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  1. That happened during preseason games? I admittedly didn't watch all of the games.
  2. There's nothing wrong with Ito, hes a rookie; give him some time. I'm worried about Saubert, I want to see more of the tightends outside of Hooper.
  3. Excited to see some real football yes; we will be scouting these teams for some of the Ravens and Bears players I assume. We can see how Taylor Gabriel is doing as well, wish him luck.
  4. I've seen more of Grayson and Schaub then I've seen Benkert; not sure if that's means he's been struggling or what.
  5. I concur.
  6. Campbell already rushes the passer on certain downs doesn't he? I love our front seven, lots a versatility.we could stand to add a little more talent at de, olb(pass rusher) and dt but that's for next off season.
  7. Falcons vs Raiders Superbowl; you heard it here first.
  8. That's obvious, but you can't tell me that Julio's presence doesnt jump out at you.
  9. Im not saying it's an issue, just wondering if anyone noticed Julios swagger is starkly different compared to everyone else in the picture. Also Ryan Saubert and hardy don't have the no shirt gold chain combo.
  10. Anyone notice Julio is the only one wearing a gold chain, no shirt and no Falcons gear? Not saying it's bad or anything just wondering if anyone else noticed Julio's swagger jumping out of this picture. Julio's attire reminds me of TO a bit.
  11. The reason Duke is even in the league is because of his tackling, the NFL game was a bit to fast for him. Tackling is probably his best attribute. Those other stats(Madden) mean something too; so in conjunction they produce different results and animations if you will.
  12. Riley missed some tackles last season but that doesn't mean he can't tackle; it just means his awareness is low and couldn't make the plays.
  13. I'm James Quick but I wouldn't mind being a gm. The hard part is the money.
  14. I'm all for adding talent but yea we have a good amount of backup linemen right now. We need people who could start in the future whether the are ready now or need to be developed. We might get another o linemen till next off season( if Levitre and our other guys are healthy)
  15. Heck yes I love Skyrim. I've been playing a lot of RpGs lately in addition to Madden. Fallout 4, Nier Automata to name a couple.