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  1. These guys arent ordinary. Cobb has been dealing witb injuries for a awhile and that has undoubtedly slowed him and his progress as a player down. Montgomery is starting at running back for the Packers, they acting have running backs on their roster right now. And Adams is an up and coming player. Sorry for defending Packers players; we all know we own them now so they are really like our children and we should treat them as such.
  2. I definitely would have cut D. Cole after the Bears game.
  3. Lmao I'm weak bro.
  4. This off topic but that girl is kinda sexy...i mean the one thats throwing her fists and yelling.
  5. I'm not sure about his experience in the ZBS. I hope he can play better in the weeks to come...if not he should be cut.
  6. Was Hooper on the roster when we had that debate? I don't think so...i could be wrong but I think we had that convo at the beginning of the 2015 season.
  7. I think it was Tamme that i wanted to replace.
  8. I hope time is all he needs.
  9. I dont remember seeing him pass block either. I was hoping he could make some plays with the ball in his hands but he made me nervous when Matt looked his way. Again; maybe it was a bad game but right now FB looks like a hole to me. Lol, dang. I would agree on that though. It was painful to watch. I'm hoping he can get it together though. I wish there was a FB we could trade for that would have an easy time learning the playbook.
  10. I don't like Derrick Coleman at all guys. He didn't seem to make an impact on the offense whatsoever. D.Cole missed blocks in the run game(Sorry no video evidence). Maybe he just had a bad game but this guy makes me nervous blocking for our backs. I miss Dimarco. I know you guys saw the game...what do yall think?
  11. I can't decide on a score but we are going to blow the Bears out of Soldier Field.
  12. Bears o line is actually isn't that bad. Their guards and center are good at run blocking; hence Jordan Howard having success. That being said being said, Falcons are going to blow the Bears out.
  13. Yea Sherm should be quiet; I'm not sure what his problem is. Does he think he's the GM or something?
  14. Barkley and Kyle Sloter are guys I think we should try to get here and help develop. Not that we really need them to play yet; winning the Super Bowl is our priority and Matt isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Schaub being more of a coach than actual player means QBs like Simms will takes snaps for the team during preseason and that's pretty much it. These back ups Qbs we want hopefully won't ever play for us. Anyone remember Jim Sorgi? Curtis Painter?