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  1. Scout's Inc. has Christian Mccaffrey at number 31. If he's available, should the Falcons draft him?
  2. Ha-ha!!! Nice!!! I've tried to adopt the Panthers as my second team but Cam made it impossible. His attitude is terrible.
  3. I'm 45 years old. Born at Piedmont Hospital. Raised in Southwest Atlanta on Rodney Drive near Cascade Road. Graduated from Benjamin Mays High School. Departed for the Navy two days after graduation. Retired from the Navy in 2009 and have resided in Winston-Salem, NC ever since. I wear my Falcons gear everywhere to annoy these Panthers fans!
  4. The whole team lacked energy. I couldn't leave Time Warner Arena fast enough. This is not a championship caliber team.
  5. I'll be attending tonight's game against the Hornets. Let's go Hawks!!!
  6. All of my coworkers are Panthers fans and they are begging me to jump on their bandwagon. I just can't do it because of my unwavering loyalty to the Falcons. Hopefully, the Falcons will win a Superbowl in my lifetime...
  7. I was screaming for Ryan to run it on that play! I didn't see any defenders in the area to stop him.
  8. Yes! I live in Winston-Salem. I was going to take my fiance to her very first NFL game this Sunday in Charlotte when the Panthers play the Falcons. However, I sold the tickets and decided to wait until next year and hope the Falcons have a competitive team.
  9. The Falcons will lose to the Panthers twice and to the Saints in the Georgia Dome. They may beat the Jaguars. They will finish 7-9 at best.
  10. The Falcons will definitely lose to Panthers twice and to the Saints. They may beat the Jaguars. Let's hope for a better season in 2016.
  11. I questioned the timing of that play call also. There are many aspects of this team that I just don't understand.
  12. I feel ya. I'm a lifelong Falcons fan who reside in North Carolina now. I want to cheer for the Panthers but I'm emotionally tied to the Birds. It's so difficult being a Falcons fan. Will things ever change with this team?
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