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  1. Loser mentality. The answer is 8-8-7-3-3=29. 2 field goals at the end of a game are much easier than a touchdown. It's not rocket surgery.
  2. Uhh what. Math much?
  3. Well you know math doesn't care about your feelings.
  4. So that's how you sell those hot dogs so cheap
  5. 8-8-7-3-3= 29
  6. Or a touchdown and two field goals would put you at 29. I can see why they attempted the first one at least.
  7. Pure trash. Waste another tomeout
  8. Bosher and cousins look like twins with helmets on
  9. Too bad Quinn wasted that timeout earlier
  10. That double wide has a hemi though
  11. Tampon bay-. Warrick dunn Stains- morten anderson Panties- kenjon barner
  12. Seriously 5 out of 5 . 5 whole kicks. Are you kidding me? Matt Bryant probably kicked at least a dozen or so.
  13. I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue
  14. I don't know what he said, but he looks like a circus act. Aka clown
  15. Looks like a clown.