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  1. Julio is a brand name and sells ticket for Falcons. He is one of a kind player and causes problems for the opposing defenses. The market rate has changed, so if wants his contract adjusted, then so be it. The Falcons could extend his contract and with some signing bonus. He is worth the admission.
  2. Don’t bet against Coleman. They will find a way to keep him- too much risk involved if you let him go.
  3. Tevin Coleman is like an insurance policy for the Falcons. The fact is that Freeman could get hurt again, and you need another back to be the feature back. Teco’s status is even more important because of Freeman’s concussions. This is the scary part that the Falcons have envisioned. What will you do if you lose Freeman again for concussion? Or he get’s hurt? If the Falcons let Teco walkaway, then they will be totally exposed in the RB department. Ito could become a solid back-up running back incase Freeman get’s hurt and no Teco in 2019. But once again, will you mortgage your future with another rookie RB behind Freeman? Or would you rather have the luxury of having two solid backs complimenting each other? The Falcons offense needs both Freeman and Coleman. Coleman provides the Falcons the insurance for one of the most important positions in the team. In 2019, the Falcons don’t want to take that risk of just having Freeman and Ito as his main back up. To suffice, the Falcons will keep Teco because he is an important asset for the offense and he could be used on many different plays. The Falcons will find a creative way to keep him. Both DQ and Thomas have said that Teco is an important player and they would like to keep him here with Freeman.
  4. The one thing you guys keep missing is that the players love playing here and most want to be part of a winning culture. Once you get used to this system and brotherhood, you will have a hard time leaving. This is why the likes of Teco/Rico will stay as Falcons and will consider even taking less money so they could be part of this organization.
  5. Now, this is very Cap friendly contract for the first 4 years meaning room to sign all the main players. Signing Coleman will not be an issue.
  6. Atlanta’s Special Team has improved tremendously and could be one of the best with the talent added.
  7. Do you think it is wise to keep cutting talent just to help the Cap! Alford is not going anywhere and so is Sanu. We are so eager to cut without realizing established talent to replace them. Alford had a great season and he works hard. Sanu is a great guy and humble- he compliments Julio very well.
  8. Balldaga was labeled with inconsistencies... This guy Ito was consistent and a good hybrid back. He fits the Atlanta scheme. You have to trust the tape and go with the system you play.
  9. If we unload our 6 and one of the 7s, can we move to round 5? Or use one of the future picks to double dip in the 4th round?
  10. This guy is like a gladiator... Grady and him are going to do some damage.
  11. Men, I wished we could identify certain fans like you as trolls who will write anything just to get attention.
  12. The Falcons like Coleman because he can be used as a receiver/RB. If they were not interested in keeping him, they would have made a trade or would have hinted. He is not going anywhere...
  13. What FB options are available during the draft? Will we use Round 6 or 7 for a FB? Or is there one worth during Round 4?
  14. Don’t forget that you have the combo of Coleman/Freeman that can be utilized in certain plays. You have Hooper who will probably command more plays this upcoming season. You still have Hardy and one of the other 2nd/3rd strings filling the need. WR will be added via 3/4th round, but not a major need.
  15. I see 2 SNF, 2 MNF, 1 Thursday night, and a National 4:25 game. SNF: @Philly @Pittsburgh MNF: Saints @Packers Fox National Game 4:25 Dallas TNF: Saints/Panthers