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  1. i can see how those social stigmas would really systemically disenfranchise you from the primary architects of our culture, nonwhites
  2. no, pointing out to clueless people that they are unaware of reality is more of a neutral excercise. even when you make them realize their stupidity they have an impeccable ability to bounce right back the next day and pretend to be researchers/scholars of the world around them
  3. in the ultimate irony, the guy who is desperately looking for someone to blame, to hold someone accountable, is the same fool who either consciously or not, cant even take 15 seconds to google the subject that he claims to be an expert in. most likely this is being done in order to maintain some type of willful ignorance of his childish limited perspective of the world because letting anything else in is just simply too scary, and it ultimately preserves his status and ensures his safety as the blameless unaccountable fool
  4. literally every element of your mental makeup is that of a socially bitter child to the extent that it pierces through every single one of your posts
  5. hes had a rough few days so hes resorting to looking for support from people who are forced by their message board privilege to remain as publicly neutral as possible. it's a freefall
  6. you know, splitting. you probably ran across the term a bajillion times while doing all that enabling research you do
  7. so do liberals make excuses for teachers or blame teachers cause we have some serious cognitive dissonance going on right now
  8. thats exactly what i said! the false paradigms you are creating in your mind and projecting on others may be blurrying reality just a tad bit
  9. as one of the 2599 members before him, i can confirm that everyone at the time who wasnt trying to be best friends with our new cleveland brown fan mod thought he sucked. when flight58 can see it, you know it's bad.
  10. let the record book show that i was the catalyst to wfw's meltdown
  11. i ate this man's soul in the notorious car video rap battles of 2000 and something. i would take it all back if i knew it would have come to this
  12. you know, you study and learn about the limitless possibilities of neuroplasticity but then you run into casees like sb. here's a guy, who at best, has consistently been horrible since the day he arrived
  13. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/08/education/analysis-examines-disabled-students-suspensions.html?pagewanted=all http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/06/education/black-students-face-more-harsh-discipline-data-shows.html http://www.npr.org/blogs/codeswitch/2014/03/21/292456211/black-preschoolers-far-more-likely-to-be-suspended
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