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  1. This sounds like it could get pretty bad. Could Freeman be shut down for the season?
  2. I disagree with this. Sure, you're right to an extent. Reps will definitely help but it isn't like his improvement is going to halt just because he's getting less reps. He can learn in a multitude of ways whether it be in practice, on tape, anything really. As it stands right now, he's a liability with his tackling. Especially in the open field. It'll improve. I don't think anyone is trying to label him a bust, he's just got a lot of work to do if he's going to be a serviceable starter. We've got the depth where he doesn't necessarily need to start right away. Would you rather keep him in the starting lineup and have him whiffing on big 3rd down conversations for the sake of Duke's growth and only Duke? It would be more beneficial to the entire team to mix in other guys. Duke is seeing very significant snaps right now and doesn't need to be.
  3. Were Jones and Campbell week 1 starters? I honestly can't remember. I know they played a good amount of snaps but I didn't think they took over til mid season, plus they played on a team that had zero LB depth. It's a bit different this year.
  4. It's something that's been noticeable since Week 1 but this game against Buffalo was painful to watch for Duke Riley. I love the fact that he's in the correct spot to make a play a lot of the time, but his tackling has been painful to watch through 4 weeks. Many want to chop it up to him being rookie but being able to wrap up and drive through a tackle is stuff taught way before the pros. I'm a believer in Duke Riley and am happy to see him get snaps (Getting game time is the only way he's going to grow) but he's a bad tackler right now and whiffed on multiple 3rd downs where he was in perfect position to make a play. Call me negative, but if he's going to be getting this many snaps, his tackling ability needs to improve quite a bit. We have a bit more depth at LB than past years and with Deion and De'Vondre playing well, there's no need to rush him out onto the field. Does anyone agree with this sentiment, or care to argue for the other side?
  5. Most college offenses aren't in 2017. Good coaches will get the most out of good players with the intangibles. I like Riley Ferguson's game a lot.
  6. I'd stick with Rico. Even if Kazee balls out, he's still a rookie and bound to have a learning curve / make mistakes. Rico is a very consistent free safety and knows the defense like the back of his hands. He's easily one of our most indispensable guys in the back end. If Kazee performs well, get him more work but don't give him the position outright.
  7. Buffalo has looked pretty good through 3 weeks imo.
  8. Quinn also said with Rico out, Keanu Neal will be calling out the defense and getting everyone lined up.
  9. Alot of contributing talent out. It'll be interesting to see how we fare with this.
  10. Interesting. In my opinion, Rico is a big part of making this defense work. Let's see how Kazee does.
  11. Early, but just wanted to point out how excited about De'Vondre we all should be. Through 3 games I'd go as far as to say he hasn't only been the best Linebacker on the field, but the best player on our defense in general. He's a steel trap in coverage and is constantly generating pressure rushing the passer. He's turning into a do-it-all kind of guy. End of last year, we were all excited about Deion Jones future with the team but De'Vondre Campbell is soundly outplaying him right now. And that's a good problem to have. By no means is Deion playing badly, but anyone who's watched our first 3 games can't deny De'Vondre is the best Linebacker on the field right now. I'm sure it has a lot to do with his work with Chuck Smith, his Lasik Surgery and the fact that he just isn't a rookie anymore and is "figuring it all out". We should all be very excited at the prospect of De'Vondre becoming the legit superstar of this defense. By the end of the season, everyone is going to know this dude's name. Bank on it.
  12. DT would make a lot of sense considering all of the guys we have hitting Free Agency. I want Da'Ron Payne or Vita Vea.
  13. ****, that sucks. Looks like we're going to find out what Takk is all about very soon.
  14. Waiting in anticipation to see how Vondre looks against the Packers. He seems primed to make that rookie leap.