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  1. I think his dad Howie was more dominant late in his career.
  2. I think we can get him for 8 mil a year. He is not a dominant pass rusher but a nice role player!
  3. The release of Durant has Making room for Irvin written all over it!!!
  4. Thanks Willy for your work but the last few years has been hit by the injury bug! Your leadership will be missed.I will never forget that lick in the rams game a few years ago. Good luck in the future! Love me some WILLYMO!!!!!!
  5. I have said this many times and will say it again Dan Quinn is the right coach to win a super bowl in atlanta. I think everyone jumped the gun with the fast start. I definitely seen improvement on defense and offense was a struggle at times. Everyone struggles a bit with scheme changes. I think Matt will play better next year. He critics himself more than anyone else. Playoffs next year then 2017 super bowl. I have said this from day one when Quinn was hired.
  6. I honestly feel Matt plays tight in the playoffs. He plays not to lose therefore makes a lot of bad decisions with the football. Matt needs to just play loose and have fun. I think this year was a fluke with the turnovers. I agree he doesn't have the arm to throw it seventy yards on a rope but there is twenty other teams in this league that wish they had him. Matt has done more good to this team than bad. I remember how unstable this team was back when he was drafted. I think the new offense was too much this year . I think he plays better next year(only time will tell) but lets see if he plays better next year. With that being said, I say we still draft D. Watson next year to be the next franchise QB.
  7. We definitely need a starting SS. Willy Mo has been on IR more the last few seasons than on the field. Time to sign a FA or draft his replacement.
  8. I think Quinn will bring us a Super Bowl in 2 years! I really think we have the coach part right.
  9. I say get Jack or Ragland whichever is on the board. If both are there, I would have to go with Ragland.
  10. One area of need on defense is safety and folks we can pick one of the best coming out in the draft. I think we should draft JALEN RAMSEY out of FSU. DUDE IS A BALLER!!! He has great cover skills and is physical. QUINN preaches speed and length and this dude has it all. What does falcon nation think??? Give me some feedback!!!!
  11. All I have to say is WIN,LOSE,orDRAW; I am a falcon fan till I DIE!!!!
  12. Let's take a minute and think about what has happened. I agree our falcons are not playing well but when Quinn was hired we all knew this was a three year rebuild. We all including myself jumped the gun after the fast start but when has this defense keeping us in games unlike infers past. After this 5 or 6 game skid , I still believe he will get this team better. The defense is playing better but he needs more time to get HIS guys. Just be patient and this time next year we will be much different. I think Quinn will make this team tougher than in years pass. I believe in QUINN. Give him some time! Just think of where we were at this time last year. This just a blimp for a first year head coach. Think of the great coaches that last. In their first year they mostly go 7-9 or 8-8. Remember Pete in Seattle or belichick with the pats. We will be great!!
  13. just please resign Scofield! he is a good player!
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