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  1. Doesn't matter how many skilled players you have when you suck in the trenches. Look at the last superbowl. The team that was best in the trenches won and Mahomes is a running QB who was only able to run backwards.
  2. And a monster offensive line. Sounds like a complete team to me
  3. Tampa is just a better team overall. Tom Brady threw 3 interceptions!
  4. How did Matt Ryan not predict Ridley would not hold on? Trash...
  5. Oline doesn't block in the 2nd half. Kind of difficult to be competitive at the end of the game when oline is always getting blown up. Seen this over and over.
  6. TEAM SPORT. So hard for people to understand. No run game and garbage defense, yet it's Matt's fault. Oline can't block consistently, no run game, mediocre defense, too many problems to list.
  7. The “vets” with better coaches : Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Big Ben, Russell Wilson, Tannehill The “Young guns” with better coaches: Mahomes, Josh Allen, Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Murray The problem is the garbage coaching
  8. Even in 2016 our defense would let other teams come back and get close late in the game. We just scored so much they couldn't catch up for the most part. Oline was pretty solid and overall offense was on point. Last time we had a decent blocking oline would be 2018... I believe when Matt had another MVP like season. The Oline is too inconsistent and the defense is not good enough to shut down teams the whole game. We hardly can be competitive late in games because oline is blocking like **** in second half of most games.
  9. Over the years I’ve seen the oline unable to block in the second half. Just like today.
  10. The defender was pulling gage back as he was stretching out for that ball
  11. Why is it in the second half our oline can’t block?
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