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  1. The path to the playoff is still here folks. Playoffs!? Yes, playoffs. I know our team hasn't looked so hot so far but I still have faith. Dan Quinn is still our coach and I'll defend him and every player on this team. The Saints, Panthers, and Bucs don't scare me at all. I say bring it on Sean Payton; give us your best shot. We are coming for the NFC South title.
  2. The defense doesn't have much to hang it's hat on right now but I will be watching intently. Our team sucks yea but that doesn't mean we can't win some more games. Every QB we have played so farhas looked liked a MVP; that should should light a fire under this team.
  3. We haven't looked so hot so far, but moving forward hopefully we can make some plays.
  4. Just not giving up yet, that's all.
  5. One of those was a missed call by the refs though for what it's worth.
  6. A couple of points here. I'll preface by saying I believe Ryan is one the best QBs in NFL history, and is a genius moving the ball up and down the field. Ryan makes mistakes sure but people put a lot of emphasis on those mistakes and want him gone for some imaginary player thats going to fix everything by himself. Someone said Ryan never had a quick release and is taking a long time to throw the ball. Whoever said that doesn't watch football. To the point that Brady had a three seasons with no star wideouts. The Patriot's WRs run the most complex routes I have ever seen! Deion Branch and Troy Brown are the originators of that style. I'm basically saying that Edelman, Branch and Welker, despite their size are some of the great WRs to ever play the game.
  7. Rivers yes, Romo no.
  8. Ryan is a hall of fame QB; I do not understand why people want to get rid of him so bad. The defense is playing pretty bad; Ryan needs some help. QB, WR, TE seems to be the only guys to come and play consistently. We need help everywhere else including coaching.
  9. Ryan has good pocket presence to move around but if you're asking him to run around the entire game something is wrong with the o line.
  10. You're the GM I guess; I bet you want to trade Ryan for picks.
  11. Ryan is our QB for the next 4 to 5 years; get used to it. From what I've seen this whole team is garbage and Ryan isn't the guy you guys should be worried about. Our offense seems fine; our defense and coach's are dropping the ball as it seems.
  12. Ryan missed on 5 passes all day, what the heck is wrong with you people? Ryan is literally not only one of our best players but one of the best players in the league. If Ryan retired right now he's Hall of Fame and would be one of the best to never win the big one.
  13. 27-16 Falcons. We lost last week but could've won if we were our game. Our offense racks up yards again and we finish drives like we are supposed to.
  14. Anyone watchinf Brian Poole at the nickel for the Jets tonight? I know he racked up a lot of penalties while he was here but still kinda miss him and Alford. It was time to move from Poole for us but watching him tonight is very interesting to see how he does.
  15. Yea, but I'll always appreciate Poole for help laying the foundation of what this defense was supposed to look like when Quinn got here. Vic, Deion, Neal, Collins, Poole, and Campbell plus more helped speed up the change that was taking place back then.
  16. Brees hit his throwing hand. He's Questionable to return.
  17. Falcons pass rush takes over in passing situations and the Falcons offense rack up a ton of yards and points. Falcons Win 31-13
  18. We know who the Falcons will be facing in the Super Bowl this year.
  19. We already use Sanus talent quite a bit to catch passes and in the wildcat. Burning out the starting QB shouldn't be a concern this point in Matt's career. If Matt gets "burnt out" we would be moving on from him; and Sanu isn't Taysom Hill either.
  20. Yes, my retort was serious. Wether you think people were serious in their convictions or not is irrelevant to the conversation.
  21. It's just another point of view; not everyone gets excited when a non QB attempts a pass.
  22. Sanu can throw far, that's cool; but could he throw 40 times a game and convert 3rd downs with his arm? That's what a QB is, not a guy who's throws over everybody's head after a play fake every once in a while. Sanu is talented for sure but QB2 shouldn't be on his resume.
  23. More games means more players for the active day roster, it's that simple.
  24. Luck retiring isn't really surprising, alot of athletes get hurt; the real story is Chad Kelly in my opinion. If Chad can wrestle the starting job from Brissett and lead the Colts to some victories against their division opponents look out!
  25. I'm excited for Etling but Schaub is still the QB2 till further notice. Benkert and Etling are two intriguing players for our future. Interested to see Etlings preseason snaps with us.