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  1. I wanted to see Benkert compete in Falcons uniform, oh well i guess. We could sign him later if he doesn't end up under contract somewhere else.
  2. Bottom line is we can win with Ryan and he still is a great QB. We would be better served building a team up around him and Julio instead of taking a QB at 4, especially since Wilson, Lance, and Fields are the top options we have. Those three guys won't serve us well in the short term and it would take a while to develop Wilson and Lance anyway(I don't think Fields will be a great pro(at least not right right away)). We can get better players at 4 than those guys or even trade back. Two more years of Ryan and building the team and then we can see where we are at.
  3. Seen some pics and some vids on youtube and the PG response is I approve.
  4. Lmao, I'm going to check on that in the name or research.
  5. Tim Couch was alright, he was dealt a bad hand. His career turned out bad but it wasnt because of a lack of talent on his part.
  6. There are more knocks against him than his "babyface" as stated earlier in the thread.
  7. Well I hope we dont pick fields or Lance if Wilson is gone.
  8. I like Wilson but not at 4; trade back is the way to go in my opinion (or OT). Fields and Lance do not look the part to me though so if we did pick a QB at 4 I hope its Wilson.
  9. Ryan and Jones WILL retire Falcons AFTER they win couple of Super Bowls here.
  10. Ryan is one of the best leaders I've ever seen, a true professional in my eyes.
  11. I hope the new GM and coach keep Ryan and Julio. This isn't the year we draft a QB with a 1st in my opinion.
  12. I don't think Ollison brings anything that we don't already have with Smith, Gurley, and Hill. Ollison is slower and doenst seem that dynamic in his movement such as cuts and things of the sort. Ito just now being named the starter might have something to do with his injuries in the past.
  13. **** yea, as long as Keanu is healthy i think we still need him and his physicality.
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