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  1. I wish Baker the best with his future career. He played above average when he was healthy and the falcons record showed that when he played all 16 games. I hate the injury bug got him and would not turn loose.
  2. Everything i read is average at best in pass protection and great run blocker.
  4. I like this change. It will make the game better.PAT was getting to be just about automatic. I least this will be a little more challenging.
  5. For the record, what did Brunell do---Nothing!! He got his ring watching Brees from the sideline. Who really cares what he thinks? He was terrible except when he played in Jacksonville and then he was ONLY "AVERAGE". This guy is a WANNABE.
  6. If Irvin comes we would have 3 hometown guys on defense. Do not forget hammers son Grady Jarrett. This dude is gonna be awesome
  7. Well,Well,Well people let's take a lookse!! Both coaches are defensive coaches. Rex had good defenses the last couple of years and Quinn has had great defenses. So, Quinns defense was 1 or 2 and Ryans defense was top 10 or 15. This is all facts!!!!! To make a long story short, Quinn is the best. No need to converse over this topic any longer. Sexy Rexy will be fired AGAIN in 3 years. Meanwhile, Quinn will have the falcons in the top tier of the NFL. I'm DONE!!!!!!
  8. This is the only move by Quinn that has me second guessing but maybe Quinn can teach Kroy how to play. I have confidence in Quinn. Not Kroy
  9. I hope the front office stays pat. do not over pay for a injury prone player. Weatherspoon should be paying back some of the millions Mr. Blank has paid him to watch the games from the bench. Spoon should be ashamed of himself. If he does not want to sign a 1-year prove it deal then let him go have fun in the desert.
  10. good riddence! weatherspoon rode the injured reserve for a season and a half. Injury prone!!!!
  11. If at a decent price, I say Arthur cut the man a check and plug him in.
  12. I bet we sign more free agents than we ever have since TD has been the GM. DO your thing Quinn and lets go get that championship Arthur wants all us Falcon fans to get to enjoy.
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