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  1. Just looked at his twitter after the phantom personal foul hit by Neal on Fitz and Zinno says "what a bonheaded hit by Neal...quickly becoming "that guy" in the league....he led with his hemet..." Hey Zinno...take your yankee arse back to New York. Just an Atlanta hater and he gets the privilege of being on Atlanta sports talk radio and the Falcs flagship station. If anyone is becoming "that guy" Mark it is you.
  2. Varsity!!!! Carve out 30 mins for a deuce about an hour later. Invest in some liquid cork. Its worth it though. I have never been to a birds game. Maybe I can make one this year. I have some left over pulled pork from yesterday and an awesome slaw that I am going to enjoy and a cold brew for the game. Got my MR2 washed and ready! Go Falcs! Rise up!
  3. FWIW, Quinn said on the coaches show this morning when asked if scho would be resigned and Q said that not at this time because we need someone who can play inside. I guess Scho is more of an outside guy. That would explain Matthews over Scho.
  4. Just gotta reset and stay focused. Get the home fires burning. Just stay focused. I will say it was really impressive to see the defense do what it did against Denver without our linebackers. I was super concerned about that going into that game. True testament to DQ and Richard Smith as coaches.
  5. Drew Brees lost today throwing 400+ yards and 4 TDs. Guess NO should move on from that too. Clearly a failed expirament and Brees is no longer elite. What a terrible day for Brees.
  6. Great post OP. Entirely agree. Our DBs let Mike Evans in their heads. Just like Steve Smith. Everyone complained all offseason about MR2 INTs in the redzone etc. He had none today. But he had those two off target passes...which is what all those with an agenda will point to. Fact of the matter is, we should have never been in that position. But those drive extending penalties will bite you.
  7. QBR of 112. Yeah, Matt was clearly the issue. Dont be a dummy. I saw a defense at the end of the hlad completely lose their conposure. Shades of Delangelo Hall and Steve Smith dumbassery. I have two complaints on offense and its that we didnt run the ball well enough and that freaking stupid draw play on 3rd and goal from the 17. Neither if which are Matts fault. Again, Matt was excellent when running up tempo and conducting the O. But all thee who hate Matt Ryan keep hating. Its ducking ridiculous. All offseason all the haters conplain about TOs in the redzone by Matt.
  8. At least the birds didnt try to get too cute in preseason trying to impress the home crowd and give away that hurry up cue from Griffin that caught our D, including Tru, off guard for a meaningless preseason TD. Great job Hue...that tape was seen in 2 seconds from the crappiest annoucing team in preseason television. Back to Quinn's vanilla D bashing...
  9. Lol....stahp. Boy if we were the '08 Lions we would have to stop you from betting your house. Last week defense good, offense bad! This week offense good, defense bad! The coaches are evaluating players and not the team at this point. Jesus.
  10. Best of luck to Mort. I lost a family member to throat cancer 2 years ago. Only lasted 6 months from diagnosis. Stage 4. He did not take care of himself though.
  11. Kid was a beast against GT this year. I'm a GT fan and he single handedly stuffed is. He was flying around while staying disciplined against the option. Unfortunately he had the knee injury. ATL needs an impact player. Id say pass on Jaylon unless he is around in round 2.
  12. From 27 yards out the laces shouldn't affect the accuracy. Walsh had as much to do with missing that kick as anyone. Vikings fans are going to run his out of town.
  13. He owned GT this past year better than any one player on any other Tech opponent. On that lost includes ND, Clemson, FSU and UGA. Cash is a straight beast.
  14. I'm trying but I don't get it.... He only had one year with JW and it seemed they took some steps. **** they beat us. This is a complete head scratcher. He wasn't even in the NFL hot seat list.
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