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  1. He never said he is out of Atlanta specifically, he could have meant that he is out of Dallas and leave the rest towards the imagination. Julio is smart and he is not going to show his cards- this puts pressure on the Falcons to say something publicly- either the trade is going to happen or he is going to be a Falcon. Media loves drama and they got it... Julio could be playing with the media as well.
  2. I think the Falcons are going to beat the Bucs in the 2nd week- the Bucs might be out of sync and SuperBowl syndrome. As we know teams that win SuperBowl don’t perform well the next season and most have missed the playoffs. If Atlanta defense sees uptick, Atlanta will beat the Bucs with that power offense
  3. The most far away road game is San Fran. All of our road games are close to us. That is not going to be a major factor- Tampa, Carolina, New Orleans, Miami, NY, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and Dallas are all not that far from Atlanta.
  4. Cowboys week 2 is what I’m seeing... Which makes sense- you get the NFC East out of the way...
  5. Cowboys week 2 is what I’m seeing... Wixu makes sense- you get the NFC East out of the way... Cowboys is what I’m hearing which makeS sense by clearing the NFC East...
  6. Cowboys week 2 is what I’m seeing... Wixu makes sense- you get the NFC East out of the way...
  7. Week 1: Philly Week 2: Week 3 @NY Week 4 Washington Oct 10th: Jets (London) Week 11: Patriots (TNF)
  8. Sting embraced classical music as well. His classical albums did very well on the classical charts. His Lute Album sold over 1.5 million copies which is amazing for classical charts. He also released this symphony album and this one was recorded in Berlin.... This is a fantastic concert and shows that Sting can do Opera, theatre, classical, jazz, rock, pop, and reggae. He is one of a kind artist...
  9. Rodgers is sick of being in Green Bay- he is looking for excuses to get out and play in the west. It has nothing to do with weapons.
  10. They have better intel than the keyboard GM’s on this board- this guy can play safety and CB. He is athletic and fast and cover real estate real quick.
  11. Grady was an exception- the chances of getting good players dwindles as you get to 5 and higher rounds. Most of those players eventually get cut or end up on the practice squad. Only just a few make it to be starters and become good players.
  12. Read the title- I had a scenario for Round 3 and Round 4.
  13. Mayfield is a perfect fit for the Falcons scheme and playbook- he is the type of player they need- strong and athletic OL that can block and open the lanes for the Running game.
  14. Round 4 my friend, not around 3. You can find some good value picks in Round 4.
  15. We don’t need those 3 picks in the round 5- purge them into 1 draft and move to the 4th round. I would love to see 3 4th round picks- this way we can finish the draft on a high note.
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