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  1. great analysis how do you come up with such wonderful insight?
  2. man if we take luke somone gonna be a cluster on the roster
  3. may trade 3 pick away was kinda getting excited now it sucks
  4. first pitch swinging
  5. good lord lets not put you in a bind
  6. I love scrolling through film you never know what you might have missed the first few times carry on
  7. this is great stuff and thanks as a coach that loves to break film down if I may ask how do you get so many great end zone clips?
  8. typical response to a legit ? are the falcons ok with what julio is doing? I am asking you now
  9. not at all you have actually missed my point I could care less about all the stuff about training TO is a cancer if you cant understand that then I cannot help you bro, thats all