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  1. if someone robbed me and then as they were running away I shot him 8 times in the back, id be in prison. There are a lot of people on here that apparently think the guy asked for it. Too every last one of ya, I hope you get screwed over by the all mighty government so you can see how it is living on the other side
  2. you spelled that wrong. It's AJay
  3. It is still extremely early but 3 games into the season, every move we made in the offseason seems to be paying off.
  4. you wouldnt have to raise taxes. Government is just like any other industry. The people on top make bank and everyone else gets screwed. Quit paying the big dogs so much and they could affors to pay cops a decent salary
  5. true but with salaries as low as a lot of them have, they are only getting people that have no other skills or options becoming cops. Pay them a real salary and let people feel like they can make a very good living doing it and they will get better people becoming cops. Make them pass an actual test about all the different laws and whatever else they will need to know for the job. We live in a country that can pay people 100 mil a year to play a sport. We should be ableto figure out how to pay cops a lot better than we do
  6. not exactly what i meant. Ofcourse the cop should pay for his actions but the situation as a whole goes a lot deeper than this one dumbass cop.
  7. As bad as I hate cops, it is the governments fault that stuff like this happens. There should be a certain level of education you have to reach to become a cop and then they should be paid a real salary. The way it is now, most cops have very little education after highschool, but you cant really blame them because they arent making enough to make it worth going to school. Make them atleast do a 2 year school and then pay them more cash and you would have better people becoming cops.
  8. SO if I got caught with a nick bag of weed and turned to run you think a cop should be able to shoot me for running from a misdemeanor? This thing called freedom isnt guaranteed. The second we allow stuff like that to go on our freedom is gone.
  9. This team is built very similar to the teams from the 90's. And no im not saying our pitching is as good as it was then, but we do have a very nice pitching staff.but are going to have to play ABC basebl to get most of our runs
  10. simmons bout to go deep or not
  11. thanks man. The night before smoking it I injected it with an apple juice/ with various spices mixture. it was good stuff
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