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  1. I hate the Saints. Their stupid photo opp crap pisses me off.
  2. ACC had 5 teams with winning records. SEC had 6. ACC just clowned the SEC at the top. The whole ACC is a minor league is nothing more than SEC homerism.
  3. Oh look an original thought! Never seen a post like this on a message board.
  4. I was not alive for UGAs last NC but I was alive for GT’s. To **** With Georgia!
  5. Well that’s the season. What a crapper. Beyond injuries. Bad coaching all around.
  6. Folks that call Ryan the check down king haven’t paid proper attention to Brees.
  7. Hahahahaha!!!! Suck you pucker faced clown Sean Peyton!!!!
  8. Well...the Saints are just that team this year. Lucky AF. I hope they choke again.
  9. You mean when Brees and the Saints were know as the 7-9ers in the not too distant past? Ok...again...Brees without run game and an OLine was a 7-9 guy but don’t let the facts get in the way of you being an idiot.
  10. Lol wrong. Oh so wrong. You mean to tell me teams don’t have to plan for Kamara and Ingram? Dude...you’re an idiot.
  11. Y’all defense sucks and there is no Super Bowl in our town for clowns.
  12. Oh so Ridley and Julio fumbling in the red zone and it’s Matt who can’t put the team on his back with a BS OL and no run game. Got it.,,
  13. Matt is far from the problem. I like how most of you haters, and believe me that’s what you are, listed the flavoring the year as far as QBs but left off Wentz and Aaron Rodgers because it doesn’t fit your “makes something out of nothing narrative”.
  14. Jesus 17-0. Saints are winning the Super Bowl in the Benz this year. Makes you want to quit sports altogether. It’s like the Saints saw playing for a Super Bowl in our stadium as a mission and boy they are going for it.
  15. Hey can we ban this guy now? Why do we need trolls like this who want to come onto a Falcons fan board and boast after a LOSS? Please. This guys is a clown and troll.
  16. Nah. I’m good. I’ll be with family and at this point it’s not worth making special plans to watch them. I’ve sacrificed a lot of time away from my 2 year old on Sundays. With no shot at the playoffs, what’s the point?
  17. Lol I’m convinced a good portion of the people on this board don’t actually watch anything other than highlights and draw conclusions from that.
  18. ****. Prayers up. Hope it’s the slow as molasses in January type.
  19. Can’t release Georgia. Good kickers are a tough find. Now Georgio isn’t exactly proven just yet but he isn’t unproven either.
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