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  1. Quinn has a big say in who gets drafted, doesn't he? I thought when he was brought on he was given control of those sorts of decisions although he and TD collab well.
  2. I see what you did there.... And I like the way you think Cole World.
  3. That is encouraging. Especially considering the 2019 DT class is looking absolutely insane at the moment. There's 5-7 guys that all look like they could be top 15 talents. Hard to say now of course, gotta play out next year but watching cut ups of some of these guys from last year is just a sight to behold. TD should sell the soul of the team to get into the top 5 for an Ed Oliver-Dexter Lawrence type.
  4. Care to elaborate or just not much else to it?
  5. I'm not sure how a Front Office in the NFL thinks. Do they have players on their radar in terms of future draft classes? If so, do you think this could have played a factor in lack of DL drafting in the early round for us or do you think Quinn and TD just chose to go with the BPA and let the D-Line sort itself out with the help of Quinn's excellent defensive coaching? I know we've got a lot of college football buffs around these parts and if you're tuned into the college scene, next year could be an out of this world draft class in terms of defensive prospects, especially the defensive line. I can name 5-6 guys off the top of my head at DT/DE that looked like top 10 players LAST year. Guys like Ed Oliver, Dexter Lawrence, Rashan Gary, Raekwon Davis, Christian Wilkins etc. There's 5 guys that could be TOP 10 players in their class and that's just DTs. That's the reason I'm asking the question. Do you think teams (namely ATL) look toward the future or is that way too far out for them to even worry about? My assumption would be they have no idea about these guys as they already have enough to worry about. What do you guys think?
  6. Could be. I'm anxious to see my man.
  7. I feel like Terron Ward was still a suitable RB3. Reliable, doesn't make any glaring mistakes.
  8. I try hard to just believe in Quinn and Dimitroff's plan especially being that they've drafted so well lately but man, that Ito Smith pick is a head-scratcher. There were much better picks to be had at our 4th rounder. Multiple DTs that could have competed but we get a RB that doesn't seem all that outstanding in any facet. I guess we'll see.
  9. The more I watch, the more I like. Still would have loved to grab one more considering there were still plenty of talented options when our 4th came around. If Ito Smith turns out like Brian Hill I think TD and Quinn should take at least a year off of RB drafting. Lol.
  10. Loved the Ridley and Oliver picks. Also a big fan of Deadrin Senat. He's going to be good. I just don't feel he's enough. I think the team drafted good but one more DT would have made it great. Does anyone share this sentiment? Maybe Ito Smith will work out but there were several DTs available at that 4th round alot that I felt could have been much better selections. Guys like Bilal Nichols or Foley Fatukasi. But hey, DQ and Co. have drafted very well during their tenure and I don't even bother to question picks any more. Just my two cents. Did anyone share this sentiment coming out of this year's picks?
  11. I get all the other picks, even if they were out of nowhere. This is the only one so far I'm having trouble getting behind.
  12. I say double dip at DT. Settle, Fatukasi one of the two should be there.
  13. I like this one a lot Prof. I'm a big fan of Evans and think LB is an under the radar position of need that we could see in the 1st round if all the DTs we value at 26 are taken. Hill and Hall would be a good consolation prize. Good stuff here.