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  1. Hebert Jr. broke down crying in a recent appearance on WWL while describing his father's battle with the virus. He described his father as a "fighter" who survived colon cancer, multiple strokes and a birth defect that required open-heart surgery.
  2. In other words death rate same as last year. You can Google that for every country. Basically same as last year. Go figure.
  3. They were saying on the news today that the Italy numbers were the same as normal. In other words they may have died from choking on a gummi bear. Or hanging out in the hot tub too long. Or conversing on tatf too long, take your pick. 12 percent are said of dead of the Wuhan virus. Those were dead men walking already
  4. "Younghoes quickly become oldhoes" --- - Confusius
  5. Well the 49rs could have a big run back and a penalty on falcons would give them 1 untimed down for field goal. Thus falcons lose.
  6. Had no clue that this was up for discussion.
  7. It's not a falcons workout. Probably something required in his settlement.
  8. Well for sure I recognize the question, but I would say that answer would be a a big time no , for sure.
  9. There is no industry that these guys would not be fired. Period
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