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  1. Oh, you're so fun. Let me guess, you have to work on President's Day so you resent all holidays? Or, or you must have been chastised for wearing white after Labor Day? Fireworks accident on Independence Day?
  2. What if Matt Ryan played for the Eagles in the future? Maybe like he retires after having a great career with us and then comes back to play for the Eagles? And then we trade for him and win 2 more Super Bowls? That happened in one of my franchises in Madden.
  3. Again, hindsight is 20/20. Picking RBs in the first round is almost detrimental to building your team when you know you could pick up a RB who can be just as productive for a cheaper price tag. We got a lot production out of Coleman, Freeman, and Ito. Again, we needed a pass rusher and Vic checked of alot of boxes. interior rushers a important but that has nothing to with drafting Gurley over Vic and in the first round and I've never heard of a guarantee in the NFL draft before.
  4. We've seen Beasleys ceiling and it's incredible. You can ignore all the plays he has made in his career if you want to. Vic is a an internal part of this defense and that's why it hurts so bad when his playmaking side doesn't show up
  5. It seems we have two different philosophies when it comes to drafting and free agency. BPA is reserved for teams who aren't looking to fill the holes on their roster and just wanting to add good players. Quinn NEEDED certain types of players to run his cover 3 single high and we went out and got them. I don't see why that's such a bad thing, drafting for need.
  6. Pass rushers are very valuable in the NFL and we had NONE. Vic Beasley is a playmaker and his film at Clemson made him a lot money. Fran is just mad Ryan passed him all the all time passing list.
  7. You disparage TD for drafting for need but that's what teams are supposed to do. How about giving TD credit for the things he has done right in the draft and free agency. Remember when we needed a QB and we got Matt at 3? Im not complaining. Ray Edwards was a bad move but hindsight is 20/20.
  8. We drafted Vic Beasley because we needed a pass rusher, duh.
  9. Rams, Belicheck Game plan vs the supposed best player in the league Aaron Donald. Oh, Suh and Fowler are there too.
  10. I didn't forget about Jacob Tamme.
  11. Have any of you guys seen Heavy Machinery wrestle on NXT or WWE? It's quite a sight to behold.
  12. Jeez that's ugly; I like Shraeder but gosh dang.
  13. Coleman is a great one cut back in our system.
  14. Took a while to realize he was crying. Gosh dang I feel bad but that's funny.
  15. After losing Super Bowl 51, I've been waiting for our compensation.
  16. I personally hope we keep Coleman.
  17. Oh ok, well that makes sense. I dont think Matt's High School persona is in the Goldberg's. But gain I don't know much about the show; just seen the reports on the show "Schooled" a spin off of The Goldbergs(if I'm also not mistaken about that).
  18. I don't watch the Goldberg's so I don't know much about their universe but i believe it's set in the 90s so Matt himself wouldnt actually be on the show.
  19. The show only FEATURES Matts high school persona i believe; so the show isn't all about him.
  20. Antoine Smith HB #35 exploded under Koetter up until Smith got hurt so I think the offense will be in great shape this coming season. Gotta love the process guys; Super Bowl here we come.
  21. Congrats Matt Lafeur!
  22. What...what are you talking about? Lol your trolling is very low tier my guy, dare I say childlike.
  23. The Team Photo Celebration? I thought the Panthers started that.