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  1. cannot wait for the sec title game something has to swing our way at some point
  2. 10-1 go Dawgs wreck tech
  3. 10-6 with wins over Buccs 2 times aints at home pantys at home vikes at home thoughts
  4. spurs clipps and knicks this week need 2 of 3
  5. played well last night, had a huge lead early but went cold, babbit is knocking them down
  6. contain with pressure is key, our backers will play 8 yards off so might be a long night
  7. should be ok
  8. bingo very wide as the 9 says, i thought is was more of a 7 tech
  9. gonna be an interesting game monday
  10. how many black men were killed by police officers this year? Lets get the stats out.
  11. look at those covers lol