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  1. I like the corner from Alabama although I don't think we will end up picking him unless we do some sort of trade back or something like that.
  2. If we are doing Watson Vs Ryan, Ryan is the better QB. Especially when it comes to passing. Watson is **** good in his own right but Ryan is more experienced and nuanced as a passer. I don't know if people realize how often Ryan gets 1st downs for us.
  3. Matt Ryan had 144.1 QB rating in the Super Bowl, that's 4th all time; comeback when Joe Burrow actually finishes a NFL season first.
  4. Chaisson sounds like an intriguing player and I hope we are able to draft him at 16. Just one more question; in your opinion do think Chaisson makes our pass rush legit?
  5. Yea, I only brought up Vic as comparison because I wasnt sure what role we would use Chaisson in if we got him; thanks for the insight. Would you say Chaisson would be the guy that spies the QB for us?
  6. I'm just asking questions bro. I want to know more about Chaisson since I haven't been paying attention to the combine or college football players. I'm asking you guys cause you know alot about football and what not.
  7. So is Chaisson physically weaker or stronger than Vic? I'm assuming Chaisson had a bench press lower than 35.
  8. I also have a question about Chaisson. Beasley was useful ableit inconsistent at times; but he did alot on our defense. Vic dropped into coverage, rushed the passer and spied the QB. Can Chaisson do those same things? And if so can he do those things as well as Vic or better? Also, Vic had a crazy combination of strength and speed; how does Chaisson compare to Vic athletically? I didn't pay attention to the combine at all.
  9. Lol. I'll take your word on that one.
  10. We basically traded Sanu for Hurst; Am I right in that analysis? Either way I like Hurst even though I wish we could have kept Hooper. Hurst seems faster than Hooper but Hooper seemed to be stronger; that's the only difference I really see right now. I'm not sure who's a better blocker or route runner though.
  11. Yea, I definitely don't like seeing these guys go after they have done so much for us but I figured the Falcons would move on from them eventually. Trufants release surprised me though. Good luck to all our ex Falcons in football and life.
  12. Hardy had great hands and caught some passes on 3rd downs for us; the year we went to the Super Bowl he had a decent season in terms of production. That's with Julio, Sanu, Tamme, Hooper, Gabriel, Robinson, Freeman, Coleman, Toilolo, Williams, and Dimarco all getting looks.
  13. I think this particular list is based on production.
  14. Any objections to this particular list? I think it's pretty accurate outside of Kyler Murray being ranked a little too high.
  15. Yea, losing Vic hurts more so because he was such a great person and I really wanted him to succeed with us and become the all pro I know he can be.