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  1. 1 minute ago, 804_Falconfan said:

    Yeah. I'm not too sure how much of the article I actually believe but it's something that's out there and you know how these things can spring up again come draft time. 

    Big facts! I just hate that anyone can drop anything and it replay like insider gospel lol

  2. This i dont get... chargers coach sounds pissed nd scared for his job! Washington coach the same!..... before you can get on the dang plane you already give him a pass AB?!?! WTF?!?! This is why we will keep sucking! Sorry players except a few and no coach is scared and he wont make the hard decision to cut the cord cause it doesn’t “look” nice?! They wont get another dollar from me til a superbowl. Dead serious

  3. I think folks here are knit pickin quinn presser. He looked irritated nd pissed nd said wat he said. He wasnt wrong at all nd end of the day yall need to get over wanting folks to come sound more cheery or watever the smell yall want. End of the day, he didnt do his part in preparing the team nd even worse, he didnt reign them in with the penalties as they kept hurting us (BOTH SIDES)!!!! Sometimes u gotta burn a time out and get everyone in check! They just are not in sync. Luckily we are at game 3 nd have time but until i see change drastically on a consistent basis i am still critical of this team, staff and even upper management for this constant sub-par play!

  4. On 7/11/2019 at 6:00 PM, dawgsjw said:

    And allah bless you with 9 virgins on your make it to those golden skreets in the sky.  

    Maybe i missed the history on this convo but..... this is super excessive nd offensive! Maybe its an inside joke but im not laughing. Yall ban folks for all kinda stuff but allow this?!?! Again maybe its an inside harmless thing?!

  5. 16 hours ago, Falcons_Frenzy said:

    It makes me sick when players complain about the side effects of playing football. Like they didn't know running full blast at each other and colliding was unsafe? Same thing with the retired ones suing. Everyone knows what they sign up for when they play the game of football. It's not like this is a new ban on marijuana that started 5 years ago. All I hear is a pity party from Irving. People know they can't smoke it in the NFL. However that doesn't stop them from taking a boatload of money then complaining about it. What's next? Are police officers going to demand to smoke pot and sue because their job is unsafe? 

    Bruh... most do! Retired or not they smoke! Nd it is therapeutic for some and I have personally seen the healing nd help for guys who are in pain mentally and even physically. I dont use any drugs at all but as a vet nd a chef, many of my clients who are pro’s smoke or use cbd to help get their body back on track. Nd my vet brothers use it for PTSD. Get out ya feelings bruh. Nd again... i dont use at all nd never have but i see first hand people’s “ excuses” that are reasons to use.

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