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  1. Julio is more physical of a player than Sanders. Both the best at their positions in their prime.
  2. Haven't seen this posted yet, its pretty entertaining. Nice to know, if need be we could put Julio in on defense. Julio is the best all around player ever to wear a Falcon Jersey.
  3. How many coaching changes under TD?
  4. Matt Ryan's contract is back loaded. The seasons after next year he will be in the top 2 of highest paid players.
  5. LB Devin White if the top DL players are gone.
  6. Also taken the 2nd most sacks of his career.
  7. Could have been better passes too, either way no excuses.
  8. League has changed. Many QBs like Matt Stafford will have better ratings and yards than Hall of Fame QBs, doesn't mean they are worthy. What matters is where you consistently elite throughout your career.
  9. Armstrong is conservative coach, he'd rather have a fair catch than a chance at a return.
  10. True, neither does the Falcons coaching this season.
  11. LOL at Hooper. Couldn't run block to save his life but he's an alternate. Kudos anyway.
  12. Top 10 defense, Shanahan, and stars all around Matt Ryan, lead to that season. With nearly 30% of cap space tied up in an aging QB and a progressively smaller noodle arm. The recipe will look like the present New York Giants "Eli Manning 2.0"
  13. Matt Ryan will check it down in 2.5 seconds anyway, or crumble under phantom pressure.
  14. Ryan's extension doesn't kick in until next season where his first year cap hit is slightly above average, but the following 4 seasons he'll be either #1 or # 2 of largest cap hits. With an aging arm and pocket mobility, we're gonna basically have the Giants situation with Eli Manning 2.0.
  15. You mean having probowlers Julio Jones, Devonta Freeman, drafting 1st rd receiver Ridley, signing the best center Mack in free agency, Drafting Jake Matthews at #5 in the draft... Isn't building around Matt Ryan? Leave the pipe alone.