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  1. I take that, just wanted to be clear. And again, yes that may be shown on every channel coast to coast as a signal to POTUS but it should not stop someone! Look u dont want to, fine dont. But this is honestly a good compromise for those that find kneeling so disrespectful. To me, its a way to show support for the cause against injustice, still stand and respect (if u feel thats the only way to respect) and shows a brotherhood... sad that so many will # the ish outta brotherhood but wont do it when it comes down to it! Jus saying... if u go to someone house and they join hands and bow heads to say grace do you say “naw, that’s disrespectful”. Or does looking like an opposer of POTUS mean that much?! No need to answer it was rhetorical but Thats pretty sad!
  2. And i am an iraqi freedom vet, son of a vietnam vet (NOT A BITC H!) and the grandson or a korean war vet.... i will respect the flag JUST LIKE THOSE PROTESTING feel inside but make no mistake I AM A BLACK MAN before any of that other stuff!
  3. First, last I checked the falcons started this in this method to show both respect for the flag AND provide support for the cause. While I understand there is a clear signal to POTUS in the gesture that is not why they ask us to do it. Secondly, if noone chooses to lock arms as fans i am totally fine with that, my question was how is it disrespectful; to ask OR to do. Everyone is treating it as also disrespecting the flag so im inquiring as to how that could be. Last and most importantly... dont call names cause i have been nothing but respectful to everyone here and dont get the post count twisted thinkin im a newbie cause i broke bread wit the OG Cap during the Vick days! I dont think its productive or helpful to call names or disrespect each other. As fans of the same team and as God’s children we can do better!
  4. U forgot /purp..ill let it slide tho.... that said I dont want to drag anyone in anything cause it aint about either of them. Its much bigger than them and is also not either of their faults. Ur comment tho was a clear swipe at him but its cool... u can have that.
  5. This is EXACTLY WHY i ask the questions i ask!!! U get outraged at kneeling ok then lock arms.... u mad at that too now... not a peep about him disrespecting the flag himself by speaking that way of a vet!.... i truly would like to hear the logic but noone is giving me any.
  6. Bruh.... what?!?! Was this just an attempt to name drop Obama with some dirt?! Bruh move on that man is not pres any more. We are left with who we got so deal and plz stop throwing around Obama’s name. Cmon man
  7. I dont know what mean mean by the phrase but ok great! Thank you. That phrase can go a few ways and I wont assume your meaning or your background. Those things are greatbut it does not mean that is all. Also, how will us as fans lovking arms be in ANY WAY disrespectful
  8. Also..... lemme get this straight.... so its disrespectful to kneel during the anthem so our team stands nd locks arms LIKE BROTHERS and they ask us fans to do the same and THAT IS STILL SOMEHOW WRONG ND DISRESPECTFUL?!?? Lol wow.... can someone help me see the logic or justification to still bit$h
  9. For all those that wont lock arms... what exactly WILL u do to protest injustice or do u honestly not give a dam?! I hear soooooooo many people say they dont like the protests and that they know about injustice and its wrong and they agree but they just dont want the flag disrespected. To those of you like this I humbly ask, how will you express your protest for injustice then??..... or is it just lip service and nice to say after misguided anger over falsely perceived disrespect to our flag?
  10. Naw im talkin cash ish cause everyone in the red nd black is a HOF to me so i really was gassed up myself lol! I really am happy to have him back tho.
  11. Glad to have him back but it is only the practice squad so... slow the role on TG18 2.0..... let that man be RB 1.0 lol
  12. To me the biggest issue is that the O still looks a lil rusty in some spots and out of sync but that is a good thing too. A chance to get better each day nd each game and 3-4 yrs ago we LOST these games instead of cashing in W’s so...
  13. And they can take a knee during not after.... defeats the purpose after but again, I'll play the merry-go-round game lol.
  14. And those that have an issue can just walk in after the anthem or tune in after as well.... works both ways.
  15. I got approached by a rep in a Wal-Mart to try and switch services and they have Xfinity there too... If I were you I would just let them fight over my biz and game DTV outta some free channels lol.
  16. In the words of Eazy-E... "Man... they paid for them MF'ers.... I dont care wat they do, lol". Burning something you paid for is not a message but they say the same about kneeling. I respect everyone's choices I only wish we could have a dialouge and understanding but... Im a vet too but...
  17. Shout out to the OP for a dope entry to the boards. I really want the Falcons to keep progressing with the run game like they did last game and I need Matt to hit on some the misses he had last week. I am interested in how we handle THIS type of QB. The last few ran to create opportunities in the passing game and were not threats to take off and hurt you. Taylor can get chunks at a time and is an extention of their run game. Of course we want to run up the score to take them outta the run and make them 1 dimensional. The problem becomes Taylor pulling it down to run in obvious passing situations. Im glad our team Defense has more speed to contend and that he is not as big or hard to bring down since our tackling has been a tad off.
  18. I wish ppl would stop this!! I have NO ISSUE cause they are not disrespecting any flag or service member! The protest is to get ppl to final realize, accept and TALK ABOUT the issues. I would sit or kneel too and before u say it, i AM a war vet! I JOINED sept 16, 2001! I have 3 generations of front line fighting in wars but before AND AFTER being an American I AM a black man. I would proudly go fight again but i def understand why they kneel
  19. I jus love that our team GENUINELY does things for ppl nd the community. The brotherhood is a fellowship and a covenant! It comes from a place of the Most High; this team has a destiny. #biggerthanball
  20. Lol.... its a message board so nothing here is personal wit me. While this is close to home being a war vet.... never personal. And as I said, i totally understood u nd where u were goin, just found the analogy inaccurately placed but thats my take. No harm nor love loss bruh.
  21. I was with you til the McCain reference. I understand what you meant and where you were going but one has nothing to do with the other. That comment was utter disrespect and made by someone who that it was a cool punchline for stroking his own ego.... It was not of the frame of mind of winners and losers or that mentality. Those that heard it were either appauled or ok cause they themselves dont understand the depths of how stupid that sounds! Not going political by any means just saying I get where you were going with that, just dont see that as the same. Winners and losers, ABSOLUTELY the American way. Those comments.... just saying.
  22. Huh?!?..... First off Beasley is out for sure and last and most importantly, they never go against each other.... or did you mean /purp?
  23. Their D line is good but I believe even with our issues on the right side we will call plays to compensate (chip out the backfield, cut block with quick throws to that side, etc.). Stafford is similar to Rogers and we had a great plan for him. I think our backers can cover their TE's enough to give our line time to get to him. He has happier feet than Rogers and when he moves and doesnt have a clear site he doesnt look downfield as much as Rogers, he lets his TE's and Tate catch underneath. The one thing I saw in that game against NY is that if we can tattoo some people but be sure tacklers, I dont think they can hang with us. Im not afraid of their D and their O is opportunistic, not innovative. I see a similar game as the one we just had against Green Bay but I wont feel comfortable till we ge four zeroes on the clock.
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