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  1. Pro day numbers. 6'1" 310lbs 4.71 40yrd dash 36 bench reps 38inch vertical Impressive period
  2. We will draft his replacement and put pressure on Matt to sign the hometown discount.
  3. Best news I've heard all day. It's a deep QB class. Not the QB I had in mind, but if he's there with our Mr. Irrelevant pick then I'd be okay with it.
  4. Lamar Jackson..... Surprise!
  5. Did my own scouting report for Deion Jones. I rated him as a early 2nd round pick. Posted my mock draft with him in the 2nd round on these boards too. Yes, It's too early to judge Duke. But he should have not been taken in the 3rd round when there were better LBs available. Duke would have been there in the 4th, probably the 5th too.
  6. Beasley also has low production because he was asked to play alot QB spy and QB contain. While other teams used MLB to spy, and let the pass rushers off the leash.
  7. Never liked the pick due to him being rated as a 5th rd linebacker. He played like a 7th rd linebacker this year. Hard for him to get off blocks and missed a lot of tackles in college last year.
  8. Marshawn Lynch would be a nice complement, averaged 4.3 yards per carry despite an abysmal offense. He'll probably never leave Oakland though.
  9. Thanks for correcting me. I should have said "Matt Ryan = significantly less athletic version of Alex Smith"
  10. Julio gave Ryan the"eat s***" look for having to save 3 potential interceptions.
  11. He was not in position to get that block even if he saw him coming the whole time. Freeman was in singleback formation, not shotgun and had to dodge Ryan to try and reach an unblocked blitzer.
  12. True. Ryan has not mastered high arching touch passes like Ben. Hence why Ryan's completion percentage is so low in the red zone.
  13. Can't blame Freeman for the whiff on the block, when the play was a play-action with Freeman faking to the left. Nearly impossible to fake to left then block blizter on far right.
  14. Reigning MVP was an anomaly. Look at his last 3 seasons and you see we have a QB on the decline. Still good enough to win games but not good enough to win meaningful playoff games without probowlers on the OLine.