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  1. WALTER FOOTBALL MOCK DRAFT 8. Atlanta Falcons: Shane Ray, DE/OLB, Missouri The Falcons can't be too upset with obtaining Jake Matthews at No. 6 overall this past May - he has bounced back well from an injury that caused him to struggle - but they were one pick away from landing Khalil Mack, who has been great for the Raiders thus far. Here's their new edge rusher.
  2. If KC doesn't franchise Houston............. break the bank. JPP.......I wouldn't break the bank BUT I would break the savings account. Orakpo............I would break the wallet.
  3. I can name 7 or 8 players that should be cut that would save a TON of money towards FA.
  4. Gurley is no longer a 1st rd pick since the injury, Blank on it.
  5. He will be there in the 2nd rd too since he messed his knee up.
  6. You need to update your Hawks photo sig. You outta date man.
  7. Get Justin Huston in FA Draft Vic Beasly Get BPA in FA for Oline for starters.
  8. I wish we never let Jamal Crawford go.
  9. I use to cringe when he would shoot the ball. He's a great shot blocker. If he would play the same role as Rodman did, he would be successful in the NBA.
  10. From one black man to another, I'm telling you to quit acting like a nigga.
  11. From the Saints forums....... "Gonna be hard to forget a year getting swept by the Falcons. Especially being eliminated from a possible division title in our house by them. The Falcon fans won't let us forget this year for a while."
  12. Should the Hawks claim Smith? http://atlantahawks.blog.ajc.com/2014/12/22/should-the-hawks-claim-smith/ Short answer....................no.
  13. Hageman looks more muscular, like he's lost weight and packed on muscle. That's scary.
  14. LMAO, READ THE SAINTS FORUMS They are so butthurt that are are turning racists "Arthur Blank out there like they won the super bowl prolly give his players (black) fried chicken and french fries" - Lord_Saint83
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