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  1. yep finished yesterday what a show
  2. one of the craziest things I have ever seen
  3. and Ozarks season 3 tomorrow!
  4. Anyone else watch this thing! Redneck Heaven lol!
  5. and whoever is doing that is dumb as ****
  6. not at all, mahomes will level out here soon
  7. great points except suh and when you became a brady fan sounds like tampa will use its pick on andrew thomas out of UGA also
  8. love it
  9. great pick up, just sent electricity through the organization and the city
  10. Senat is done really sad how he worked out
  11. no way caleb plays guard in my opinion
  12. swift wont be there in the 2nd if thats what TD and company want, but please no te or corner