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  1. He has more upside than a draft player in the 3rd or 4th or 5th round. The guy has played and he understands what needs to get done. When you redeem yourself, you aim for much bigger accomplishments because you have no choice. He will be in the starting rotation because DQ and TD were not doing this as a charitable cause. They saw what they need to see from him before singing him for 1 Year. Some of you have just spew camp body when that is not true.
  2. Why are you guys freaking? The other teams have to deal with the Falcons as well. The Falcons added a lot of beef in the trenches and we still have the draft. Our offense will be a juggernaut and the defense will improve again for many reasons. The schedule is not that difficult. The Falcons have a lot of talent on the team. This team is a playoff team and they are going to rebound from last season. You shouldn’t be scared of the Colts or Philiy or and so forth.
  3. This actually a very good schedule because they are not playing any cold weather games in December on the road. The Falcons will get additional Primetime matches with a winning season with flex schedule.
  4. This is a fake account...
  5. Texas— For 2020 Election, Trump approval rating is around 40. Based on historical trends, Texas will likely flip to Democrats. He is already losing in swing states, so it could very well be a Democratic landslide. In other civilized countries, people usually don’t worry about crimes and getting shot. The reason is that in this country we have a gun-infested mentality and one of the main reason we have so much crimes. The easier you can have access to guns, the easier to commit crimes. No citizen should be able to carry a conceal weapon unless locked in his car—this is not the Wild Wild West...
  6. You already know the answer man... Julio is a Falcon for life and it came from AB’s mouth. That case is closed... GJ is another issue, but I still think they will extend him because he may have to wait 1 or 2 years to get his guaranteed payout. The tagging doesn’t help him and he will get restless and force his agent to settle. He has no leverage at this time and he needs the money. He could risk getting injured and having a bad year which will diminish his asking price. He knows in 2 years he will be 28, and his asking price will drop.
  7. Dude, the Falcons are not blowing the tread. You got a talent like Julio who makes the defense be accountable. Julio is a Falcons for life because he was no drama queen like OBJ or AB. Julio has class and a great guy. You win championship with a guy like Julio because what he brings to the table.
  8. WES retained RS gone BF- might be released if not fully recovered from injury
  9. We need to believe in the process. Let the experts do their job, and then we can complain about it if it doesn’t work. Right now, the OL got much bigger and meaner. I see a cut between RS or BF. RS will not be retained at the current salary.
  10. Sanu is not going anywhere- he is the kind of player DQ wants and he is a great teammate.
  11. Indeed... This is what we call the urgency moves. They realized that big OL are the key for the running game and for short yard plays.
  12. Just delete this stupid post... Get out and don’t come back please... Fans like you need to find something else to do because your posts are so irrational.
  13. Don’t be surprised to see Bruce Irvin getting resigned as well. He is definitely worth the investment. I think the Falcons have to be restructuring some more contracts ( we know of Julio).
  14. They will restructure Julio with more signing bonus and guaranteed salary. This is going to create more Cap space. They can create Cap space by restructuring many contracts. It is not the end of the world.
  15. You are not using logic, but emotions. The Falcons front office will have a contingency plan to relieve the Cap space. This is what they get paid for and have a better idea of their financials than me and you. Let them figure this out, but VIC’s contract is the only that sticks out.
  16. Are you a Cap guru? Allow the experts to figure this out. Julio Jones already got paid and he has 2 years left on his contract. Julio cannot be too demanding because he has a contract. However, the Falcons will stretch his contract and lower the Cap hit this year. They will give him some guaranteed money and he is going to be okey. I’m not worried about Julio’s contract. Stop hyperboling every freaking situation. Grady’s and Vic’s are the only ones that needs to be addressed. Vic is not worth 12.8 million and this is only contract that doesn’t make sense. I hope the Falcons rethink their strategy and go for the restructuring. VIc can be replaced via FA and the draft. Grady’s long term extension is still a priority, but his expectations needs to come to earth. No one is going to pay him $20+. He needs to have a seroius chat with his agent and change course.
  17. The Falcons can tag him again next year and Grady has no leverage. Grady is losing in the long term because he needs a guaranteed payment to secure his future. He will cave in and accept the Falcons deal of long term extension. Plus, he has to up his game to get that type of money he wants. Franchise Tag is not an ideal situation for a guy during his peak years.
  18. We are not paying Matt S more than $2 million. Get your facts right... He is a cheap security option for Matt Ryan. If he retires, then he is gone period.
  19. Grady is at the mercy of Falcons for the next 2 years. The Falcons are not going to let go and he has so much to loose. His agent knows that because he is missing on some larger payout as well. Grady should Focus on that guaranteed money and not risking to get hurt. He can get that money and just chill.
  20. This is what I’m seeing. There’s no way the Falcons could afford this much Cap hit for two players on Defense: DQ and TD knows that and they will go for their contingency plan- restructure VIC and tag Grady as a contingency plan. Expect some more restructuring, and now we are told two Falcons might retire—Is this coming from those who are not free agents or still with the team.? We are not going to keep VIC the same way with Grady being tagged.
  21. Ryan is not losing Julio and Julio still has 2 years in his contract.
  22. The more I think about it, it might be better for the Falcons to let Grady walk. He is not worth the kind of money he is asking with his greedy Agent. Grady is only worth about $12-13 million a year, but not over $15+ million. The Falcons could get couple of nice players in the FA and find a replacement in the draft. The best strategy is to let him test the market. Maybe, he doesn’t care if he ends up with a weak team and totally disappear from the radar. Grady wants his big day payout, but too bad he is delusional. Grady can be replaced, He should work a reasonable contract with the Falcons since the Falcons groomed him and give him the pathway to become a good player. VIC should have been restructured, but at least it is only for a year and he needs to show it to get an extended contract. DQ can get the upside from him and he needs to show it to a nice contract from Falcons or any other team team in the future.
  23. It is from the Notes from Indy reported by the Atlanta Beat Reporter via ESPN...
  24. They can restructure VIC’s contract if they wanted—They can take the existing contract and turn it into an extension and make it Cap friendly. RYan S is gone or a restructure is imminent.
  25. He is a liablity now—let him go to a franchise that will never win anything and disappear. He lost respect from most of the fan base because he showed his true colors. The Falcons can make his life hard by tagging him 2 years in a row and he has no choice.