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  1. I started to lose respect for Cam when he didn't shake Matt Ryan's hand after we beat them 2 seasons ago. We dropped them to 15-1 or 14-1 I believe. Cam acted like we didn't accomplish anything by beating them; but you know darn well if they would have won he would have been dancing all over the place. And don't bring up anyone else ditching the handshake cause we are not talking about them right now. Everything else that Cam does will get scrutinized; just like every other NFL QB. As for the animosity towards Cam from fans; you know he was dancing all in our faces when they blew is out in Carolina two seasons ago. People don't forget stuff like that. Oh and he mopes a lot too.
  2. Green Bay worries me honestly. We should win the NFL south though. OJ Howard is a premier player at his position but like someone said above; Tampa Bay had yet to prove anything. I honestly believe Green Bay is the only team standing between us and our rematch with New England.
  3. We waived him...? Gosh darn it.
  4. Im sorry for making a topic on this but did we really get Reggie Davis the 3rd from Texas Tech? I didnt even realize! Thats our sixth wideout right there!
  5. Exactly. Cam was toilet bowl in 2016.
  6. I think people are jealous of the Ryan to Julio connection so they do whatever to belittle it...but its not going away...for a long time. Burger to Brown? Please...
  7. Brady had two players in the top ten on YAC and people still throw that Julio arguement in there...they are just going off emotion.
  8. I wish i was up there. They use the same arguments and ignore stats. "Matts got Julio!"...well Bradys got Belicheck. You can rank Brady and Rodgers ahead of him...i get that...but Odell? Bell? Zeke?You want to talk about consistency...Did everyone forget Odell dropping passes in the PLAYOFFS? Zeke is a ROOKIE!(he is pretty great but really?Above Ryan? And even David Johnson?) Bell keeps getting popped for weed! We blew out Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in the PLAYOFFS! Brady, Mack, Jones, Miller and even Rodgers being ranked above him are understandble but dont stand up there and say Cam is the "Face of the NFL" after one good season and then say "Matt needs to be more consistent." Hes(Matt) been consistently better than a crapload of players and QBs.
  9. When it comes to professional sports...its never just a game.
  10. Quicktimemarch17 im on PS4. Add me! I need some practice; last couple of games ive been getting my a** handed to me. I play head to head and Madden Ultimate Team. If i cant stop the run, i usually lose.
  11. Hopefully people will stop bashing Ryan. Usually its people who dont actually watch the games and just pay attention to their own team; so i dont care what people say. Im just so grateful to be alive and be a Falcons fan to witness our teams greatness. Man God is good. Happy Fourth by the way guys.
  12. Im really looking forward to seeing him play. I hope hes ready as well. Who doyou think has the best chance to be our 6th WR starting out?
  13. Saubert is pretty big though. 6'5" 250 is nothing to sneeze at.
  14. Deante Burton could beat him out right now...i think. Nick and Fuller could too...i think...I like Dable though.