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  1. Tevin Coleman = Secret Superstar
  2. We do need another elite pass catching skill position player, too many drops this season. I don't know if we get it this off season though, the lines have be reloaded before our weapons.
  3. I think the defenses win and lose games in the playoffs. When we beat Green Bay in the NFC Championship game last year, the packers defense let us do what we wanted with little resistance. Ladarius Gunter did try to get physical with Julio but that didn't work out for him.
  4. Bennett might be to expensive for everything he brings.
  5. Hopefully we become a perennial playoff team; similar to New England.
  6. Matty Ice, still one of the best QBs in the league. I can never understand the hate our QB gets, he's made some mistakes sure but really everyone has.
  7. Saubert!
  8. Matt Ryan got smacked in the head against the Saints and it wasn't called. When that happened I knew the refs were bias against us for whatever reason.
  9. Yea. Looking back we had an off off season. We lost Dimarco and Robinson and never replaced their production.
  10. And to have a winning season in the midst of this ultra competitive NFC is even more impressive. I think there was a thread that said the current NFC playoff teams are all diffenrent from last year(except for us of course).
  11. I wish we could keep Gabe though. His strength(for his size), jumping, and catching really impress me outside of his speed.
  12. Trade Gabriel for Goodwin.
  13. Yea I was going to say that we don't know what the misconduct was. Me personally I think it had something to do with the firing of Gettelman.
  14. We had to replace Aldrick Robinson too.
  15. The NFL is competitive.