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  1. dammmmiiiittttttttttttttttttttt
  2. That's interesting. I actually like the show. I wasn't a fan of Rick at first, but he grew on me. Overall seemed like a good guy
  3. When Stan Norfleet was still on 92.9 he said he knew someone in the organization that said Vic was stubborn when it came to perfecting his pass rush/being coached. That's not a guy we need to keep if true. It also not hard to believe based on what we've seen.
  4. everyone talks about the catch but man...that pass was amazing
  5. But Matt Ryan missed the block on Hightower in the superbowl...and he didn't override the coaches and run the ball. Hes a BUM!
  6. Must suck as a player when you know the coaches blew it
  7. I'm not mad. I hope beasley is not coming back at 12+ mil either
  8. Why are other coaches and front offices not catching on faster????
  9. Yup. Patriots do more with less talent. I think I saw an article where Belichick talks about looking for more consistency than overall talent. it shows...Also having talent in the right places. We could use more talent on the lines and less talent in the skill positions.
  10. I wish talent on paper won games. What are we talking about then, lol? Execution is what matters...Scoring points is what matters and they scored more points.
  11. The Patriots offense was better than the Falcons offense in just about every offensive category in 2018 Net Total Yards Leaders
  12. Our line was nowhere near #2 last year. We had two solid offensive lineman. LG, RG, and RT were garbage most of the year. During the Giants game they showed a stat that Matt Ryan was the most pressured quarterback...All you had to do is watch the games to see our line was trash outside of a few games where we played week defensive fronts. The advantage in skill positions we have doesn't matter as much when your line doesn't block.
  13. Too many missed passes by Mahomes tonight