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  1. Let me spell it out to you- The Falcons will not draft anyone of those QB and they will invest all the resources to build the trenches and the running game. They will run the team just like how they functioned in New Orleans and how the Bucs did with Brady. The Falcons don’t have the luxury to pick up a back-up QB at #4 and with so many holes in the roster. Once again, The Falcons will not draft any of those hyped up QBs.
  2. If there’s is a way, keep Alex Mack for 2 more seasons. He is worth the investment. Put the franchise tag on Neal for one year. The rest of the free agents can go- resign Gono as well. Let Carpenter walk... Draft an OL in the draft as well.
  3. Simple Logic: Fix the defense, fix the running game and make sure you have a good OL. Matt Ryan can win you games with a good running game and playcalling. You don’t need a QB for the next 2-3 years because Ryan is going to still be better than majority of QB- he is dedicated and he takes care of his body. Even with an average Matt Ryan play, we can win a SuperBowl. Fix the ******** defense, the Running game and add stabilize the OL. You do this, we can win the big game.
  4. Whose going to eat that dead cap money? You want to rebuild with a draft pick that could go bust? Atlanta is not a rebuild team-this team lacked creativity and mediocre playcalling. Above all, defense underperformed again. Matt Ryan will be here because it is much easier route to get to Super Bowl with a QB that has a track record vs some new hyped up kid from College.
  5. You are not going to draft 3 new RBs from the draft and in the process, wipeout your current RB team- Gurly is gone, and they will keep Ito and Hill- Hill is a utility back that is worth the investment. They will draft their starting RB from the draft. Quad could be kept in the reserve- cheap insurance.
  6. If they had Jamie Winston, I think those passing numbers would have been so much better. He should have been on the injured reserve because he couldn’t even throw deep balls. He should have retired last year. His numbers have been declining the last few years.
  7. We are not picking a QB- they will ride on Matt Ryan’s shoulder for a while... They will give him that running game he deserves and adding more depth to the OL. The Falcons will move back and get more picks- they have a few holes in their roster mainly in the defense and a RB. This is in the cards... They are not wasting their #4 pick on a QB when you still have a good QB who can still win you the big one- They will follow what they did in New Orleans- give your aging QB a running game to compliment your play action plays.
  8. This will kill the Cap and put the team in a very bad situation with Caps getting lowered next year. The GM is not going to come here and handicap the team- Matt Ryan is still good- he just needs a good running game, better blocking, and a new OC.
  9. Let me spell it out- Matt Ryan’s contract will not allow this team move forward with another QB- Dead Money and Cap hit to the other team. The new GM/Coach will add other pieces to fix the team. Dirk is gone so we will have another OC. I don’t see us keeping our draft position- we will move back to get more draft picks. This way you can easily go and fix the defense, the running game. Safety, Edge Rusher, CB, RB, OL, are the most important pieces that need help. Linebacker position is sold and they have to decide with Neal’s situation. They can quickly build a solid team with a solid
  10. Lol!! When fans talk about the cap and no money... You will be surprised!!
  11. What are you watching Fake News? The Falcons and Matt Ryan’s contract will keep them together for one more season and with cap getting lowered next year as well, it will be hard for another team to digest the contract. Plus, too much dead money associated with the contract!! The Falcons might draft a QB the following season. The new coach and GM will decide what they are going to do with Matt Ryan in 2 years- but not now...Matt Ryan is still a top 10 QB and he is not going anywhere with that contract anytime soon.
  12. I agree the Saints game will determine the Falcons season- if they beat the Saints, then I see them going 7-7 before they meet Kansas. The Bucs are in disarray and they are one overhyped team with an aging QB and overhyped defense. If this scenario comes to fruition, I wouldn’t be surprise for the Falcons to beat Kansas with a formidable defense. Kansas has a bad defense and Matt Ryan and Co. will be able to score on them. They key is how you are going to stop Kansas’s deadly offense? It will come down to Falcons defense and the secondary playing a great game. Maybe we catch Kansas sleep
  13. You are one naive fan to compare the Falcons to Jax and saying we are rebuilding. The Falcons were badly coached with DQ and they have the talent. They are responding much better with Morris and he knows how to get to the players. This is not a team that needs to start from scratch- yes CAP issues needs to resolved and with players like Neal- he is starting to play like his 1st 2 seasons. This season is not over when most of NFL knows that this is a teams that can beat anyone in the NFC with a better defense. The offense was never the problem, but our defense give up big plays during the
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