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  1. I've wondered this too, but I don't think so. Coleman is probably one of the top 5 fastest on the entire team. He's going to be plenty fast.
  2. Going to be very hard to keep them both, especially if Coleman has the same type of year as he had last year. I really hope we'll be able to work something out though. Best tandem in the league.
  3. This was posted in the mini-camp thread but I thought it deserved its own because, bah-gawd does Teco look like a brick ****-house right now. With his burst, no one is going to have a fun time trying to tackle this dude the way he's looking now.
  4. **** yeah, I love that hustle. I'm telling you, Duke Riley is going to be an absolute steal compared to where he was drafted. Just like Deion.
  5. He looks it too, bah-gawd.
  6. He's got all the size, speed. Physical tools. That's all you can really ask for from a late 5th round TE prospect. Sarkisian favors the 2 TE set so he should be able to get at least a few targets this season. I think 10-15 catches is about his range. Anything more than that should be considered "ahead of schedule" as far as his development goes. DQ and co. have done good lately with late round draft prospects. I don't think its a stretch to say he can be a good find.
  7. Yep, everyone loves a ballhawk. 17 INTs his last 2 years at SDSU. From everything we've heard Rico is set to "make the leap" this year though. Apparently he looks a lot better than last year. I know its only OTAs, but still. I don't know how many opportunities Kazee is going to have to get reps.
  8. I agree passrusher is a hard position for a rookie to thrive in, 2nd only to CB in my opinion. I think Tak is going to have a rookie year similar to Beasley. Hopefully that is still fresh in our minds though and no one will be calling him a bust like they did Vic.
  9. I think we've all been incredibly impressed with the players Dan Quinn and co. have drafted since the start of his tenure. It's gotten to the point where I feel a lot of us expect rookies to contribute right away based off of what we've seen the last few years. I don't think we can expect that to always be the case, especially if we continue to have quality off seasons, its only natural that we're going to have less gaps to fill for starting positions. I think its safe to say we can bank on at least 1 of our 2017 draft class to have one of those "breakout" style seasons that have them being talked about as a long term starter for years to come. So, if you had to pick 1 guy from our '17 draft class as our "Breakout ATL Rookie OTY" who would it be? For me, I'm picking Duke Riley. I think he fits the exact direction that Quinn is going with our LB corps. Especially with Deion and 'Vondre going into their 2nd seasons, they are going to be a big help to his rookie learning curve. 'Vondre already stated in an interview at OTA's a few days ago that Duke is well ahead of where he and Debo were in their rookie climbs. I think by week 3-4 he'll be a starter in our scheme, pushing 'Vondre to the Strongside where most think he's better suited anyway. My honorable mention is Eric Saubert. I wasn't initially all that high on the pick given what was still available but I've heard nothing but positive about his work ethic and upside in OTAs. I think Sark emphasizing 2 TE sets so much will be to his benefit as well. Who are your guys picks?
  10. High praise from one of the best SS in the league!
  11. Gotta get a feeder program starter. Get him to pull an Eli and just act absolutely disgusted if any team other than Atlanta even shows remote interest in him.
  12. Sorry if this is a repost, I don't ever post here and don't follow UGA football but this guy sounds interesting: 5 star DE, 6'3 230 and running a 4.41? That's blazing.
  13. Posting on mobile, probably should have looked through the article a bit better but I was going off Rise Up Reader's comment on the article which stated just that. They've always been a solid outlet so I didn't think anything of it.