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  1. Jeez that's ugly; I like Shraeder but gosh dang.
  2. Coleman is a great one cut back in our system.
  3. Took a while to realize he was crying. Gosh dang I feel bad but that's funny.
  4. After losing Super Bowl 51, I've been waiting for our compensation.
  5. I personally hope we keep Coleman.
  6. Oh ok, well that makes sense. I dont think Matt's High School persona is in the Goldberg's. But gain I don't know much about the show; just seen the reports on the show "Schooled" a spin off of The Goldbergs(if I'm also not mistaken about that).
  7. I don't watch the Goldberg's so I don't know much about their universe but i believe it's set in the 90s so Matt himself wouldnt actually be on the show.
  8. The show only FEATURES Matts high school persona i believe; so the show isn't all about him.
  9. Antoine Smith HB #35 exploded under Koetter up until Smith got hurt so I think the offense will be in great shape this coming season. Gotta love the process guys; Super Bowl here we come.
  10. Congrats Matt Lafeur!
  11. What...what are you talking about? Lol your trolling is very low tier my guy, dare I say childlike.
  12. The Team Photo Celebration? I thought the Panthers started that.
  13. I was replying to the guy that said that Mike Smith should have ran the West Coast offense at the start of Ryans career.
  14. Well we had to ease Ryan in as a rookie. Not put to much on his plate and let his strengths and weaknesses be exposed to the league. I liked the move to start Ryan as a rookie(Ryan pretty much earned it training camp)but to pound the rock with Turner and showing only a few of Ryans strengths exclusively(play action).