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  1. I can't pretend to completely understand it either man, but no I don't think so.
  2. If Wilson and Fields are neck and neck on some boards, I think this sort of speed (in an NFL landscape that is beginning to trend more toward dual-threat QBs) can be the type of thing that tips the scales in a sense
  3. I know he's got a lot of fans around here (myself included). I think he overtakes Zach Wilson as QB2 if he runs in the 4.3's. Many think QB isn't at play for ATL after Ryan's contract was restructured. I saw it as more of an inevitable and think QB will still be firmly in play at 4.
  4. He's got the highest ceiling of the QBs in the draft and Atlanta is the perfect destination for him considering he'll be sitting behind Matt Ryan for at least one season. It would be nice if we could get him in a trade back scenario but I wouldn't be mad at all if he was "our guy" and we just went ahead and got him at 4.
  5. Based off one play?? Marcus Williams is a great safety with his best years ahead of him.
  6. Good moves. Expected moves. And now you just know Fontenot is going to push hard for Marcus Williams.
  7. Really like this draft, only thing I worry about with Owosu is his size. On Daniel Jeremiah's podcast he was talking about how he played last year coming in just over 200 pounds. That's really, really small for an NFL linebacker.
  8. Not the best but from what I've seen I don't think he's bad. He shows consistent effort when he's asked to block and that's more than many pass catching TEs can say. I think he shows promise as a blocker but at the same time, no one talks about Travis Kelce for his blocking ability. Daniel Jeremiah on Pitts (His #3 overall prospect) :
  9. You'll be hard-pressed to find fans who could justify taking Pitts at #4, but I'd be cool with the pick in a trade back with a team like Denver, or San Francisco. What I've watched of Pitts 2020 tape had me coming away incredibly impressed. From such a natural, athletic pass catcher who is so **** good playing in space, I was surprised at how much effort he puts into blocking. If someone like Hockenson can go in the top 10, I feel Pitts is worth just as much (probably more). Hayden Hurst played well but in my opinion we'll be hard pressed to get the kind of production out of him that we'
  10. Jaelan is one of my favorite in a thin EDGE class. He's got great bend, motor, and comes into the league already comfortable with a variety of pass rush moves. I'd love if he made it to our second round pick but after teams dive into his film I doubt there is any way he makes it there.
  11. This I can also absolutely agree with. They look so much better in action. Even the fubu-gradients looked kinda clean on the field.
  12. Agree completely. Change that out and these are some absolute heat.
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