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  1. Agreed. You either go all in with an aging QB or you rebuild. Doing both doesn't work.
  2. You would think we would have the worst defense based on the overall lack of talent and attention given to the defense. Dimitroff tried to give Ryan and the offense all the top weapons to succeed but it has failed the last 3 years. You're right, we should be focusing on the defense.
  3. Very underwhelming prospect. This was a poor DT class so Falcons decided to reach to fill a need.
  4. This pick is the only head scratcher so far. Watching his film, he looks like the 7th round pick scouts projected him to be.
  5. I don't think TE was the reason our offense couldn't close. On the other side our bandaid defense did fine because expectations where so low to begin with. I really hope Arthur Smith can work some magic.
  6. Not if we continue to freeze in the Redzone at the end of games.
  7. None of them had so many substantial late game blown leads. The Matt Ryan era Falcons earned the choking label after the superbowl and continued to cement the label this year.
  8. Odds are he will have another game winning drive, but his killer instinct to close games has been a question mark since losing the superbowl. The Matt Ryan era of Falcons will be synonymous with "choking"
  9. By that logic maybe we should sign Brett Farve next season.
  10. I'm in favor of a QB after watching Ryan put together "0" game winning drives all season.
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