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  1. I'm sure they knew, couldn't stop it though.
  2. I think it has plenty since I was born and raised here. Probably just the transplants are not part of it, so they don't see it. We are a great sports town anyway with the best amenities as well.
  3. I approve this message.
  4. And does NOT eat boogers on national tv !
  5. He's no Jerry Jones for sho.
  6. From the pictures I saw there was nothing "small" about those farm animals.
  7. He should try it a couple years, worked wonders for Saban.
  8. Lot of talk about feelings and "they care about me". Is this the new millennial nfl? Soft as Charmin.
  9. Congrats!
  10. The rookie already has a nickname. He will be HOF
  11. WE suck. Should be rewarded accordingly.
  12. Talent and coaching
  13. Cardinals won