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  1. Look, this thread started by saying Matt isnt weak cause he is having twins and how Sark is a turd stain in a jockstrap... Look man simply put, players are paid more than coaches for a reason! Coaches call plays yes but Shanny calling that play in the SB didnt make Julio have that INSANE catch. Simply put, yes some plays could be better designed and I think they will with this season over and another full offseason to iron it out but PLEASE STOP with this madness! Our super short handed D overcame it all and stood the F*ck up! Our O has done this time and time again all year and at the end of the day the players need to step up and perform! PERIOD!! Matt was not on a high level at all today, and O as a whole didnt seem hungry enough. Our D played like they had their manhood challenged and they did what a real man does. I love my team but this O seemed to lack that KILL ANYTHING ELSE attitude. 4 more to go, now lets go GET EM!!! Starting with the taints this is KILLING SEASON.... LEH GO!!!
  2. If the victim is a senior citizen then it could be cruelty to the elderly which is a felony as well as it can be upgraded to agg assault..... Not for sure NC has adopted this as a law but for sure we woulda hooked him on up in GA!
  3. This is why I love our fans!!! Yall silly af!! I am over here crying.
  4. I mean again... if you have time to point you have time to bring that arm up nd block. Bish move not sucker punch. Also, dont point in ppl face cause this very well could happen. Not saying he brought it on himself or nothing cause this was all on the lil punk that thought he was Mr. Get Bad. Just saying it adds to what I mean that he should have been ready for it to get real! My dad is 70 and if that happened to him that kid woulda got a good taste of a real Marine! I guess I was raised and trained different but that is why I dont start ish but I stay ready, PLEASE BELIEVE.
  5. If I could hug you brother I would! God is so amazing and he gives us his angels only for moments in time. It doesnt bring your brother back but my Granny always says God takes the most special the earliest! Must have been a special lil dude! F*CK man jus really pray for you and your fam.
  6. Thats even worse!!! dam bruh!!! I saw the eagles hat on the dude that broke it up so I assumed.... Lemme jus say I love yall man.... if you bleed red and black like me I ride for you all! This is crazy to turn on your fellow brother like that over what?!?! Man I love yall #BROTHERHOOD
  7. Yup.... and he is bout to be somebody's b*tch in a min!!! Full diet of tossed salad and pain steak! lol.... on some real I have tapped a few ppl out for punk azz ish like this! I hate bullies and worse hate ppl that think they are too bad to get beat down! I wont fight over myself but I will totally fire off over summ like this. Really hope the older dude is ok.
  8. U are nicer than me.... I was thinking more like having John Coffey and Wild Bill as cellmates taking turns but.....
  9. Its some sucka azz ish but not a sucker punch.... jus cause you dont wanna fight dont me you shouldnt be ready to protect yourself! I dont like to fight and I avoid it at all costs but I absolutlely protect myself and will end it quick! I trained to "make it home" not be passive. Dude was a real bish for hitting an older guy.
  10. I guess we can agree to disagree on the hit being a sucker punch I was always taught and trained to be ready.... I think everyone is misunderstanding me as well cause If I were the dude that stopped it in that video I would beat the brakes off that punk for doing some sucka ish! Like i said I dont think it was a sucker punch but it was a real bish azz move. And it becomes agg assault if done to a minor or senior (depending on the state) so yea... he can get in some real trouble. Like I said, I was raised to stand up for those that cant stand up for themselves. That man didnt deserve to get touched at all. I would have banged that other dude out just off GP for being a *****.
  11. NOT WRONG.... Look Im not condoning the guy getting punched but I hate when people say sucker punch. If you are in an argument (started it, walked into it whatever) you gotta be prepared is all Im saying. Call it semantics with words but that just me and my training talking. That man shoulda stood the minute it started to escalate. Not right to hit someone for no reason but that is not a sucker punch because you didnt respect the G in the other guy or think he was really bout that life.
  12. First off its not a sucker punch if we are facing each other... boxing rule and life rule number 1: Keep your hands up and protect yourself at all times! Second, this was philly... same folks that banged on Santa and do this to others that visit constantly so they cant say a word.... All that said, this is why I dont do live games thugs dont know how to act. This is really stupid to get that mad and worked up over a game bruh!!!
  13. This is exactly what I meant. I dont concede anything to any of those teams. Not cocky but if we keep our own ish tight then other teams fear us... not the other way around. Lets take care of Miami and worry about tomorrow when it comes!
  14. I never said it did have an impact at all. Last I checked none of us suit up on sunday for the team so we cant influence any outcome lol.... The point I was making is even as fans to simply compartmentalize and be in the moment. I honestly look at each week a new and I dont pay attention to who is next after this week's opponent. With that said, I am not afraid of any team and I can easily see where we can get our W from each week. Whether it happens that way or not is left for the team on the field but I dont concede anything to anyone!
  15. As stated, every game is a must win. As fans I think we look too far in the future. Lets get THIS win first and worry about the next one next. That is how we did it last year and what made us a success. I hope this bye was used to sort some things out and tighten some things up. A blow out may make fans feel good this week but caution that and look closer. I want to see fixes and things that show me we are sustainable in our efforts from last year and not creatures of happenstance.
  16. I was not comparing casualties and concussions but i understand what you mean. Also i did not mean science should do nothing at all, just that prevention is an impossible feat. Decreasing the severity is def great but what about those that get them consistently? Also since the severity cant be completely assessed until post mortum it is hard to truly guage hpw effective all the science is. As i said, i really hope they can do summ bout it but it wont be eliminated from the game no more than the INJURIES i was speaking ok.
  17. Like wat ya did here sir.... lol that said, im a Chi-town native so my G wont let me cheer for GB ever!
  18. I dont do score but I think Julio goes off in front of the home crowd and if you think Sanu doesnt want some get back for that drop last week.... I totally respect the Bills D but I think we give it to them from every angle this week.... NO KY nd thats #beantalk
  19. TBH it is a collision sport and the simple math and physics makes it nearly impossible to prevent. Even reduction is relative to each individual. This is similar to any of us vet who have hearing issues or back and knee issues. Its an occupational issue that comes with the territory. I truly wish there was a fix same as I wish my brothers and sisters in arms had fixes for their issues too but its what you are and its part of the life you choose. Many can never understand it but its a sacrifice and you pay that tax GLADLY because it is who you are.
  20. For me I would say Bryant Young for getting this D line to produce and get pressure without having to blitz alot. The rush may not always get home but we have way better pressure than in any year I can think back to.
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