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  1. Too many missed passes by Mahomes tonight
  2. Patriots are consistently good in the trenches year after year.
  3. What the Patriots are doing seems like common sense...I don't understand why other teams haven't caught on. Patriots have been doing this since Belichick have been there. Get guys on offensive and defensive line that can play at a high level. Everywhere else just have a few competent to above average players that can execute consistently. They don't need to be athletic freaks. You don't need a Julio Jones to win a superbowl...You need to be strong in the trenches!
  4. i just don't see it
  5. I don't like the idea of paying that much money to a player who is reluctant to learn
  6. How have some people made it this far? Lol
  7. But...but... if you have Julio Jones and no time to throw you should still win!
  8. Who has had better Olines and Defenses their entire career, continuity with offensive coaches, etc? Ryan or Brady? You do know that having the guys in the trenches is more important than the flashy skill position players? Julio Jones type players will not win you superbowls. The guys in the trenches will.
  9. What do you mean? He's playing great at his position. His team sucks. It's not rocket science.
  10. I don't think think Brady has never had a losing season because of him. More so that he has a great head coach that knows how to build a competent defense and team year after year. We've had several wins coached away. Tom Brady has never had a **** defense and suspect olines year after year. 65.4% // 4,105 Yards // 7.64 YPA // 25 TDs // 11 INTs // 95.4 QB Rating - Tom Brady. Team record 10-5 69.3% // 4,546 Yards // 8.06 YPA // 36 TDs // 6 INTs // 108.5 QB Rating - Matt Ryan. Team record 6-9
  11. But..but...QB's carry teams!
  12. Thank you. Should be common sense. But too many people lack common sense.
  13. Patriots have had this formula for years. Good Oline and good but not great wide receivers that are reliable at catching the ball. Most of the teams winning the superbowl or going deep into the playoffs don't have a Julio Jones but they are definitely strong in the trenches. It's not rocket science.