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  1. Throughout the process he’s always been viewed as a back of round 1 / early round 2 guy. 16 would’ve been way too rich, but at the same time not many expected him to fall to the middle of the second. Great pick imo.
  2. And the staff loves Senior Bowl players. We take at least one every year it seems. I could definitely see this guy as a 3rd-4th round target. I like him better then Cole Kmet. I don’t get it at all what scouts see in that guy.
  3. I would absolutely love if the draft fell this way. Kinlaw and Lewis is best case scenario for this defensive line. Not sure we could afford Sherff but if we could make it work then that would be awesome.
  4. Thanks man. If Derrick Brown is available that's the pick; he's a top 5 player in the class in my opinion. He's the only player I'd want over Isaiah Simmons except maybe Epenesa but I'm not as high on him as others. As for Moses I like him more in a trade-back scenario considering the injuries but I'm still very high on him. I'm very interested in seeing how he's doing recovery-wise over the draft process.
  5. Keanu's had a few bad injury breaks but he's still a great young player. You'd be crazy to want to move on from him at this point in time.
  6. I agree that we need DL just as much but I think the secondary isn't as big of a need. Especially if we keep Trufant around I think both Oliver and Sheffield have shown plenty of flashes.
  7. Injuries scare me but I love what I've seen of his tape. I could see him fitting right in next to Deion Jones
  8. As mock off-seasons and drafts start popping up as we come toward the end of the year, one position most people seem to be neglecting is linebacker. I rarely see any drafted to us but it's one of the biggest needs the team has. The LB unit has been able to get by but this season it's been a big liability and I think that's largely in part to Keanu Neal's injury given he plays so well around the line of scrimmage. Other than Deion Jones, we don't have many starting-caliber guys on the roster. If we're in the position to grab a potential starter at linebacker like Isaiah Simmons or even Dyl
  9. My thoughts exactly. I think media / former player hires are going to become prevalent in the near future.
  10. Is there a particular reason why, or is it just the lack of experience etc
  11. I like Louis Riddick too. I also like Bucky Brooks but I think he’d be a very unpopular potential candidate.
  12. Is it really that outlandish? There was talk of his as a candidate last year with New York and his media buddy Mayock just got a job not long ago.. he used to work for both Philly and Baltimore as a scout.
  13. While it isn’t a foregone conclusion that TD is out when/if Quinn is out but it’s a real possibility. I’m of the opinion that you wipe the entire thing and if they do, I think Daniel Jeremiah is an under the radar candidate. He was already getting some buzz around some sort of position with the Jets this offseason and with Mayock getting the Raiders gig I think DJ is “next up” regarding media members. I love his talent evaluation and philosophies regarding team building. On his podcast a week or so back he described Atlanta as a team with major talent but no identity/direction and sa
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