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  1. I was hoping you were going to say Jamal Crawford.
  2. Flip flopper. You were all Harbaugh or die a week ago, sporting the avatar and sig.
  3. Also a honorable mention to Freddie Falcon for not pulling his feathers out this season.
  4. If he does go to tv, I hope he would replace Tony Gonzales. He looks lost on camera and only goes with the popular opinions because he's too stupid to have his own.
  5. The Bucs will draft Mariotta and with Dirk guiding him, it could be a stronger division for years to come.
  6. I got a feeling that Suh and Atl's nightlife is a bad mix. We could be looking at a Hernandez/Ray Lewis trial in the future.
  7. After that interview he went back to his home under the bridge at the 75/85 connector.
  8. I got a 93' Twin Turbo 300zx. Had it since 95'. It's been a great car.
  9. You grew up in a white neighborhood. In the hood, we grew up with white santa on tv and at the mall. I dont expect you to understand.And tell a black man what he should think about a black santa.
  10. I personally like Rex Ryan's defense better than Quinn's. Rex has done more with less. Quinn has had superstars on his defense. But I wouldn't be mad if we got Quinn.
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