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  1. Tannehill was passing the ball mostly to Aj Brown and his tightends so OZ might not get too many looks unless there's an injury or he plays out of his mind. A couple of other Tennessee Wrs made some plays here and there so I'm assuming our top 3 WRs will make plays regularly alongside or Top 3 TEs in the passing game. Just my two cents anyway.
  2. If Christian Blake is out there getting snaps then we have no depth. Ridley, Gage, CP, Zach, Sharp, and Darby seem like a decent bunch but I think we need one more big target outiside of the TEs. There are some options in Trammel and Nunn but I think they are longshots to make the roster. Where is Treadwell? Is Treadwell garbare or something? I would think he could prosper in the redzone with an offense with Ryan and Pitts.
  3. I agree, moving Jones wasn't smart unless we replace him somehow and/or we get a pass rusher with the money we freed up.
  4. Julio disappointed me with his request to be traded; I'm definitely rooting for him to lose if he leaves us.
  5. Julio mosses people all the time, what the heck are you talking about lol? 2 times? Your memory is failing you here. Julio has out jumped players various times in his career. You provided 2 examples so I will provide 3 more. There's the spectacular catch against Giants (you knownwhcih one I'm talking about), the catch against Green Bay in the NFC championship where he jumped over two defenders and then got up ended and finally there's was the fade against a Saints defender which I believe came during the 2016 season. Like I said there several examples of Julio high pointing the ball.
  6. That's the thing Sam will bring more to Carolinas offense than Teddy...I think so anyway. I'm also having trouble following your logic here. By your reasoning, Sam is younger, cheaper, and has a higher ceiling but that is somehow worse than Teddy? This move makes a lot of sense for the Panthers to me, especially with their fairly new coaching staff.
  7. Darnold has struggled at times for sure but who would you rather have for the next two years as your QB? Teddy is talented as well and I actually do like him but Sam has a more impressive arm and if I were a Head Coach or Off. Coordinator, I would want to try develop Sam; especially with the weapons in Carolina.
  8. I wanted to see Benkert compete in Falcons uniform, oh well i guess. We could sign him later if he doesn't end up under contract somewhere else.
  9. Bottom line is we can win with Ryan and he still is a great QB. We would be better served building a team up around him and Julio instead of taking a QB at 4, especially since Wilson, Lance, and Fields are the top options we have. Those three guys won't serve us well in the short term and it would take a while to develop Wilson and Lance anyway(I don't think Fields will be a great pro(at least not right right away)). We can get better players at 4 than those guys or even trade back. Two more years of Ryan and building the team and then we can see where we are at.
  10. Seen some pics and some vids on youtube and the PG response is I approve.
  11. Lmao, I'm going to check on that in the name or research.
  12. Tim Couch was alright, he was dealt a bad hand. His career turned out bad but it wasnt because of a lack of talent on his part.
  13. There are more knocks against him than his "babyface" as stated earlier in the thread.
  14. Well I hope we dont pick fields or Lance if Wilson is gone.
  15. I like Wilson but not at 4; trade back is the way to go in my opinion (or OT). Fields and Lance do not look the part to me though so if we did pick a QB at 4 I hope its Wilson.
  16. Ryan and Jones WILL retire Falcons AFTER they win couple of Super Bowls here.
  17. Ryan is one of the best leaders I've ever seen, a true professional in my eyes.
  18. I hope the new GM and coach keep Ryan and Julio. This isn't the year we draft a QB with a 1st in my opinion.
  19. I don't think Ollison brings anything that we don't already have with Smith, Gurley, and Hill. Ollison is slower and doenst seem that dynamic in his movement such as cuts and things of the sort. Ito just now being named the starter might have something to do with his injuries in the past.
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