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  1. Jesus 17-0. Saints are winning the Super Bowl in the Benz this year. Makes you want to quit sports altogether. It’s like the Saints saw playing for a Super Bowl in our stadium as a mission and boy they are going for it.
  2. Hey can we ban this guy now? Why do we need trolls like this who want to come onto a Falcons fan board and boast after a LOSS? Please. This guys is a clown and troll.
  3. Nah. I’m good. I’ll be with family and at this point it’s not worth making special plans to watch them. I’ve sacrificed a lot of time away from my 2 year old on Sundays. With no shot at the playoffs, what’s the point?
  4. Season over. Prepare for the draft. What a fail.
  5. Here is the season...
  6. That stupid 3 man rush. When we our coaches get some balls and blitz. Unreal. Go down going balls to the wall.
  7. Come on D! Need it here. Season in the line. Can you shoulder the load?
  8. Lol bro...Lawrence had his legs wrapped up. Not sure what you expect here. It’s called getting tackled.
  9. Sark has to call some quicker routes. Our Oline isn’t giving enough time for deep routes.
  10. Dude he broke that up. WTF is wrong with you? Go cheer for another team if you don’t like our guys making plays you loser.
  11. Sit Riley. He is terrible.
  12. Elliott is going kill us today
  13. Lol I’m convinced a good portion of the people on this board don’t actually watch anything other than highlights and draw conclusions from that.
  14. ****. Prayers up. Hope it’s the slow as molasses in January type.