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  1. We swept them in 2016, split in 2017, they swept us in 2018, we split in 2019. What is your stinking point? One day you guys will remember what Matt Ryan accomplished for the Falcons- always barking with stupid commentary and never thankful. He had a bad game because the OL and receivers we’re not open. And No Julio- Matt Ryan never does well without Julio. The vertical game was deeply impacted without Julio. Plus, kudos to the Saints front 4 for causing havoc for the OL. The pocket kept on collapsing and Matt Ryan had less space to maneuver.
  2. The Falcons are 6-2 on the road since the 2nd half of last year- and they are usually 4-2 against the NFC South in the last few years. This Atlanta team is better than last year version... I will leave it here!!
  3. Are you clueless? Jamie Winston is a dumb QB/ he has been inconsistent and erratic. The Falcons know how to play him- Don’t equate Winston on the same level as Wilson. He is garbage and was overhyped. Atlanta defense will play him very well- he is not going to have a big day.
  4. I look at trends and how this mini-Bye and Full Bye will help the team to play better. If we beat the Saints, then we have a good shot of beating the Raiders- the Raiders have to play a tough Sunday night game with Kansas. And then, they have to travel to Atlanta. The Falcons can beat them and they’re just an average team.
  5. Because some of us believe that you don’t give up till it is really over. The Falcons have a chance and they’re are not eliminated. With a 7th seed and possibly 8th seeds available for the playoffs, the Falcons are in the hunt. We beat the Saints and now you are looking at a team inching towards the .500 level. The Falcons are the most dangerous team with a losing record and that is a fact- they have the talent to beat any team with that offense. The defense is trending in the right direction and we may have a decent average defense the rest of the season.
  6. Revisiting this post, I really see the Falcons in a very good position beating the Saints next week. The 9ers didn’t had their full squad, otherwise they would have beaten the Saints by a wide margin. Drew could have a bruised rips or he could be even more serious. The Saints lost some players today which could be a plus for the Falcons who will be well rested and well prepared. The Falcons have the linebackers and a strong safety that could come after the QB. Matt Ryan should have Calvin back and they have more weapons on the offense. The Falcons are top 10 in Rush defense. The Falcons
  7. The NFC is full of average teams- no team is an awesome team. The Falcons can beat the Saints and the Bucs. The Raiders are okey, but inconsistent. Chargers are below average. The only great team is Kansas- they are formidable and the best in the NFL.
  8. The Falcons have played well the last 4 weeks- some of you are just pathetic fans. They lost 3 games by beating themselves. Tampa is a pretender and they got lucky against the Giants and I forgot the other team. This team should have been 4-4. The Saints got lucky against the Chargers, and I forgot one other game. The Saints are a decent team, but the Falcons know how to beat them. Did you forget last year on the road? The loss at home against them was a close one and we lost because we had no Hooper and Julio was hurt. Our offense was missing two key components. The Raid
  9. Listen- Atlanta has the talent and the weapons to beat any team. The question is that if they keep eliminating mistakes and giving up big plays, they can beat the Saints and the Bucs. Atlanta went on the road last year and beat the crap out of the Saints. I can see them doing this again. Atlanta plays well on the road- Matty Ice has more weapons on the offense than the Saints, and Bucs. Atlanta’s receiving core is deeper and more talented. We have a good TE in Hurst that is gaining more traction with Matty as we move along. Atlanta has a bye week and this will give the team more time to w
  10. The Broncos are going to be missing 2 CBs- that should give Matty Ice to feast on them. This could be a blow-out if the Falcons OL plays well (which they have) and the defense coming after the Broncos young QB.
  11. The Falcons are streaky and this is a weird season anyways. They have a shot at wildcard if they play well. This team has the talent to beat any team. The defense will be the key. If the defense becomes a top 10 defense going forward, then all bets are off- I would put the Falcons as one of the best team in NFC.
  12. Well, it seems like the Falcons have their groove back or mojo to an extend. In my book, they actually won 3 games in a row- the Detroit game was a freaky result, and the Falcons were the better team. They played their 2 complete game within 3 weeks timeframe. Against Detroit, the team also played good. We all know this team should have been 5-3 at this moment. So, What is next? The game against the Broncos will be key to close on a strong note heading towards the Bye week and then, the stretch of 7 games. We will be expected to beat the Broncos and heading to a 3-6 record. The schedule
  13. The Broncos are ranked #31 on offense (Passing offense and rushing offense all bad). They are ranked in Top 5 in defense, but, the Falcons have too many weapons for them. The mini-Bye week is going to give more time to prepare and get some more rest for some of the injured players. The team is starting to feel better and their confidence will be high. The Falcons should win that game.
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