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  1. None of them had so many substantial late game blown leads. The Matt Ryan era Falcons earned the choking label after the superbowl and continued to cement the label this year.
  2. Odds are he will have another game winning drive, but his killer instinct to close games has been a question mark since losing the superbowl. The Matt Ryan era of Falcons will be synonymous with "choking"
  3. By that logic maybe we should sign Brett Farve next season.
  4. I'm in favor of a QB after watching Ryan put together "0" game winning drives all season.
  5. Agreed it's hard on the QB without a run game. Our offense was built to pass the ball. We invested in finesse Olinemen who are better pass blockers than run blockers. Invested first and 2nd round picks in WRs and TEs. Brought in a proficient pass catching running back. So we should be winning games by passing the ball. Formula obviously didn't work, hence Dimitroff fired. Point is, Ryan must be at MVP level for this team to have a chance. Just sucks seeing other QBs do more with less. Unfortunately we have bigger problems than Ryan, but he's starting to fall into mediocrity.
  6. Falcons success is linked to a successful run game. We are not like the Cheifs who can rely on their QB to win games through the air. Ryan is good, just not elite like Mahomes, Rodgers, Wilson, or Brady.
  7. His job is safe because he'll be mentoring his successor next season.
  8. Unfortunately Ryan and this Era of Falcons teams will be known as chokers who can't hold onto a lead. It's not a stat but something everyone outside of Atlanta will talk about untill the end of time.
  9. We have a bunch of Olinemen that are decent at pass blocking and suck at run blocking. They're finesse linemen rather than road graders
  10. Says the guy who thinks we should draft another WR in the 1st round, since WR is the top reason why we're losing.
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