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  1. U must not have watched the game because Keenum didnt win that one... our Offense gave that one away! Our D held them to 14 and while they gave up too many yards and waaaaaay too much TOP to them we had way too many chances to win and simply pizzed it away.
  2. So again.... our Defense stiffled them!!! Why could our Offense not do this again?!?! All that OC talk is nonsense our loss was based on execution or lack there of! Same as many others and almost happened on Thursday. I love my birds but if the O can step up and simply do their parts we will win out and the NFC too.
  3. Its cool cause his own wife and son have an ATown shrine in their closets too so... she is an Atown homegrown girl and thanks to Future, their son has a beautiful MR hanging up there! Lmfao.... that was the best and most petty troll job i can remember
  4. And the picture session in our endzone! Love what free is doin! Rest of the team should take notes nd man da fuq up! Aint no Beyotch in the blood over here! Cant wait for 2 weeks! Idk what our future holds for this season or the playoffs but this ugly win ill take and look forward to 2 weeks to put the pain stick on them again!
  5. Boi stop!!! Lol 3 picks is lack of preparation.... Sarks fault again lmfao!!!! Boy i tell ya
  6. No disrespect wit my comment bro but plz stop this. To anyone watching you just sound like you have an ax to grind or a personal issue...... as i type this another almost pick! Cmon man please stop with the Sark hate bro
  7. Bro did Sark bang ur lady and use all the milk and last bowl of cereal in ur crib or summ?! You keep goin on this Sark thing man?! How can you spin that wit a straight face while watching THIS GAME?!?!
  8. So..... im waiting to hear how this is on OC Sark and how i gave too much blame to Ryan..... this is ugly AF!!!!
  9. That may be true but not this many each season... i love Matt and this is not all on him but c’mon man. An off game or 2 yes.... we are 12 games in and i can count bout 5-7 bad games for him. Also i cant tell you a game this year that MATT made us win more like he helped at best but none that he “made” our team winners.... this season i mean
  10. I saw this one and soon as it happened i knew it was kinda bad. He couldnt get up at all like he was trying but just couldnt get up. Pollack’s career was cutshort early for similar type hit. I pray this aint the same. God bless to him nd his fam
  11. I pray a speedy recovery nd that God blesses his life and family! This too is a brotherhood and when one of us is down we all feel it. I have faith that God rules all nd knows all and he can heal all. I jus hope he gets better soon, keep up the good fight brother!
  12. Bruh wat does that have to do with THIS game?! Cmon fam let it go. I give u Sark can improve but this one was on the moe’s and joe’s not the x’s and o’s.
  13. Idk where it started but im not wit the drama like that. We all love the red nd black so never gonna be beef from my end.
  14. Ur hoping and im PRAYING lol but we on the same page
  15. Im rational and i didnt heaitate with my answer and it was from a fan but also realistic stand point... if we step up on Offense we win yesterday... our D played LIGHTS OUT and has been the end of the yr holding opp to feild goals nd such. Bottom line we get our own ish together there is noone that stops us nd noone I fear! So Yes we can, nd YES WE WILL run it!
  16. But u comin at me hella hostile lol.... b easy bruh its all love fam. Lmao... if we agree then cool if we dont then we can keep it pushin nd keep it pimpin.... in ley terms if we are agreeing then lets agree, if not then tomatoe tomatoe..... i dont act like anything. I am who i am nd dont need validation. Ur right its a message board which is why i dont do lip service or thug fingers lmao..... jus b easy
  17. Yes! F anyone wearing the wrong color!
  18. Yup! Exactly what I was saying!!! Calls were good enough to win even an ugly game so miss me with that Sark noise.
  19. For the last part... easy cowboy. Dont get testy or make more of my comment then it was. Im not one with or to stand for keyboard courage so man to man it was said in jest but lets keep it there, mmmk'ay. To your point you did not say I solely blamed Matt but then I ask, show me where or how I gave him too much blame?! Who was throwing passes above heads or in the dirt?! Who got happy feet at times he could have held on or slide or drove the pocket and made a play?! Who tossed it over Free's head when he coulda ran it or made a better throw?! Last I checked he did that unless I was watching a different game. That's all I blamed him for. We need to stop this Matt can do no wrong crap.... He is THE guy of this team. In the words of T.O. "Thats my quarterback" so yes I support him good or bad but please stop... I gave him the blame he deserves for this one. I blamed all the players on the O and no not so much on the coordinator because his playcalling put you in position to get AT LEAST one more score than them.... Id rather eat a Bone's or Rathbun's ribeye but the one at Long Horn is still good enough and still satisfies my bottom line which is hunger! You stand by what you said and so do I, we cool chief!
  20. This tag team thing is cute.... but show me where I solely blamed Ryan.... Go ahead I'll wait... EXACTLY! I wont argue points or trade barbs but players play. Simply put. Yes you can have better coaching and plays but when what is called is fine (not great but good enough) you need to execute! As a soldier when I am told to engage and I miss the shot is that on my superior or on me?! Read what I said again then get at me but I love this team and everyone on it or in the organization so I would never crap on anyone of them. The facts are facts though and the fact is the OFFENSIVE PLAYERS did not perform well enough to win and that is on them! In the Army we say "I was properly trained, however I failed to perform or execute". Our players are stand up guys and they say this in their own words each week but again... there is getting it done and there is EVERYTHING ELSE! Simple as that.
  21. I see your point but last I checked Sark didnt tell Ryan to under or overthrow guys... he didnt make guys run routes behind the sticks... he didnt make Matt get happy feet in some cases... he didnt drop good balls and he didnt cause the penalties. Yes he could be better and I think he will but point is he was good enough yesterday at his job to give us 15points (one more than the other guys). Our D did it! They rose to the challenge! Im a soldier so to me its simple.... there is getting it done and there is EVERYTHING ELSE! No more podium talk just go F*uk up someones day wit the wrong color jersey on!
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