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  1. Seattle is in deep touble on defense and no running game. Seattle loses to Rams ( if they lose this game, they will lose to Dallas for sure) loses to Dallas (Zeke back) loses to Arizona ( team in total collapse mode) i see the 8-8 or 9-7... Seattle has too many problems...
  2. The Bucs are done and Winston has regressed. The Falcons will win in a blowout fashion because they know what is at stake. Plus, they have a mini-bye which will help them in preparation and execution. 38-17 Falcons...
  3. If they lose all of those players via injuries and suspension, then the Seahawks will lose their next two games as well, and possibly their last game against Arizona. 9-7 or 8-8 is in the card.
  4. By week 15, it is very possible the Rams could be in the hunt if they lose to Seahawks, and the Falcons, Saints, & Panties all Win. My initial contention is that the NFC West might only end-up with one team in the playoffs allowing all 3 teams from the NFC South to be in the playoffs.
  5. If we are all tied with a 10-6 record (Falcons beating Panthers on week 17), then the Falcons and Hawks will get in, and the Panthers will be out due to the division record. But, if we are all tied before week 17, then the Panties and Hawks get in. The biggest qualifier for the Falcons will be beating the Panthers at home, and then the tie-breaker will tilt towards the Falcons (if we are all tied on week 17). The Seahawks could lose a few players next week due to suspension, and the Rams will have the edge.
  6. After today’s game, we have a good chance of 3 teams from NFC South in the playoffs. The biggest effect comes from NFC West front. With the Rams losing today, the next game against Seattle could decide the division and one team getting kicked out of the party. Rams have to play @Seattle @Titans which are going to be tough games. Their last game against the 49ers could be a tough one as well. The 9ers are playing much better and will play the role of the spoiler. I see either the Rams or Hawks going 9-7 and the other going 10-6. It is possible we may have two teams with a 10-6 record, but one of them will be out of the playoffs. In other words, the Rams could lose the next 3 games. The Hawks will probably finish with a 9-7 record if they lose next week, and they are going to lose to the Cowboys the following week. They will probably beat Arizona at home, but not an easy game. This means we may have two teams with a 10-6 record from NFC South and one with 11-5 will be in the playoffs. A 9-7 Falcons could squeeze as well due to having the edge against the Hawks, Cowboys or the Packers. The Lions are included in that equation as they will probably finish with an 8-8 or 9-7 record. So, at this moment, The Falcons could be the #3 Seed with an 11-5 record by Winning the division. The win against the Bucs will get us closer to getting a seed in the playoffs.
  7. It means the Packers will have Aaron Rogers and they are still in the playoff hunt. The Packers always had the Panthies number the last few years with a 5-3 record. The Packers have a good shot of upsetting the Panthies at home.
  8. Really? With a depleted defense and more suspensions from Jags game could totally expose their defense against a Rams team on the brink of going 9-5 if they lose to Seattle and losing the edge on the division. Seattle is going to lose at Dallas because Zeke will be back, and Dallas will still be in the playoff hunt. The last game against Arizona is not going to be easy as Arizona always gives them a hard time. Arizona could play a spoiler role for week 17. I only see one team coming out of NFC West with Rams losing today.
  9. Seattle v Rams could kick one of those teams out of the playoffs. One of those teams will drop out of contention with a loss next week. One of those teams could end up with a 9-7 record. Only one team from NFC West will make it opening the doors for 3 teams for NFC South to be in the playoffs.
  10. The Packers will have AR next week against Panthers- Packers have their number. Seattle: @Jacquars, Rams, @Dallas, and Arizona is not going to be easy with a depleted defense. Saints: The pressure is on them to win the division. The Jets game could be a trap game. Atlanta just needs to focus on winning atleast 2 games to get in.
  11. The Falcons will blowout the Bucs on MNF and Julio will have another field day. Julio will have 2 TD and with 150+ Yards. 34-38 points scored on the Bucs. 34-17 Or 38-14 Falcons...
  12. I want the Jets to win their game today. They will be 6-7 still alive in the playoffs. They could give the Saints a ran for their money next week. Plus, the Saints could be overlooking that game and thinking about the Falcons game. The pressure is on the Saints because they know the Falcons and Panthers are right behind them. If the Saints lose the Jets game, then the game against the Falcons could decide the division. In other words, if they lost to the Falcons, they may lose to the Bucs on week 17. I like the fact Falcons are chasing and won the first game against the Saints. The Saints will have more pressure on them when we meet again, and the Falcons could be very relaxed with confidence.
  13. Go play your PlayStation man or fantasy games.
  14. Maybe you shouldn’t write at all- this is another stinking thread with no rationality behind it.
  15. The Panthers are not going anywhere with that predictable offense ran by an overrated QB. I really do think they will lose to the Vikings and the Packers (with AR). The Packers are 5-3 against the Saints in the last few meetings. They will have 2 road games finishing the season.