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  1. Do you run this organization? Are you part of the daily tasks and meetings? Are you part of the film studies and training? The Falcons don’t have that many holes and they will add some more pieces via the draft and maybe one or two more FA’s. You don’t need a high priced FA to win you championship. You need players that match this system and cap space. Have some faith man... you forgot this team was in the playoffs 2 season in a row.
  2. Smart teams with a wining culture don’t overreact and use their leverage to get the right players. These players could land on a team that is desperate but no chance of playoffs. They have to make sacrifices as well if they want to win. Suh might want Championship and so does Poe. Falcons have leverage with players like them.
  3. A guy like Poe might not find a suitable winning culture in free agency and with a lucrative deal. He may ask the Falcons to put a long term contract with less Cap hit and more guaranteed money.
  4. He will make OL more stable with experience. This is a cost effective addition without eating the Cap. The OL is set, and you have enough players to work around.
  5. He is a utility player worth the investment. Plus, he is a hardworking player who fits the DQ model.
  6. He will give us a discount, plus he may become one of AB’s partners where he could have a stake in the franchise after retiring from NFL. MR will probably get a 5-year extension with a 6th year option.
  7. I think fans like you act like TMZ- Julio is ultimate pro and he is not diva like. Julio is the least of our problems.
  8. My man Matt Ryan and his brother survived a car accident that could have killed both of them. The man is a survivor and he is a professional. He knows the playbook and he knows his teammates. Nothing to worry about!!!
  9. You will always have challenges when playing these type of games. The Eagles are feeling the pressure because they are at home, not much playoff experience, starting QB out, #1 Seeded underdog, Falcons defense, Falcons experience, and Falcons offense.
  10. I think we have many who just love to get attention by stirring the pot with stupid threads and rants. We are in the playoffs and we are good enough to beat any team. The Falcons are focused because they don’t have Home field advantage and go on the road.
  11. Dude, shut up with negativity... The Falcons got robbed in the 2nd game. The Falcons are a much tougher team than the Saints. Atlanta has a better defense than the Saints.
  12. We have our own goat that is under appreciated- Matt Ryan. He is a true leader and a great guy with character.
  13. I don’t know about you guys, but I got a sense of confidence and a team that wasn’t bothered being on the road. They will take the same mantra vs the Eagles.
  14. The more you look at the tape, you see a team that is well-balanced going to the playoffs this year. The pendulum between the offfense and defense was wider last year favoring the offense. This year the Falcons are well balanced going into the playoffs. It is always a nice benchmark when you are Top 10 in offense and defense. We need to forget last year’s offensive output because it was historic and may not be repeated. This year’s Falcons have that mission on mind- a redemption against what happened. They suffered and now they are back. They have QB with the best QBR and the best receiver in the game. They have two outstanding backs and a decent OL. The problem is that the fans get spoiled and are looking for perfection. We should put more emphasis on efficiency and how you end the games. The Falcons are build to score enough winning games because now they have a solid defense complimenting the offense. I don’t care about Matt Ryan throwing for 40 touchdowns and 5000+ yards if we cannot close the games with a good defense. The fantasy fans can cry all they want, but at the end of the day, it is about wins and losses. This Falcon team is starting to show confidence and swagger- you are not going to beat them without a fight. The fact that they were treated like underdogs and under appreciated made the team more resilient and mission driven. The Eagles will have a major challenge since the pressure is on them for being the #1 team. They have a major issue with the QB and a defense that could surrender big numbers. The Falcons will ran the ball again and then play action will follow. Matt Ryan will ran a very patient offense looking for spaces or gaps rather than forcing passes. The Falcons defense will force turnovers again and the Special team will perform well again. Falcons 28-17. We will be in the NFC Championship and we will be one game away from Super bowl. The Falcons will be focused and with momentum. I rather see the Vikings because the QB has no experience and not as well balanced as the Saints. We will march towards the Super Bowl and the rematch against the Patriots. This time we will accomplish our goal.
  15. The Rams secondary is a suspect and Atlanta should be able to get some big plays on them. They are not good against the run offense and pass.