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  1. I think Jamon Brown will start over Carpenter tbh.
  2. This. 100% this. ****, both our first rounders would have probably been there at our 2nd rounder.
  3. Not surprised at all that the staff likes Cody Ford. Seems just like the type of player they’re looking for based off of what TD said at the presser. Id still rather go defense in round 1.
  4. Coleman is basically out the door and Freeman is a big question mark this season after the injuries and concussion problems. Another bit hit to the head could end this guys career, which is an absolute shame. Devonta at his best is a top 5 back. If Devonta is done in a year or two, best case scenario is we have a guy like Josh Jacobs on the roster. My favorite running back in the draft and I’d take him at our second round pick and not bat an eye.
  5. Smashed this G-Dawg. At it stands right now I think Jeffrey Simmons is most likely to be there out of the top crop of DTs, it’s just a question of whether the FO is comfortable with his past or not. For what’s its worth, the coaching staff at Miss St. have said he’s been an exemplary leader and teammates since the incident. My favorite late round pick you drafted is Devin Singletary. He reminds me so much of a young and fresh Devonta Freeman. I love his game and think he’s perfect for the offense.
  6. I mean, he may not be the OC but there's a reason Shanahan is blocking interviews. Plus Shanahan is his own OC and he seems like the type of guy who would be reluctant to let that title go, head coach or not. IIRC, he wasn't retained because Dan Quinn wanted someone with more experience as the OC. I don't think it was any reason deeper than that.
  7. Here is the story where McDaniel says he'll never forget what the Falcon's brotherhood did for him during his struggles with alcohol. Seems Shanahan is blocking interviews for now. But if this Koetter thing backfires (it will), I hope we give him a look one day.
  8. Anyone remember Mike McDaniel? When Shanahan left for San Francisco, many around these parts suggested McDaniel as a replacement OC. He made an impression on the Falcon's staff and the story came out about The Atlanta Falcon's staff helping him through troubles with Alcohol abuse. A few years later, other teams are starting to catch on to this guy as a potential bright young offensive mind at just 35 years old. I hate to beat a dead horse, but man. I would have loved if we could have retained him. Myself and many others wanted him as OC.
  9. Another off the draft board.
  10. Not really. Fusco was underwhelming before the injury. Like other posters have said, he'll likely be kept for depth but I'd bet they'll look for a new starting guard either through free agency or within the first 4 rounds of the draft.
  11. All for it. Become the trench gawdz. The draft is deep enough to do it.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if Levitre was gone either. Or Fusco. Injury be ****ed, he was playing like **** before he ever got hurt.
  13. Changes definitely coming for the offensive line. As much as we want an offensive tackle, this is probably the most likely scenario right now given our draft position: And I wouldn't hate it at all. Best OL in the draft at 14 is a steal.
  14. If this is how the picks fell I'd be happy with either Jachai Polite or Raekwon Davis.
  15. I honestly think there are issues at all three levels of the defense. No pass rush from the edges OR the inside, inconsistent LB play from everyone except Debo, and our high paid corners are playing like undrafted rookies. I can get behind either method. If they like a guy in the first that falls to us, go for it. Especially if there's a run on DT/DE early. And I think that'll be exactly the case with the lack of QBs in the upcoming class. We could see all the DT/DE talent go in the first 15 picks.