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  1. Ryan will probably be on it, in the top 10 of QBs I'm guessing.
  2. I'm not sure what play Sherman is talking about but three of my favorite Matt Ryan touchdown passes have come against the Seahawks. One TD pass to Julio, another to Toilolo and the other to Coleman. I'm sure what play was called on either side but they looked similar and I do know the Seahawks couldn't cover our guys on those plays and were visibly frustrated by it.
  3. Is this a projection or based on body of work but this is an interesting list if it's based on what he(Sims) thinks how they will be ranked this upcoming season. Stidham and Haskins all the way near the bottom behind backups and rookies, Newton isn't even on a team yet, Brady and Brees dropped to the middle of the pack, having someone like Taysom Hill ranked at all. And looking at this list there are alot of good QBs in the league.
  4. The problem with Kap is he isn't even a good backup QB let alone a starter; someone tell me a team Kap goes too and makes them better. Backups QBs have a few different types: a spot starter, young developing QB or basically a coach. For us Schaub fills two of those roles and Benkert is developing and maybe could be a spot starter. Kap isn't going to any team and magically become who he was years ago, like no where close. If Matt goes down and we are screwed anyway, what does signing Kap do football wise? The Falcons QB room is set for the moment and signing Kap does literally nothing for us. Bottomline Kap wasn't that great before and hes basically a pedestrian now.
  5. TD has missed on some prospects sure, but he has also hit on alot of them; 2 of them being Ryan and Julio who are considered 2 of the best Falcons players in team history. TD is one the better GMs in the league right now, I don't think that's debatable.
  6. I hope the season happens and if any players don't want to participate they shouldn't HAVE to.
  7. Only because of health do I think Hill is better than Freeman right now. Hill has the potential to be a thousand yard rusher in a run heavy scheme I think with his size. If Freeman is healthy, he definitely will produce but I wouldn't mind giving Hill a chance simply because he has more tread on his tires. I'm not sure Smith has the size or the strength to withstand that many carries in a featured role. RBBC is great for backs to keep their legs fresh so we will see if Smith can overcome his injury and produce.
  8. People face adversity everyday; life isn't easy for anyone. I feel for Browner.
  9. 12-4 or 14-2. Schedule doesn't look that crazy to me.
  10. I like the potential of Julio, Ridley, Gage, and Treadwell but after those guys I'd don't see much production coming from any of the guys after them. Adding Gabriel would add an established playmaker instead trying to develop Rowland, Blake, Olamide, or Gray even though I like those guys as the 5th or 6th WR. Those guys also(Blake and co.) provide special teams reps so I don't have or anything like that. If Gabriel came here he would be the 3 or 4 automatically. Garbriel is fast, can catch, jump high for his size and is pretty strong for his size as well.
  11. The Chiefs and Saints are the only teams that scare me on our schedule. I'm probably in the minority but I think we are better than most of the teams on our schedule.
  12. Laquon Treadwell = Redzone Threat
  13. DQ is good at developing players and getting them new contracts. Players who were here before Quinn got here and even the ones that have arrived since have gotten new contracts with the team or somewhere else. Devondre Cambell, Austin Hooper, Robert Alford, Chris Goodwin, Dontari Poe, Tevin Coleman, Taylor Garbriel, Patrick Dimarco, Paul Worrilow to name a few. Unless the player messed up his own career(Hageman) or had some type of injury alot of players were coming here via FA and were thriving. We even developed our draft picks; do you think Allen or Goodwin would have been playing in a Superbowl with any other head coach? Allen was on the outs with Mike Smith and then with Quinn he's starting Free Safety in the Superbowl. Quinn is definitely a special coach.
  14. The Dolphins were tanking and moving players around so I'm not sure what to think about Harris's time with Miami. They traded Minkah as more evidence of their tanking.
  15. I disagree. Ryan is one if the most accurate QBs to ever to play the game. People like to mention a pass that Ryan misses but what about when he's on point? You can't just ignore that. Furthermore Julio is still the best in league in my opinion so alot of the points you made here are all based solely on conjecture.
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