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  1. make that 4, and thats with very limited reps. On pace for 10. Next year when he's the starter and has a full offseason i bet he gets 12+.
  2. sorry i had to quote this again, did u really call another team choke artists? Like the irony is amazing, u have made my day lmao, the blidners are strong.
  3. sooooo the saints should have just let the falcons win? Sorry injuries happen, ur team sucks now, deal with it.
  4. are u confusing the saints with the falcons? Being a falcons fan u should never be able to call another team choke artists, like seriously lol.
  5. the problem is the saints D looks like they are starting to come together, they've had 2 good defensive performances now, granted they were against the browns and giants. The falcons D looks like it's getting worse.
  6. u watching the same kamara? He's a beast regardless of who his QB will be. dude might be the most elusive and best open field player in the game. did u watch the game today? Kamara destroyed a good giants D single handedly, juking and trucking and stiff arming everyone in his path. U think Brees yelling go kamara go behind him helps? i guess they can have brees do that on the sideline once he retires.
  7. well the saints did hold the giants to under 300 yards today
  8. yes they were, just off the top of my head they were missing delvin breaux, vacarro, okafor and others i cant really remember. Regardless i dont like the injuries excuse, have some depth then.
  9. ur out of ur mind, Peat is an absolute monster. And how are u gonna call him a loser when the Saints have a superbowl and won the game yesterday and we don't? At least try and be logical, ur coming off as a kid who didn't get his way. Upset much? The Saints vastly outplayed us yesterday, take it like a man.
  10. Mediocre? Teo is their 2nd best LB, Peat is a stud OG, Ingram is a pro bowl RB, Davison, ill give u that one... you're an idiot.
  11. The offense isn't clicking, we attacked PJ Williams, propbably the worst corner in the league, we couldn't do anything else, and the run game was terrible.
  12. point is the injuries thing is just an excuse for an over rated falcons team. try and keep up.
  13. absolutely, we will never ever win a superbowl, might as well accept it.
  14. He's only one of the best QB's to play the game... worst thread ever.
  15. don't like the too many injuries excuse, last year the saints had like 8 players on IR and still almost made it to the NFCCG. I just think we aren't that good.
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