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  1. I didnt question anyone's fandom nor did i say you were not a fan if you stay in the irrational thoughts... i was simply sayin that i die hard with my birds! Good or bad win or lose. And I even said I criticize them as well but im here and aint going anywhere.
  2. I moved here from Chicago 25yrs ago... this has been my team ever since! I have been thru the bad and the good! Folks get on here and complain about a coach that has never had a losing season for us and 2 of the 3 years has given us a superbowl appearance and a bad play call from a 2nd superbowl appearance! Yall complain about Sark but he was the greatest thing since sliced bread a week ago! Im a true fan! A real fan! Not a spoiled brat wit a tantrum and a keyboard!! Yes I want wins, yes I want a championship but turning on MY guys is not an answer. I am upset. I am disappointed. But life goes on! Now if I ruffled any feathers on this.... OH WELL! I wont apologize! Either stand with us or get run over! Simple as that! Either you are a true fan and can deal with the ups AND the downs or dont! I love this team, I love my city! If you feel the same then we ARE BROTHERS. No room for the weak. FILA ALL DAY! If you dont know then you not really an ATLien! Rise da FUQ up!!!!!!
  3. Been on the boards since 02 maybe it was 03 but .... been a min!
  4. We all said keanu was a reach.... til he showed up day one in red nd black! Its only a reach if he is not a good player at a need position. U take the best guard on the board period. If we move up or trade players for a pick it had better be for a major difference maker and it better be right or else someone may not have a job next season.
  5. Feux (french it is pronounced YOU DAM RIGHT) YEAH!!! .... and yes I went there, no love loss!
  6. 1. Clown to you is not clown to his teammates... obv. 2. Accused and again, multiple ppl in that car and was reported super late but i give you this one. 3. Broke college kid... KID being main word (stupid nonetheless). 4. Suspended in college dont count in pros so..... again i just think its a bit much how some on these boards go after folks like they do. Sorry but you lost me when you used Ray Lewis as your argument of a model but cant use the murder he was around or involved in as a knock while wagging your finger at a college kid for stealing crab legs. Jus sayin bro. And for the record i want them all on my squad cause I dont pay to see you volunteer at the CHOA on Tuesday, i pay to see the beast in you come out on the field.
  7. I mean maybe it doesnt do it for you.... heck maybe it wears thin on his entire team but I see his team dog themselves for him on that field. And the only off field stuff I know of bad is the crablegs (not in NFL) and this uber ride with friends coming after months and months. No excuses about it but I just think to each their own. I dont want him as the face of my franchise now cause we have Matt but I wouldnt have been mad to have him after the Vick years. Its a moot point anyway since he dont play for my side so.....
  8. Evans=ur right, DJ=not like vintage and was hurt early, Howard=hurt right after DJ on first TD early 1st quarter..... that wasnt the point but this is ur answer.
  9. Why?! He plays his heart out and aside from being a poor college kids wanting a seafood dinner, he has been good for his city and community..... lot of folks on here kill me wit comments like these. The man does crazy ish on the field but his team responds to it! He bout beat our azz wit half a line, no premier rb and no options to throw to! I hate any other teams players cause they dont play for MY TEAM! Aside from that, i can respect a competitor and wont make blanket statements like this but to each his own. Cant tell u as a man how to feel but real recognize real and i would love anyone with the heart or drive like that dude.
  10. Fam, way to hold it down and rep the city! Leh go!!!! Bird Gang all day!
  11. French Montana said it best.... “I AINT WORRIED BOUT NUNN!!!” I really think our team has confidence and knows that if they play just better than they have, not even their best, they can win the remaining games. That is an honest fact! Now its time for them to go in and do it. Execute
  12. Thats cold... why you gotta bring up old stuff doe?! Lmao
  13. Yea def! I trust our staff in drafting D but the book is still out for Offensive linemen. TD has a terrible record here for picking OL and DQ really hasnt picked any (2 total i think). No more offseason talk tho... we gonna win! (Waterboy voice)
  14. This was the one gripe i had wit the OC nd that was this! Hopefully by next season and with a looooooong sit down with matt like shanny did they can create more plays that feature each player. We still shoulda won it tho but i totally agree with you.
  15. Oh well fuq em! Fuq em all, leave the bodies and let the paramedics sort em out!
  16. Funchess with a nice grab over the GOAT (totally sarcastically)... why couldnt Julio do this?! Ugh!!!
  17. Yes sir!!!! Kinda ticks me off more watching it cause we shoulda beat them both and look how well we can do WITHOUT all the pieces.
  18. This^^^ First off slow down with that keyboard courage dude i didnt come at u side ways so lets keep it respectful... second i qouted another poster cause they read wat i did, you spoke of him personally not about his play so i commented. Last i checked this was still a free country (least it was when i came back from my deployment) i made a simple comment. No need to use language with me but obviously you think its ok to talk like this towards those you dont know. Lol all good bro u got it
  19. I did too and i saw bad throws, bad qb and line play and too many drops by recievers. Any 1 of those falls in place right and we score at least 1 TD and we not even having this convo.... i cant show one play as it was drawn up that makes us lose that game.
  20. So you really see the play calling as the reason we lost that game? Got it...
  21. So u know him personally?! Or is this what you see on Sunday?! I hate him cause he is on the wrong squad but he never gets in trouble and he is a model and great guy for his city! Maybe know someone before passing such a statement as fact.
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