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  1. This game could be the game we talk about later in the season. It was a boxing match and yes, the win margin should have been wider. We should match well against Indy and with this win, I see us winning that game.
  2. If the Falcons defense intact without any major injuries, they could go 6-0 in the division this year. I believe the offense will get even better by 4 or 5th game.
  3. And what happened? Ryan saw the defense and went to Julio for a great play... Have faith man!!!
  4. We are going to finish #1 in passing defense after today’s game from what we are seeing.
  5. We could see a lot of PI call in their DBs against Falcons offensive weapons—Julio could be beneficiary of 2-3 PI calls.
  6. As I said, I think we will see a lot of no huddle and Ryan taking the lead in the trenches. This will allow the Falcons to take advantage on the match-ups. You will see a lot of shifting and the Eagles will not be able to get to Ryan. They need to be aggressive and confuse the defense. The Eagles passing defense is terrible and they will be exposed.
  7. I’m not in a gloom and doom crowd. I alway feel that certain teams may need a few game to gel especially when you have changes in the coaching, OL, and injured players coming back. The Eagles are a good team, but not a great team. They have issues with their passing games and they will be exposed specially inside MB artificial turf which should help the Falcons offense. The Falcons have a lot of experience and good players. They felt embarrassed for their week 1 performance, but they are looking for redemption. The Eagles will be a perfect victim since they lost two very close games to them on the road including a Divisional Playoff game. The Falcons will stretch the game with a lot of no huddle and play action. I believe they are going to come attacking and being aggressive. Matt Ryan is going to utilize Hooper a lot and I see another good game from that combo. Julio is going to be more impactful and I could see him catching some big plays. The Eagles will come blitzing exposing them to one-on-one situations with Falcons dynamic receivers. Freeman is going to get some decent yards in running and receiving yards. We are at home and the Falcons are always tough to beat at home. We are too bearish on the Falcons which is a good thing because they will surprise everyone and they will beat the Eagles. 31-20 Falcons!!!
  8. Matt Ryan could have a field day with the passing game because Philly Cheese passing defense is bad— I expect no huddle and play action going into the game stretching the field.
  9. Mike F. is an idiot and a sensational reporter. Plus, what is wrong with the fan? Is the season over? We played one game and we are making the Philly look like they are not beatable. The Eagles don’t have the Vikings defense and they are playing in Atlanta. I see Atlanta playing mean and with a vengeance. I actually see a thrashing of the Eagles.
  10. This thread will look so stupid when the Falcons end-up winning game and being in the playoffs. This was a terrible set-up game for the Falcons because they were still in Preseason mode. This loss was a wake-up call. This team has players that have pride and they will fight. The 1st game is always an aberration or anomaly. You cannot say with certainty where the rest of the season goes. It is pretty sad to see fans like you who will overact rather than thinking methodically. Let’s see where we are after 4 or 5 games before writing these hyperbole threads like click bait blogs and articles.
  11. We lost!!! So what, it was game 1 on the road, at a tough stadium and the best home defense. The Falcons lost the game because of early turnovers which cost them the game. We held Cuzo below 100 passing yard, and the possession time was the same. We had more passing yards, but running game had issues. The OL is new and it will take a few games before they become a decent OL. Remember, the Offense might take 3-4 games before it starts clicking after a long offseason and meaningless preseason games. Defense showed some good plays especially the inside—Grady Jarrett could have a monster year and Jones and Neal will be more impactful as the season progresses. Carolina lost at home and so did the Bucs. The Saints might have a tough game with Houston on the road. The Falcons will be home next week and on Primetime. I believe the offense is going to be more in rhythm and the rust will be minimized. Ito Smith looks like he may have a big season ahead and so will Hooper— a breakout season for both is very much in-play. So, relax and let the next few games dictate where we going. If we start the season 0-3, then we could be in trouble in terms of winning the division or making it into the playoffs.
  12. So, the question is will this help us in future? Next year and the following year? I see us signing Hooper and Neal as the next core players for next season.
  13. Julio just signed his new extension and making him the highest paid receiver. The question I have for you guys is that how Cap friendly is this? It sounds he got 97% of his new contract upfront via a signing bonus. From what I can see, this is very Cap-friendly deal for the Falcons while keeping Jones for another 5 years. What do you guys think? I need some expert Cap Analysis on this contract. Now, let’s go and get that win tomorrow...
  14. The Eagles are not going to win in Atlanta. Atlanta played them tough the last 2 times they met and that was in Philadelphia. I say 13-3/12-4 as my bullish take, or 11-5 as my conservative take. If we beat the Vikings on the road, then I say we could start the Season like 5-0 or 6-0 nothing.