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  1. Then get out and stop following this team... The parity in Football is very well alive and the NFC is wide open.
  2. I’m optimistic because the Giants and Arizona are the two worst teams in the NFC. We get some key players back on defense. I’m not worried about tomorrow. The Falcons Offense looks fantastic and the defense will catch up. Don’t be surprised to see a blowout tomorrow... 38-21... Falcons
  3. We win tomorrow, and we will be in the thick of playoff hunt going into the Bye Week... The Defense will become a Top 15 Defense going into the 2nd half with returning injured players ( we cannot afford any more major injuries). The offense should finish the season in the Top 5. My main optimism lies in defense- the defense had it’s worst outings during those injuries. 5-4 record will be very ideal going into the Dallas game at Home. But, we have to take care of the Giants tomorrow and then reset with the Bye Week.
  4. The Defense will start having some of the key players back- Grady, Shelby and Jones. Those players will give our defense more stability. The Falcons will have a lot of days getting ready against Redskins- the Redskins are an average team. The Falcons Offense will be the differentiator and the defense will be playing much better.
  5. Some interesting games: Saints: @Baltimore, @Vikings, Rams, @Cincy Panthers: @ Philly, Baltimore, Tampa, @Pittsburgh The Saints could go 1-3 in the next 4 weeks... The Panthers could go 2-2 or 1-3. The Falcons could be 5-4 and the Saints could be 4-5 or 5-4. The Panthers could be 4-5 or 5-4. We could have 3 teams with a 5-4 record. This will make the NFC South a three way race.
  6. He will be ready for the Giants game- 8 Days to go...
  7. As I have indicated before, I think the schedule is perfectly set-up for the Falcons for the next few weeks. The Bucs and the Giants games are a must to make this post relevant in the long run. We beat a decent Bucs team that has talent and some good players. This was a must game to make the season alive. We accomplished that with a win. The Offense played almost to it’s capacity minus two major injuries on the receiving core- Sanu and Calvin. The defense had it’s moments and some major plays like interceptions and sacks. The next game is 8 weeks away and a Primetime match. The Giants are crumbling and Eli Manning looks lost. The Giants are a miss and probably the weakest team in the NFC alongside 49ers, and Arizona. I believe the offense will continue scoring over 30+ points. The Falcons need to win this game to get to the Bye Week with a 3-4 record. The Bye Week will give the Falcons some time to recoups and readjust. This will give the Falcons some more time to fix the defense. The two next games after the BYE week are two key games needed to make a late season push for the Wild Card or even winning the division. The injuries have allowed the Falcons to groom some other players in the long run. Ito Smith looks like a very good RB that will give the Falcons another solid RB to compliment the offense. I believe Freeman might be a candidate to the IR if he doesn’t heal by the BYE week. Kazee, Oliver, and Senat are all getting valuable time to get better in the long run and give Falcons more depth after Neal, Jones, Rico return. Riley was put on the spot, but he will improve as the season goes along. This is his 2nd year and worst case scenario, he will give the Falcons a decent back up and a player to play in certain schemes. This is all due to all the injuries and getting more playtime. Grady Jarret and Shelby should be back playing against the Giants or after the BYE week. This will give us the important key players backing the DL. As expected, Jones should be back playing against the Cowboys. He will give the Falcons that anchor that was missing and a leader on the field. With all these players coming back, the Falcons should be able to finish on high note with the defense inching towards top 20, not at the bottom of cellar. We could see a defense that will allow only about 20-22 pts going into the last 7-6 games of the season. The NFC is wild open and no team beside the Rams look like the real deal. The Saints are good, but they have a very tough schedule coming up. The Panthers- they got lucky beating the Giants last week and lost today to Redskins. If the Falcons take care of the business, then the Falcons shoukd surpass the Panties in the long run. The NFC North looks diluted and all teams look beatable. The Bears have a good defense, but they are still a team that could go either way because they have been irrelevant for such a longtime. The Packers and the Vikings have their own issues and very average teams at this moment. The NFC East doesn’t look threatening except for Eagles who might finally get their groove back. But, they are not as good as last year. The NFC West is all about the Rams. The rest of division should not be a problem including the Seahawks- they have beaten some very Week teams. To suffice, The Falcons are positioned to make things more interesting in the coming weeks. Giants- Win (3-4) Redskins- W- The Falcons should have Grady, Shelby back for sure by than which should help the front of the line. (4-4) Browns- W It is Cleveland- Should have Debo back. (5-4) Cowboys-W (6-4) All of these games are winnable as long as the offense keeps scoring and the defense becoming an average middle of the pack defense with the returning players coming back from the injuries. The Giants game will set the Falcons in a good position heading toward the BYE week. The only tough game in the 2nd half will be @Saints. The game against Packers is winnable as long it is not snowing or too cold. @Carolina is winnable game as long as the defense becomes an average defense and the offense being a top 5 Defense. At the end of the day, a 9-7 might be enough to get you into the dance in NFC. Remember, some teams that won the SuperBowl recently started slow and then won many important games in the 2nd half. The Packers won the the SuperBowl with a 9-7 record and the Giants as well. This season is not over by any means.
  8. This team will come for a fight on Sunday. U got guys like Matt Ryan that will be there for the team and bring a sense big picture- the season is not over- one game at a time and the schedule is on their side...
  9. Why some positivity... The Falcons can beat the Buc and the Giants at home- -The Saints are going to have a stretch of very difficult games -The Panthers will have a many road games coming up -The Bucs are a mystery -The NFC has one team with a 5-0 record and the three other teams with a winning record with 3-1 or 2-1 record.
  10. You cannot trade players just like that- what a bunch of morons we have on this board. This is not a fantasy league. Supidity is very rampant on these boards. No logic or thinking...
  11. Only 4 teams with the winning record in the NFC. By tomorrow, we may have only 3 teams with the winning record in the NFC. The Rams look legit and the Saints at 3-1 look like a decent team. The Panthers are still unknown entity and they have many road games coming up. This is not over, but the Falcons have to win the next two to be alive for at least WC.
  12. On a side not, Green Bay has a losing record, the Eagles are a 2-3 and the Vikings are 2-2-1. The Bears night win the NFC North, but it is too early. Beside the Rams, and maybe the Saints, the rest of NFC is still wide open. The Panthers have played 3 home games so far and one on the road (Falcons). If Atlanta wins the next 2 games, then it will make things interesting. But, the Bucs game will be the deciding game. If they beat the Bucs, they will have 8 Days to prepare for the Giants and very good chance of winning. 3-4 is needed badly...This NFL season has shown some weird trends like too many OT games- a new norm in the making.
  13. The next game will decide the season. The OL was harassed and Matt Ryan was sacked many times. The Bucs games will decide whether the Falcons have anything left in the tank. The whole NFC is still very wide open. The Falcons need the next two games to get some momentum into the Bye Week. The Bucs and the Giants might be that recipe to salvage the season or the the death of this season. Very disappointing loss and the defense is in total shambles. Hopefully, we get Grady, Shelby back next week. We are in deep trouble on the defense. Freeman is not the same player and I don’t think he will be a Falcon by next year.
  14. I really do think the defense will stabilize and play much better. With us beating the Pitts, this could put Atlanta on a nice run mainly due to offense and a defense that could be serviceable.
  15. With Freeman in, the Falcons Offense will become complete because it will open the playcalling options. All though, I think this week he will see limited action after missing the last 4 weeks. Atlanta could drop 40+ on Pitts...