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  1. Julio still has two years left on his contract— he cannot be too wishy washy— The Falcons Should be able to bring his Cap space down for the next 2 years allowing more moves. VIC has no levarge, he has too renegotiate at a lower salary. Grady’s contract should be a Cap friendly contract.
  2. Sanu production is not going to drop— the guy is a horse and works hard. They will probably extend his contract and bring his cap down. This guy will be good for another 3-4 years. He is a very good complimentary player.
  3. This is not a Patriot style to dump so many picks on one player. Atlanta is not going to trade Julio because he is the centerpiece of this offense.
  4. Julio is the top receiver in the game—he can do whatever he wants to because he delivers. Matt Ryan is set and no worries on his end. The other players are replaceable and no one has the leverage like Julio— he is the Beast and a Superstar.
  5. DQ likes VIC and so does the team. I believe they will keep him. With DQ on the helm again on the Defense, it work favorable for VIC. He knows no team is going to pay him 10+ million a year. He is a Mid-Tier player with MV around $6-$7 million a year. I expect we are going to hear about the restructure very shortly. If he wants more, then the Falcons will release him before FA starts allowing the Falcons to go after another FA or bring help to other areas.
  6. The cap space will increase: Julio contract will bring more space VIC’s restructure contract will net a few more millions Alex Mack contract will be restructured and giving him so more incentive. Trufant is the worst contract on the book—they will restructure his contract with some incentives and signing bonuses. RS has no leverage— they could restructure his with incentives based on performance. We could easily be over $50 million in Cap space with all of these moves. The Falcons will have a lot of money to make some moves. It they can accomplish all of this, they can keep Coleman as well.
  7. Not Neal man— they have him for 5 years. Jones will be extended next year, and Hooper. Campbell is not going to be a big priorty and they may get him for a reasonable price. Stop worrying about things that don’t make sense. The Falcons are not worried about those contracts this year.
  8. VIC is Dan Q protege and he will keep him. They will work on restructuring and find a way to keep him. They will give him a signing bonus and plus incentives. His Salary will be $7-8 million. JJ contract is not an issue— they will work something out, plus he still has 2 years left on his contract. Ryan Schraeder will be cut...Don’t be surprised to see one more or two cuts.
  9. The bad karma from bounty hunting and Vodoo magic caught them in the rear...
  10. So Happy!!! They get away with a lot of Voodoo calls at their home.
  11. Robert Alford could be a good back-up with a restructured contract— he is familiar with the schemes and a good insurance policy. He has no leverage because of how he played last season, and he might be desperate to stick around at a cheaper rate. This might help his game to be rotational player in Dan Q system.
  12. No it wan’t. Julio extended contract will be cap friendly and more with added bonus. Stop hyperventilating something that is not true.
  13. When was the last time the Bucs were in the playoffs? They are always hyped, but never deliver. The Bucs are not going to win anything with the Winston boy...
  14. Mike Tomlin has too much ego and I cannot stand him. DQ is a much better Coach because he is more level headed and not like a loud mouthpiece like Tomlin.
  15. The guy had the #3 offense with the Bucs... We are way too judgemental and too subjective at times. If Matt Ryan wants Dirk, then so be it. The man has experience and knows how to be Coordinator. Matt Ryan doesn’t need new schemes because now he has mastered this system from Kyle. Dirk will provide the same template for Matt. He is the best available choice for the Falcons...