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  1. Hey everyone. I live in the Florida panhandle and don’t get a lot of chances to talk Falcons. I’d welcome any interaction. Add me on Twitter @LWOSAaronW and hit me up. I decided to start writing this season to fill the void of living near other fans. I’m psyched for the season and cautiously optimistic. Looking forward to watching the best of roster we’ve ever had.
  2. Hey folks. I’m a huge Falcons fan but I also enjoy real analysis of what’s going on. Hit me on Twitter @LWOSAaronW if you wanna chat Falcons. I also write for Last Word on Sports in my free time.

  3. Nevermind. I'm not wasting anymore time with you. You think that every zone is the same instead of realizing this is a MATCHUP COVER 3 and not the basic one you're describing. You can sleep well tonight believing you know everything.
  4. The cover 3 is not that simple. Richard Sherman can't just bail out down the sideline right when the play starts. It doesn't work like that. If that were the case, you would be able to run quick outs and slants over and over again versus that coverage. Sherman picked up the quick slant and the safety didn't read it the same.
  5. I can't believe you were right. I never expected a late announcement like this. Good day.
  6. This is such a bogus excuse. There is no such thing as a perfect defense or everyone would be using it. This is their standard coverage. Communication has nothing to do with it. Richard Sherman is supposed to stay deeper than the outside guy unless he breaks inside immediately. The Falcons schemed to get Julio matched up against the safety by motioning Hooper to the outside. Hooper runs a quick inside route making it Sherman's responsibility. Earl Thomas has to defend the tight end running straight up the seam. It was a great play specifically designed to beat that coverage. The Seahawks rely on their individual talent to make the scheme work and maybe Chancellor has a better shot at Julio, but probably not.
  7. Two things I want to add here: I believe New Orleans announced their uniform color the week of the Falcons game, didn't they? I could be wrong. I always look for the uniform schedule, but it's hard to find. Also, I don't think there's any rule against painting the helmets. It's just a MAJOR hassle for the equipment guys in a short amount of time. Also, as someone pointed out, it would be insane to paint it red just to have to change it back. Those throwbacks with the black helmet are beautiful. I hope we go with a more classic look on our next set. The current jerseys with all the awful patches of color and piping are my least favorite.
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