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  1. Yeah not sure he's Gabriel fast either, but it's hard to compare to Gabriel in the speed department. I think he makes up for it being tougher than Gabriel is in the open field and versatility in his route tree. Even if he is a step behind Gabriel he's not lacking in the speed department either, only maybe 2-3 guys beating Keke's straight line speed in the NFL if you ask me.
  2. Anyone looked at this kid from Texas Tech yet? I came away very impressed. Very similar to Taylor Gabriel but much tougher. So much big play ability yet so much toughness in the open field, he's very hard to bring down once he gets going. Plays so much bigger than his size would indicate. So physical. He's a pure speed weapon but also has experience coming out of the backfield to catch passes, plays predominantly in the slot. He'll most likely be the fastest guy at the combine, I've seen estimates in the low 4.3s. It'll be between he and LSU CB Donte Jackson for fastest guy there. Anyway, for anyone like me who thinks Taylor Gabriel takes off for San Francisco in free agency, we could use a burner on the outside to take the top off of defenses. This guy is perfect for that. He was Tech's kick/punt returner as well, an area of need for us as our guys there just weren't impressive at all last year. Given his size, he won't go early but I would be very happy if we took him in the 3rd or 4th round. He'd be an immediate impact guy in our offense based on speed alone. Anyone have any thoughts on him? If you haven't looked into him yet, I suggest you do. Here are a few clips:
  3. Samuels. Not sure why I had Ferguson in my head.
  4. Really like this man, good job. I'm not as high on Taven Bryan as some others but gotta think Hurst/Vea/Payne are all gone by 26 unfortunately. If we're intent on going DT I think Bryan is the next best scenario. I love the Samuels pick, I'm incredibly high on him. I hope he stays around the 3rd/4th round range but he may rise post combine. Do you really think Armani Watts and Simmie Cobbs go that late though? Especially Simmie I can't see going that late.
  5. Don't know how I missed that! How can I get it merged?
  6. Has anyone had a look at this guy? He's becoming one of my favorite players in the draft. It seems any role he fulfilled at NC State, he executed beautifully. If you could simply classify a player as a "weapon" this guy would be the reason. He's very, very good. I'm interested to see how he performs at the combine. I'm expecting him to rocket up draft boards but I'd love if we could get him in the 3rd or 4th round. Probably wishful thinking. Anyone who hasn't been able to have a look at this guy yet, I highly suggest it. He's a treat to watch and break down. I encourage all you draft guys to take a look at Marcus Mosher's thread here. He's got tons and tons of gifs of Samuels doing amazing stuff. I don't wanna spam a million gifs but here are some of the first couple displayed: I encourage everyone to pull up the entire twitter thread to see the 20+ gifs of this kid just being an absolute playmaker. He's actually going to be performing at the combine as a TE, but he's so much more than that.
  7. During the first half. I caught it but he deleted almost instantly.
  8. I actually like this mock a lot. Pass rush isn't necessarily a need right now but if we re-sign Poe, DT isn't nearly as glaring a need as many posters think it is. If Davenport fell to 26 (I don't think he will), I'd be fine with him being the pick. He's got a lot of upside. I do think Settle will go higher than the 3rd round but that's fine placement for him right now. I have him as a top 5 DT in the class. Dude is absolutely twitched up. Also, Callaway is talented as they come but dude is a dumpster fire in the character category. Doesn't seem like a guy we'd be interested in, but hey. We did draft Jalen Collins so anything is possible. I for one, am fine with taking a chance on character-iffy guys in the later rounds. They have just about the same chance of panning out as any other late round picks do. it isn't as risky as people say.
  9. I liken him to David Johnson. It's hard to compare someone to a guy as good as Johnson but alot of the traits are there. Big, fast and can play like a WR. David Johnson was underrated going into the draft as well. The similarities are there. Right now I believe Ballage is projected around the 4th-5th round but trust me after the combine he's going to be in the 2nd to 3rd round discussion, which sucks for us since I doubt we address the position that early on.
  10. Interesting! I wasn't aware the totals were so close.
  11. Same total rush yards? Receiving yards? All purpose yards?
  12. So do I, but Penny will probably go in the 2nd round. He's generated a lot of buzz. I don't want to draft a running back that high, where as Ballage isn't projected until about the 4th round. Highest I've seen him projected is 3rd. That may definitely change after he blows up the combine though.
  13. Any guys you're keeping your eye on draft wise? Tbh I could see Shanahan pulling both Gabriel and Coleman over to SF. They HAVE to be frustrated over their usage after having very good years with Shanny. Gabriel has already been caught favoriting tweets from Niner fans courting him to SF.