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  1. Um…. How many times did he slide left or right nd avoid a sack or simply muscle out?! Quite a few and he had pressure on him WAAAAY before our line decided to turn into turnstiles. So what game did u watch bruh
  2. Been on the boards since 01. I was a youngster and I remember meeting capologist outside the NEWLY built gates at the branch and talking Vick nd superbowl nd my boy that was tryna make the team…. Im still young (38) but I rarely post. Ur right, summ dif and died in the boards. But im still here.
  3. Big facts! I just hate that anyone can drop anything and it replay like insider gospel lol
  4. Besides running on and onto start, this article quoted someone that contradicts himself. Dude says he is not a leader and blah blah and then says teammates will definitely follow him????! Yea ...... um...... uh..... errrrummuh..... 😳
  5. Exactly! When they look good its big red, when they sus then its brother EB?! Riiiiiight!
  6. U tried a bit too hard on making the title clever bro... lmao that said, im great with this move and glad we are doing what we can within the limits of not yet having a new regime.
  7. Oh u mean the one foot tap then elbow out that counts as 2 steps and a football move in bounds totally?! U mean that catch/purp
  8. Yea idk wat anything is these days! Holding, late hits, PI.... now this crap!!!! Both these teams are bad enough, u dont gotta help them like this!
  9. Can we start a pinned topic we can drop names and ideas for the offseason? Seeing as this staff has poo poo’d the bed on this one. Still a fan nd still go hard for my birds but im a realist nd its time to look to the future to stay positive.
  10. This i dont get... chargers coach sounds pissed nd scared for his job! Washington coach the same!..... before you can get on the dang plane you already give him a pass AB?!?! WTF?!?! This is why we will keep sucking! Sorry players except a few and no coach is scared and he wont make the hard decision to cut the cord cause it doesn’t “look” nice?! They wont get another dollar from me til a superbowl. Dead serious
  11. Hate to say it but im on board. Cant play this bad wit so many weapons nd things we have! Penalties nd gettin punched in the mouth week in nd week out?!?! Yea its time to roll
  12. I think folks here are knit pickin quinn presser. He looked irritated nd pissed nd said wat he said. He wasnt wrong at all nd end of the day yall need to get over wanting folks to come sound more cheery or watever the smell yall want. End of the day, he didnt do his part in preparing the team nd even worse, he didnt reign them in with the penalties as they kept hurting us (BOTH SIDES)!!!! Sometimes u gotta burn a time out and get everyone in check! They just are not in sync. Luckily we are at game 3 nd have time but until i see change drastically on a consistent basis i am still critical of this team, staff and even upper management for this constant sub-par play!
  13. Yea its totally zim’s D nd i was totally kidding lol
  14. Not to be a debbie downer but isnt Zimmer also a HC/DC?! And didnt he put foots to our rears?! Jus askin for the factually correct.
  15. We didnt get SHUT out but ur lying to urself if you say we didnt get BLOWN out! Stop iiiiiittttt!
  16. We are getting absolutely WERKED!!!!! No if, ands or buts about it! This is worse than the katrina game honestly. Im not a fire screamer but we just paid all these guys big and no ROI at all! 21 zip at the half and we look worse than the score even says. This is bad!
  17. I get not wishing ill will on anyone but this gentleman aint on our team anymore! He aint hurt, cool but if he was, fine too. Jis sayin yall all on here bro hugging nd high fiving cause your guy isnt hurt..... a guy NOT on the falcons. Lol i will never understand some folks.
  18. Maybe i missed the history on this convo but..... this is super excessive nd offensive! Maybe its an inside joke but im not laughing. Yall ban folks for all kinda stuff but allow this?!?! Again maybe its an inside harmless thing?!
  19. Bruh... most do! Retired or not they smoke! Nd it is therapeutic for some and I have personally seen the healing nd help for guys who are in pain mentally and even physically. I dont use any drugs at all but as a vet nd a chef, many of my clients who are pro’s smoke or use cbd to help get their body back on track. Nd my vet brothers use it for PTSD. Get out ya feelings bruh. Nd again... i dont use at all nd never have but i see first hand people’s “ excuses” that are reasons to use.
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