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  1. Brees hit his throwing hand. He's Questionable to return.
  2. Falcons pass rush takes over in passing situations and the Falcons offense rack up a ton of yards and points. Falcons Win 31-13
  3. We know who the Falcons will be facing in the Super Bowl this year.
  4. We already use Sanus talent quite a bit to catch passes and in the wildcat. Burning out the starting QB shouldn't be a concern this point in Matt's career. If Matt gets "burnt out" we would be moving on from him; and Sanu isn't Taysom Hill either.
  5. Yes, my retort was serious. Wether you think people were serious in their convictions or not is irrelevant to the conversation.
  6. It's just another point of view; not everyone gets excited when a non QB attempts a pass.
  7. Sanu can throw far, that's cool; but could he throw 40 times a game and convert 3rd downs with his arm? That's what a QB is, not a guy who's throws over everybody's head after a play fake every once in a while. Sanu is talented for sure but QB2 shouldn't be on his resume.
  8. More games means more players for the active day roster, it's that simple.
  9. Luck retiring isn't really surprising, alot of athletes get hurt; the real story is Chad Kelly in my opinion. If Chad can wrestle the starting job from Brissett and lead the Colts to some victories against their division opponents look out!
  10. I'm excited for Etling but Schaub is still the QB2 till further notice. Benkert and Etling are two intriguing players for our future. Interested to see Etlings preseason snaps with us.
  11. You play to win the game! I love this team because we would never tank for a draft pick; we went 7-9 and while that's below .500 we fought hard in all of our games. The brotherhood never gives up and welcomes and overcomes adversity.
  12. Austin Davis, Garrett Grayson, and Matt Barkley are a few of the backups I wanted on the team.
  13. I feel for those WRs; hopefully Blake, Worton, Green, Gage and Zaccheaus can still make an impact. Their chances to actually make the main roster and make an impact are pretty decent I think. The 4th, 5th, and 6th WR spot is very intriguing.
  14. Wish we could have kept Coleman and Alford.
  15. I'm glad Simms is back; even for a short time.