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  1. Our LBs are the real problem.
  2. Just got run over into the endzone
  3. He keeps missing gaps and tackles. Horrible football instincts.
  4. Duke riley is not filling the gaps correctly in the run game.
  5. We need good Linebackers!!!
  6. I forgot to add purple
  7. Neither. The elite word is overused on this board.
  8. Love the way he plays. Late hit, but with Cam sometimes he cuts back instead of slides.
  9. I was SMH when we drafted him in the 3rd round. 5th round talent with undrafted instincts.
  10. He was also playing QB spy and contain a lot. Still not making an impact though.
  11. I won't apologize. I never flamed him, he just had bad blocking in the preseason.
  12. Doesn't have the courage to risk a turnover. Classic game manager move to bias the pass going out of bounds instead of keeping it in play and let your WR battle for it.
  13. I agree typically it's a low percentage throw. But with Julio it should be a moderate percentage throw. Julio can't catch it if it's consistently sailing out of bounds which most of Ryan's RZ throws are.
  14. The amount of overthrows in the redzone is mind boggling.
  15. Consistently sailing the ball out of bounds is the coordinator's fault? Like Quinn said, its not the play calling, it's the execution.