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  1. If you look at the trend of Ryan's play the last few seasons, it's similar to today... he has good stats but doesn't go for the kill shot knowing the defense is pedestrian.
  2. I'm not hopeful for the rest of the season after that win. But I like the way our team fought.
  3. Congrats to Matt. Not his best work with multiple turnover worthy plays but fortunately we are playing against a winless defense.
  4. If the Giants defenders could catch like most defenses. Ryan got bailed out on his bad throws.
  5. Keep Ryan on his previous contract. Grant Julio his trade request if he agrees to a contract restructure (which he did after going to Tennessee). We did not even use most of the cap space saved by Ryan's new contract. Unfortunately we're basically going the route of the Giants when Eli was getting paid a lot to play on a bad team as his skills were diminishing.
  6. Besides the GOAT, who has won in recent memory and has been "successful pocket passer" (meaning not a game manager)?
  7. Vick went on to play at a Pro bowl level in Philadelphia. He just needed a good coach, unfortunately his inability to stay healthy ultimately thwarted his career.
  8. Howell is actually somewhat athletic but I get what you mean.
  9. I'm looking for signs of hope this season but I can't find any. Maybe this upcoming game will change that.
  10. Terry Fontenot restructured Ryan's contract before the draft making it practically unfeasible to draft a top QB since Ryan's contract cannot be shed for at least another 2 years (which was a mistake by Terry). However after next year when the Falcons draft Malik Willis, Ryan will get to groom him for a year prior to leaving, and the Falcons will be in better cap shape by then.
  11. I agree for the most part. Ryan is in a system that prioritizes offense at the expense of defense for the past decade. Somehow Ryan is getting "Cooked" behind a turnstile OLine still.
  12. All the stars had to align for that to happen. We simply don't have the plethora of probowl talent anymore or coaching. It will be better when Malik Willis is a Falcon next year though.
  13. Because Russell Wilson has an OLine that seems to be half on IR for the last few years but he is still competitive and makes the playoffs. This is despite Wilson being one of the most sacked QBs.
  14. Malik Willis will be drafted next year by the Falcons to eventually succeed Ryan.
  15. You're right we'll get better as the season progresses, but so will everyone else. It's clear after 1 game we will be finishing with a top 10 pick in next year's draft. The OLine is too bad to overcome. Matthews is a shell of himself. Mayfield is a turnstile but somehow won the starting job. McGary is continually inconsistent. Lindstrom is good at pass protection but below average in the run game. And on defense we have no rush besides Grady. Games are won in the trenches.
  16. Can you tell me why Julio decided he didn't want to play with Ryan anymore? It's obvious the Falcons aren't winning anything soon, but is there more to it?
  17. We've been hearing " Give Ryan a competent OLine" his entire career. The Falcons went out and stacked our roster with 5 former first round picks on the OLine. How did that turn out for Ryan. No team has a competent OLine for the full season. They scheme around weak players. Ryan has played at a high level for many years but he's washed up like Brees was last year. However he's still serviceable.
  18. We will be 2-15 at the end of the season. We will draft a QB with the first pick.
  19. Agreed. You either go all in with an aging QB or you rebuild. Doing both doesn't work.
  20. You would think we would have the worst defense based on the overall lack of talent and attention given to the defense. Dimitroff tried to give Ryan and the offense all the top weapons to succeed but it has failed the last 3 years. You're right, we should be focusing on the defense.
  21. Very underwhelming prospect. This was a poor DT class so Falcons decided to reach to fill a need.
  22. This pick is the only head scratcher so far. Watching his film, he looks like the 7th round pick scouts projected him to be.
  23. I don't think TE was the reason our offense couldn't close. On the other side our bandaid defense did fine because expectations where so low to begin with. I really hope Arthur Smith can work some magic.
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