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  1. Guess we'll have to settle for Clowney
  2. Spot on. He seems like a great guy but he might be headed for an expedited WillyMo like career.
  3. LB is more of a need than DB right now. We need depth in the secondary but TD missing on Duke Riley and letting Campbell walk is hurting our LB depth.
  4. I like it. When players agree to restructure their contracts, it means they know they are expendable or tradable. Or it means the GM screwed up on their contracts in the first place ... I.e Trufant and Freeman.
  5. I’d like this scenario if LB Kenneth Murray is gone at 16.
  6. It’s your only mock and you couldn’t even finish it?
  7. Patriots defense actually kept the Patriots relevant. Brady looked like a noodle arm last season. Missing open throws way too often. There’s a good reason the Patriots let Brady walk. He just an average QB now.
  8. Come on! How long have you been on these boards? PFF also gave Duke Riley a high grade in preseason, and we all saw he turned out to be trash.
  9. Yes sir! Both are good players but Murray is clearly better against the run.