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  1. I think Ziggy is good and your assessment could be accurate but we rely on pressure as a team and front so while he may be better individually, he alone will not be a bigger factor than our front. Also to that point... Matthews is NOT Flowers and I will leave it at that. Overall I expect every team to give us their best +1 each week. As a fan I dont take any one lightly and neither does this squad...... With that being PC..... PH-UCK D-town, Falcons ROLL!! ...... that is all sir. lol
  2. Congrats man!!!! Glad to know you are raising them right lol! Tell mom its ALL GAS so that baby dont miss kickoff lol! God bless you all and RISE UP!!! #babybirds
  3. I love the slogan tho. Its brings out emotions jus saying it. And as noted... this team has no issue with all gas on any opponent. We wont overly embarrass anyone but we wont feel sorry bout 40burgers either.
  4. Like i said before, as a Vet i truly see that same mindset in our building!! Playing for something greater than yourself! Selfless sacrifice!! And a sheer will to not be out worked or out played! No quit #allgas
  5. HOOOAHHH!!! Rock of the Marne BROTHER!!! And im so proud too!! I love each nd every player nd fan #inbrotherhood stand up!
  6. Army vet myself and this is why ppl dont get how truly good this team can and will be!!! Even down to things like the hats with "ALL GAS" or last yr the shirts. Quinn was asked where can you buy them and his answer was... YOU CANT, YOU GOTTA EARN THESE! I tell ppl that when they ask what mall i got my dog tags!!! This bond is unbreakable and unknow to those that have never been put thru it! Cant wait til Sunday!!!! Bring em on.... ALL OF EM AND ANY OF EM!!!
  7. Poor Calvin's Two Urban Licks Daddy D's Bankhead Seafood Mary Mac Tea room Busy B's Del Frisco's...... need I continue?! Trust me im a chef lol
  8. Mad shout out to your Grandfather and my apologies to the OP for high jackin the thread...... I do love the cleats and I love the patriotism shown. I only wish one day the dream of MLK to come to fruition and maybe we can champion all the issues of this nation with the same fervor!... That said, I gotta go down to west end and get a pair of chuck's painted up like this. lol
  9. Grandfather was 82nd Airborne in Korean War, Dad 2nd Marine Recon 3 tours Vietnam and I joined 9/16/01 at 19y/o for front line duty FA and went first wave into both Afghan and Iraq.... I know all to well the debt that all men pay, and it seems we both have skin in the game so as a brother in arms i tip my cap (slight smitty ref in nature of this week) and appreciate u putting boot to a$$ like I have! With that said, GO FALCONS and God bless!
  10. Amen!!! That is why I stand with both. I stand with the honorable men and women who serve today, I stood on 9/11 with my country, and I stand (metaphoric) with Kap while on a knee. God bless it all and GO FALCONS!!!
  11. I always ask.... I did too. And Im far from new to the boards I just never post. And I did serve as well. I feel we all can have an opinion but I honestly tend to give credence to those that have skin n the game. As both a veteran and a black man I am not conflicted but committed.
  12. I agree with the pic and the post but how is he not doing it right? He has not taken a knee on 9/11 (yet, im sure he will). But again, that olympic protest was greeted with the same vice rile as Kap today. Never a good time or way to protest. God bless Kap and God bless America.
  13. C'mon bro.... you feel how u feel and I salute both! What Kap is doing is just as commendable as Sanu's tribute! And before you get high and mighty... did u serve or are you just among the many American's who has respect but never wore the uniform? Not a diss just love hearing the rhetoric from those that never served speaking for everyone.
  14. Uh..... No he wasn't. TD didnt want Rex, blank did! This was well documented. That is why we got Smith. TD felt he could work with him better but Blank liked Rex. Blank let his GM make his pick and now he is living with it.
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