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  1. Ryan and Jones WILL retire Falcons AFTER they win couple of Super Bowls here.
  2. Ryan is one of the best leaders I've ever seen, a true professional in my eyes.
  3. I hope the new GM and coach keep Ryan and Julio. This isn't the year we draft a QB with a 1st in my opinion.
  4. I don't think Ollison brings anything that we don't already have with Smith, Gurley, and Hill. Ollison is slower and doenst seem that dynamic in his movement such as cuts and things of the sort. Ito just now being named the starter might have something to do with his injuries in the past.
  5. **** yea, as long as Keanu is healthy i think we still need him and his physicality.
  6. Yes he can, but between FA, trades, and the the NFL draft we need to get at least 6 players who can contribute. Pass rusher, free safety, another WR and an improved run game all are needed to help Ryan and the rest of the team.
  7. Hill is trash but the Falcons seem to let players have career games against them.
  8. Mental health is something people should be able to talk openly about and it be taken serious. Love to see people coming together for good causes and this one in particular hits home for me having friends and family deal with similar issues.
  9. Exactly, part of being a good QB is knowing when to just go down as well. Running around just for the sake of it isn't going to save the offense from an a** whooping consistently.
  10. That its, that's what "Matt Ryan apologists" are talking about right there(myself included). Getting Joe Burrow or whoever you want isn't going to make us magically win against the Saints today. This team needs a lot of things and Fields and Lawrence isn't a fix all. You could put your favorite QB of all time in his prime in today and it wouldn't make a difference. Julio and Ridley are playing injured and outside of them no one showed up to play today on offense.
  11. Easier said than done. Trying to read the defense and then deciding when to throw the ball and then actually being able is a difficult task, especially when the defense is whooping your teams *** on every level.
  12. I like Fowler, hes physical. I hope he gets better and stops grabbing peoples by the their helmets and facemasks.
  13. Austin Hooper, Taylor Gabriel, Aldrick Robinson, Michael Jenkins, Harry Douglas, Justin Hardy, any of those special teams players that caught touchdowns(Drew Davis).
  14. Interested in what all the players that have been out can do now that Quinns gone. No Dan Quinn and this defense is starting to look like legit. FS is the only position that I raise an eyebrow at.
  15. I always looked forward to reading Vaughn's articles; I really enjoyed his style of writing. RIP man.
  16. Ryan has made some mistakes sure but this whole team is playing badly right now. The corners look soft and I'm not a fan of the defensive play calling.
  17. Oh ok, thanks. I was ready to get condemn Quinns coaching decisions.
  18. Ryan will probably be on it, in the top 10 of QBs I'm guessing.
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