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  1. Turner's final year in Atlanta he had a 60 yard reception TD; second longest of the season on the team behind Julio's 80 yarder.
  2. Not sure why. Sure Hardy isn't the fastest guy but if we had anyone that could sufficiently replace him he wouldve been replaced by now. Not to say hardy can't be replaced in a couple of offseasons.
  3. Stop hating on Hardy. Hes has taken time to develop but most wideout do. I like Gage and Hall but Hardy has great hands and has converted plenty of third downs for us. Not to mention he is a willing run blocker who has more experience.
  4. I act liked what i saw from the defense today. Tackling, getting hands on passes. Vic Beasley should be affecting the game more yes but all things considered our guys look like they are ready to attack their matchups.
  5. Id argue Ryan is also the glue that holds th is Offense together. The O line has struggled, so us scoring points at all is a testament to the will and fervor of The QB, OC, and other skill position players.
  6. 293 yards is all Julio needs to break 1000 receiving yards for the season. I right this thread only to bring attention to how valuable Julio is to this franchise despite our struggles. No we are not trading Julio Jones; he is our workhorse and is will be a Falcon for life. Face it, NFL teams always face adversity. So buckle up Falcons fans, a photo finish to make the playoffs is in our near future.
  7. I actually would not mind trading Freeman; saying that is like treason I know.
  8. I share ops enthusiasm. We will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh by 2 touchdowns and a field goal because reasons!
  9. To be fair, obviously Cincinatti wanted to feature Boyd and we tried our best to matchup against him and the rest of the Bengals weapons. We just failed, as a team.
  10. We will see the Bengals, probably by couple a couple touchdowns. Our real test will be the weeks to come.
  11. Moore is more the Panthers speed. Not to say they think Moore is a better wideout but better player for their scheme. Moore compares to Curtis Samuels and CMC. Yards after catch is what they want not necessarily great route running. Cam can't use Ridley the way the want to use Moore. Ridley is fast and can burn people deep but we've seen how Cam made use of Ted Ginn(mostly go routes). Ridley can do so much more than go routes.
  12. Matt was hilarious in this. Best acting he's done so far that I've seen.
  13. Who's overrated?
  14. Last play against the Eagles in the playoff game last year, Derrick Coleman was in that play for some reason. Out route by Freeman in the redzone in last week's game, Ryan drives the ball and misses Freeman(why not throw to a WR or TE(or even Coleman(who's taller than Freeman)))? Just two fundamental design flaws by Sark or whoever decided to put those players in on those two particular plays. My point is we either need a new OC, HC, or QB. Im thinking it's OC.
  15. Remember what I said about matchups? Jones matchups up well against pretty much any corner. In the playoffs Julio had 9 catches and over 100 yards against the eagles. Our loss on Thursday was pretty much a replay of the last game against the eagles.