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  1. I fixed it for u.... welcome
  2. I didnt question anyone's fandom nor did i say you were not a fan if you stay in the irrational thoughts... i was simply sayin that i die hard with my birds! Good or bad win or lose. And I even said I criticize them as well but im here and aint going anywhere.
  3. This wat i mean! Look above for the answer
  4. I moved here from Chicago 25yrs ago... this has been my team ever since! I have been thru the bad and the good! Folks get on here and complain about a coach that has never had a losing season for us and 2 of the 3 years has given us a superbowl appearance and a bad play call from a 2nd superbowl appearance! Yall complain about Sark but he was the greatest thing since sliced bread a week ago! Im a true fan! A real fan! Not a spoiled brat wit a tantrum and a keyboard!! Yes I want wins, yes I want a championship but turning on MY guys is not an answer. I am upset. I am disappointed. But life goes on! Now if I ruffled any feathers on this.... OH WELL! I wont apologize! Either stand with us or get run over! Simple as that! Either you are a true fan and can deal with the ups AND the downs or dont! I love this team, I love my city! If you feel the same then we ARE BROTHERS. No room for the weak. FILA ALL DAY! If you dont know then you not really an ATLien! Rise da FUQ up!!!!!!
  5. Been on the boards since 02 maybe it was 03 but .... been a min!
  6. To be technical, it was a jump ball for Julio in the end zone. Its the route that you ar speaking of. Inside pylon fade route or the sprint right out or corner route the thing you want is a high ball. Ryan’s pass was up high for his guy to go up and make that play. Simply put, we did not make plays this yr! I hope those guys do some real soul searching and take tell the truth Monday to tell the truth off season.
  7. We all said keanu was a reach.... til he showed up day one in red nd black! Its only a reach if he is not a good player at a need position. U take the best guard on the board period. If we move up or trade players for a pick it had better be for a major difference maker and it better be right or else someone may not have a job next season.