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  1. You going to get the new smash bros.? If so who do you use? As for the Madden ratings I'm just wondering how many QBs are rated better than Matt. It should only be like 5. Rodgers, Brady, Big Ben, Wentz, and Wilson.
  2. Yea, that's basically only move we NEED to make. We are literally stacked everywhere else. I'm impressed with the talent we have on this team right now.
  3. Oh word. I wonder how many QBs are ranked ahead of Matt.
  4. I really want to see how many QBs are ranked higher than Matt. If Deshaun Watson is ranked higher I will be highly disappointed.
  5. You don't think we would have paid him?
  6. Deion Jones, Alex Mack and Matt Ryan were ranked in PFFs top 50 players as well.
  7. I'm disappointed in Julios behavior. I understand Julio is our workhorse at wideout but the Falcons would have paid him eventually.
  8. I thought about it more and Mack goes with Deion and Keanu as our guys with outside chances. Ryan still gets a decent amount of respect from his peers.
  9. Ryan, Mack and Jones will be on the top 100 list. Deion and Keanu might have a chance.
  10. It think 30 fits Ito. I honestly would prefer dbs wearing numbers in the twenties.
  11. I know. I just found any opportunity to sound educated.
  12. It is silly I agree but you said place him back near the goal post...you cant do that; that's goaltending. But you can block a kick as we see from time to time.
  13. That's goal tending. Yes, there is good tending in the NFL but it's never enforced because no one is tall enough to block a kicked ball FLYING THROUGH the goal post.
  14. Hardy would be a terrible db.
  15. I like the number and love the pick.