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  1. Fans need to hold their teams accountable. I have been a fan of the team for probably longer than you been alive. When you look back at the draft classes and free agent signings as a whole you'll see TD has done a mediocre job. I give credit to Blank for hiring 3 other former GMs to the Falcons staff to help TD. But at the end of the day it is still TD pulling the trigger. If you are happy with being mediocre, please continue praising the front office.
  2. Falcons wouldn't release it, because you would see how demoralized they are when all their targets are gone, then scramble to find a player in a need position.
  3. Nah, too much traveling and time away from family to perform that job. I usually predict well enough to be accurate than most. Like saying Shane Ray, Josh Rosen, Peter Konz, and Duke Riley would all be bust. I projected Deion Jones to the Falcons in the 2nd round when we drafted him when most weren't high on him.
  4. I sure did. One of the scouts takes on Lindstrom is that he is a catcher and lacks power to move any big bodies.
  5. Keanu Neal is a good run defender but is just average in coverage. Could have traded down a few picks to grab him just like we should have done with Lindstrom and could have stayed put for McGary.
  6. I want to get a sense of the board's "initial" grading for day 1 of the draft. With grades A-F. I tried to make one but don't have enough street cred yet. Thanks
  7. The Falcons never had a QB with a great offensive line and likely never will. Thus whoever is at QB needs to adjust to what's in front of him by speeding up delivery or being more elusive to buy time.
  8. Not bashing Ryan. Just observing the philosophy that TD is trying to implore. Stack the offense over defense. Apparently TD doesn't believe defense wins championships.
  9. The offensive line is trash and has been for years.
  10. The way the patch job at LBs are looking and lack of depth at CB. I doubt we make a deep playoff run. TD must somehow still believe in Duke Riley.
  11. I agree with him, not at pick 14. Also believe we need run game maulers not more pass protecting technicians.
  12. TD has done his best to give Matt Ryan all the tools he needs to win games and succeed now. 2 first round WRs (Julio and Ridley) Pro bowl TE (Hooper) 3 first round OLinemen (Matthews, McGary, Lindstrom) Brings in pro bowl center (Mack) Pro bowl RB (Freeman) Can anyone name a QB who has more talent around him? Matt Ryan is primed for an MVP season.
  13. Pass game improves with these guys, however run game doesn't. They are not maulers but good character guys with good fundamentals.
  14. Yeah he will help the pass game but won't help push the pile on 3rd and short.
  15. Just watched some film on him, solid pass blocker, but is not moving any NFL lineman back in the run game.