enough killer instinct to get TDs despite 3 getting 3 turnovers with good field position.
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