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  1. Not campaigning for a mobile QB either. Just saying Matt Ryan isn’t one. And yes, I don’t see many if any QBs around the league that would get the job done behind this OL.
  2. The concrete cleats was more of a joke than anything, but calling Matt Ryan a “mobile” QB would be a stretch IMO. He did make a few nice plays on the move, yes. But more often than not, Ice isn’t going to be able to do enough with his legs to mask the OL short comings.
  3. Hard not to focus on anything but the future with how the first few weeks have gone, but I absolutely get this sentiment. It’s early.
  4. Call me a pessimist but this team isn’t sniffing contention before the end of Matt Ryan’s run with the team. Simply too many holes on the roster for that to happen with an aging QB that doesn’t have the OL to cover up the concrete in his cleats. While Arthur Smith and co. claim this was simply a reload and not a rebuild, I think it’s safe to say that doesn’t look to be the case two weeks in. My question is, would you prefer the team use its (what we’re predicting will be) favorable draft position to build up the OL and defense and THEN drop a QB into the equation, OR should we take a shot at a QB if we feel like a capable one is available? Personally, I’d prefer to build up the defense and OL with premium draft picks I. 2022 before looking to drop a new QB into the mix in 2023 but I can see arguments for both. What do you guys think?
  5. Said it for me. People are mistaking my point re: Mayfield especially. I know that Arthur Smith and co. view him as a project that isn't ready to take starting snaps. My point is WHY are we taking these sorts of players in the third round in the first place? This team is not good enough to be spending premium picks on projects.
  6. Richie Grant was BPA? Mayfield? Never said anything about Kyle Pitts. He was the best player available and I'm glad we took him. I knew we weren't taking a QB and he was arguably the best player in the draft not named Trevor Lawrence. I'm talking about the other two of our first three picks.
  7. Sample size is definitely too small, agreed. But I think you can say that its clear that an NFL team needs blue-chip talent in order to field a competitive team. Scheme changes and coaches with a different philosophy than Quinn aren't going to get job done by themselves. Many thought simply bringing on Smith and Pees would make us contenders while failing to realize this roster couldn't be further from contending. Week 2 has the looks of another rough one. Jalen Mayfield vs. Vita Vea and Ndamukong Suh? Absolute yikes.
  8. Nah man, I had no issue with the way they played. They were the least of the teams worries, that isn't the point I'm trying to make. The fact remains that a highly drafted rookie should be be able to beat them out fairly quickly. Or at least see some meaningful snaps.
  9. Could absolutely be an overreaction, but there aren't many teams around the league where Duron Harmon and Erik Harris would be starters. I feel as though its safe to say that most fans expected Richie Grant to be able to show a bit more and break into that lineup considering where he was drafted. Rounds 1-3 are for teams to find capable starters. Not projects. Especially a team like Atlanta that is devoid of talent.
  10. If you think the beat down the team just took doesn't prove much of anything than I'd say that's what is comical here. You'd have to look hard to find a team around the league that looked less prepared for a season of football. Arthur Smith said as much at the press conference. All the man could do was apologize.
  11. It all goes back to alllocation of resources. Everyone KNEW how bad this offensive line had the potential to be. How bad our defensive front 7 had the potential to be. How anybody though that simply adding new "competent" coaches to a roster devoid of blue-chip talent would make this team good again is beyond me. You can't win games when you draft players that are all "wait-and-see" guys. Richie Grant? Project. Jalen Mayfield? Project. Both guys taken with premium picks in the top 3 rounds. These picks should be reserved for immediate impact STARTERS. A team with 4 wins a season ago doesn't have the luxury of taking project players. If week 1 wasn't enough to prove that simply scheme changes and a new style of coaching isn't enough to make a bad team good, then I don't know what to say. Many people around these parts were shaking their heads with how we chose to spend draft resources and I'd say those people are already being proven right and its just a week into the season. Can' win games if you can't draft impact starters.
  12. Because he played center at Stanford and Arthur Smith didn't draft Matt Hennessy so we have no idea what his opinion on him is. Hennessy hasn't started a game for us at center yet, he could be a dumpster-fire there for all we know. I see Mayfield as the guy they want to develop into a starting guard and Dalman as sort of the backup plan incase Hennessy doesn't work out.
  13. Btw, I know the spot can go to either Mayfield OR Dalman but I'm expecting Mayfield to get it. I think they prefer Dalman at center in the long term. But my question is, do you think Jalen Mayfield can play well enough to lock up the spot before Andrews is back from short-term IR? Mayfield was very up and down in the preseason and while I think the team saw him as more of a stash and develop kind of guy, I don't think he's far off from giving us play at a level that's better than Andrews. I'd love to see him lock up the job during this opportunity. Definitely a steep hill to climb based on where he's at right now though. What do you guys think?
  14. I can't pretend to completely understand it either man, but no I don't think so.
  15. If Wilson and Fields are neck and neck on some boards, I think this sort of speed (in an NFL landscape that is beginning to trend more toward dual-threat QBs) can be the type of thing that tips the scales in a sense
  16. I know he's got a lot of fans around here (myself included). I think he overtakes Zach Wilson as QB2 if he runs in the 4.3's. Many think QB isn't at play for ATL after Ryan's contract was restructured. I saw it as more of an inevitable and think QB will still be firmly in play at 4.
  17. He's got the highest ceiling of the QBs in the draft and Atlanta is the perfect destination for him considering he'll be sitting behind Matt Ryan for at least one season. It would be nice if we could get him in a trade back scenario but I wouldn't be mad at all if he was "our guy" and we just went ahead and got him at 4.
  18. Based off one play?? Marcus Williams is a great safety with his best years ahead of him.
  19. Good moves. Expected moves. And now you just know Fontenot is going to push hard for Marcus Williams.
  20. Really like this draft, only thing I worry about with Owosu is his size. On Daniel Jeremiah's podcast he was talking about how he played last year coming in just over 200 pounds. That's really, really small for an NFL linebacker.
  21. Not the best but from what I've seen I don't think he's bad. He shows consistent effort when he's asked to block and that's more than many pass catching TEs can say. I think he shows promise as a blocker but at the same time, no one talks about Travis Kelce for his blocking ability. Daniel Jeremiah on Pitts (His #3 overall prospect) :
  22. You'll be hard-pressed to find fans who could justify taking Pitts at #4, but I'd be cool with the pick in a trade back with a team like Denver, or San Francisco. What I've watched of Pitts 2020 tape had me coming away incredibly impressed. From such a natural, athletic pass catcher who is so **** good playing in space, I was surprised at how much effort he puts into blocking. If someone like Hockenson can go in the top 10, I feel Pitts is worth just as much (probably more). Hayden Hurst played well but in my opinion we'll be hard pressed to get the kind of production out of him that we've gotten from someone like Austin Hooper in the past and Matt Ryan (like any other QB) is just a much better player with a dominant guy up the seam at tight end. It brings the offense so much security and unlike taking a weapon like Jamar Chase or Devonta Smith when we already have a stable receiver room, Pitts would come in day 1 as the best tight end on the roster. I get we have multiple needs on both sides of the ball but Pitts would be hard to pass up for me considering all of these variables. So how would you guys feel about a potential Kyle Pitts trade back pick? I can understand not wanting him at #4, but he'd be hard to pass on if we moved back a few spots. What do you guys think?
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