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    jay1k2 reacted to Duff_Man in Deadrin Senat already working..   
    Pro athlete goes to the gym. Never thought I'd see the day.
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    jay1k2 reacted to Falcons_Frenzy in Even Aaron Rodgers can’t win it without a strong supporting cast   
    If memory serves me correctly there were/are people here who believe Rodgers has been winning games by himself since he started playing. He's a phenomenal blocker, great runner, cannon arm, legit return man, runs crisp routes, gets to the QB, great tackler, ball hawk, clutch kicker, and a superb punter. Not that he would ever need to punt. Did I miss anything?
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    jay1k2 reacted to UnrealfalcoN in QB can't just win it all by themselves   
    All last week we have heard about the future of the NFL QBs and how guys like Lamar Jackson is going to be running the league for the next decades, etc. We just witnessed Lamar bounce out of the playoff without one win and we'll see how Maholmes does today. The ravens had the 5th best rushing defense, 6th best pass defense, had 37 sacks on the season, and was a TOP 3 scoring defense. The ravens are also one of the best rushing offsenses in league history averaging 206! yards per game with Lamar's help.
    I thought running the ball and a good defense wins championships, so throwing in a MVP like Lamar into this team should be instant superbowl rings right? If the defense struggles in the playoff, an MVP should be able to carry the entire team to a win right?\
    There's not just one way to build a team, but it takes a hundred different pieces coming together with the perfect chemistry to build a superbowl team
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    jay1k2 reacted to Jesus in Your new draft targets if we're out of the top 10?   
    That one guy....from the college team...he's fast and can play football well.
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    jay1k2 reacted to wartownfalcon in Quinn got too gimmicky....   
    In theory it sounded good. But he outsmarted himself having coaches coaching the opposing side of the ball (example Raheem Morris coaching WRs as a DB background) Thinking they could teach some techniques and how they think.
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    jay1k2 reacted to Nino11 in Ryan is clutch: Exhibit A   
    Most people are prisoners of the moment. It’s hard to watch a football game and remain objective when your emotionally invested. Facts doesn’t matter, it’s the perception and how they “feel”. How many times have you heard something along the lines of “he just doesn’t have that “it” factor” when used describe a player, notable a quarterback.
    50,000 passing yards, 38 game winning drives, MVP trophy, etc. goes out the window when somebodies favorite team loses. All they know is we lost and he’s the QB so he obviously is the reason 
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    jay1k2 reacted to mqg96 in Would you be satisfied if next Falcons QB only wins 4 playoff games in 11 seasons   
    Matt Ryan is the type of QB who can have a perfect passer rating or near perfect QB rating in a Super Bowl, but lose. While he could have a terrible passer & QB rating in a future Super Bowl but still win because he has the best defense of his entire career (which has never happened) and people will still be unsatisfied with his career.
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    jay1k2 reacted to ATL_666 in Would you be satisfied if next Falcons QB only wins 4 playoff games in 11 seasons   
    Again, Ryan has never had a dominant OL.  He has always been under heavy pressure.  Shiny hood ornaments do no good if you can't give them more than 2 seconds to get down the field for a big play.
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    jay1k2 reacted to Vandy in The Offensive Line Played Bad, But So Did Matt Ryan: Here's the Film.   
    They were on Matt, but again, they were also a cumulative cause by being under duress all game long. That's the point I think you're missing. 
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    jay1k2 reacted to B_Lo_Touchdowns in *** Official Rams Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    Here come the threads 
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