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  1. Our front office has a plan to get better. You wait and see.
  2. Yea; pretty much every time we lose in the playoffs, that team goes on to the Super Bowl. It's our turn. Patriots and Broncos beat us in the Bowl so third times the charm right?
  3. We don't need Bennett to go the Super Bowl. I'm looking forward to playing the Eagles in the playoffs again so we can exact our revenge.
  4. I don't think the honey badger is an upgrade over any of our starting DBs except for maybe Poole but even then I don't think we need Mathieu. If we do sign him though I would elated because it makes our defense even more versatile but I don't think it happens. Quinn is still looking for physical freaks with great technique. Jalen didn't work out so I'm pretty sure we will be drafting at least one corner or safety this upcoming draft.
  5. Yes, please. Please bring us a run blocking fullback.
  6. Our team is pretty good already so shoring up some smaller roles will be good over the long haul. TE2 and TE3 can be fixed quite easily this off season.
  7. I actually think Ed is decent. We wouldn't bring him to start anyway.
  8. Derrick Coleman should not have been in on that last play.
  9. Seems like the type of versatile player Quinn would sign; don't know if it happens though.
  10. I agree about those teams and i will be watching our division closely to see how they progress. I'm not afraid of our division but they definitely get on my nerves; especially the Lattimore interfering with Jones all game and then celebrating like he did something important. And to your point about TD relying on Julio Jones; I agree, I really hope we get another playmaker(consistent pass catcher) to take the pressure off of other guys like Ryan, Freeman, Coleman. A stable o-line might make up for another weapon getting a significant amount of targets.
  11. This off-season will be a breeze; I'm excited for free agency since that will set us up for the draft(no trade up since all we need is an o line men or dt/de to start(FB will be easy to find(we let Roosevelt Nix go))). We only have a couple of real holes(G, FB, DT)and could stand to upgrade a few positons(FS, NB, TE, WR, DE). No team other than the Eagles should be in our way in the playoffs and we should have beat them last month.
  12. That's true, I guess he does need to somehow work on that.
  13. Lack of ball skills? Didn't he have 4 forced fumbles this season?