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  1. Teams with continuity should do well than teams that are new or with many new players. This is why Tampa Bay will be in trouble without any preseason games and with a new QB (old QB with a new team). Atlanta has continuity...
  2. Plus, you got a very good TE from Baltimore- more value for your investment. This was a solid draft where you got high-grade players with the tangibles and intangible qualities. This is something that many fans don’t get it- you need players with characters to coach and develop. You don’t need sexy picks, but picks that could solidify the brotherhood and the team as a whole. I believe the Falcons will make one More significant move before the season starts- They will bring in another veteran Defensive player for the trenches.
  3. Just the fact that he is on ESPN, it doesn’t mean he is right. His views are subjective and opinionated. I cannot even stand this guy- he tries to hard to sound smart, but he is not.
  4. Some of you just need to chill. At this stages, you should trust the professionals- some of you act like you know everything. There’s a reason why you are typing from your keyboard. Once a player get’s picked, you need to trust the process. We will know a in a few months who was good and who wasn’t. Some of those sexy picks never come to fruition- in most cases, it was all hype.
  5. It will be a virtual draft!!! Cut all the nonsense and extra nuances, and you can get this draft done in one day. No need for 3 days!!!
  6. No Billy Boy coaching Brady... At the end of the day, we have had Bucs number for the last few years. Don’t expect Brady having similar success like he had in New England. The draft still around the corner and the free agency just started. Some of you just go Into this hyperbole outcries that don’t make sense. Everyone has zero wins so far, and no one knows how the season is going to finish.
  7. If that is the case, the Falcons could franchise tag Hooper and then workout a deal. If not, then trade him to another team for some picks.
  8. Paying Hooper is not a big huge deal because the CAP can be so manipulated. Hooper has a great chemistry with Matt Ryan and he is a hard working guy. You cannot replace players like him who are great team players and great fit for the system. If Matty Ice and the Falcons want him back badly, it will get done. Matty is a big advocate for Hooper- he is going to lobby indirectly to keep him. Restructure Julio and cut Freeman, you are good. If Neal could be cut, then go for it. Restructure Mack contract and maybe Tru....
  9. I can say logically speaking that Neal’s contract will be tweaked... can they also do a settlement for injuries even with the 5th year option in-play? I don’t know that answer... Neal is not worth $6.5 million at this moment, and he has no leverage in the market. It sucks for him, but it is life. He can still make $2-3 million and let him show that he can play without any injuries.
  10. Rework Neal’s 5th year option. He is not worth that amount after 2 major injuries. They should give him a new contract with 2-3 year option based on incentives around how many games played. His market value is about $2-3 million at this moment due to Two major injuries with 2 seasons. He hasn’t played for almost 2 seasons with injuries happening in the beginning of each season. Get him a base contract around $3 million with incentives. He has no open leverage in the open market. This will also give them so cap relieve. Tru’s contract and Julio’s contract can be tweaked and lowering Cap space. Alex Mack will be modified because the cap hit is too high for a player of his age. They can extend him for 2 seasons lowering his cap hit. The Falcons have ways to create space and I’m not really worried about it— they just have to get creative.
  11. He is always injuried— time for him to retire. I would rather have a young TE, than a veteran that misses a few games each season.
  12. You just created more holes for the team. You cannot just replace players via draft—drafts are no guarantees and it is a big time gambling. If you can keep certain veterans on your team, then you find a way to keep them. Im telling you the Cap thing is an imaginary boundary that can be tweaked and manipulated. TD himself said it that they should be okey, but with a few challenges on the roster.
  13. Mack is too important to cut him. They need him him and he is still good. 2021 will be dealt when it becomes an issue a year from now.
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