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  1. cannot believe the schedule is not out yet

    Jays @ Braves

    great point I am still holding out some hope for a duffy rumor lol, got to be a little smoke somewhere
  3. also need a calendar of practices. very hush hush at uga about everything when other schools are promoting their practices and such on a daily basis
  4. This is going to be a fun season. I have faith in the oline and Ryan again has all the weapons he needs to bring us along. What will our OC do is the big?

    Jays @ Braves

    Yea I understand that its just that scary feeling of a set back or another injury for him.

    Jays @ Braves

    without a doubt just hope we can get an arm for the second half run
  7. Would love to see some oline and dline vids, man cant wait for some football

    Jays @ Braves

    that was very weird last night. it also looked as if acuna was not comfortable either,. announcers said he was surprised about how the ball got to em quick or something like that. His throw was not a rocket but should have been a good play at the plate

    Jays @ Braves

    should be a fun series
  10. Verdict is still out on Harris in my opinion but he is leaning to the bust side
  11. yep just let your play do the talking. I mean **** if your are balling out and getting nothing from an organization then gripe but he is sensitive
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