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  1. vic =jamal anderson 2.0 the dend from arky
  2. I am watching this game as a basketball coach man, i dont care what you guys think, this team is not going anywhere at anytime with this coach, please one night watch a game from a coaches perspective, this has nothing to do with talent its everything with the coach as I mentioned, yes there are some positives but then again what I see on both ends overall is garbage
  3. excited for this game vs. ASU
  4. had a terrible flag early in ravens game that cost us
  5. he is getting worse
  6. talent to execute man help D? Are you kidding. I must have watched a different, lack of effort, defensive elementary execution, and shot selection is not a talent issue pal its coaching and the guys have checked out already
  7. Just embarrassing
  8. I know just kind of a smartass response to previous post!
  9. Just embarrassing
  10. Never seen a pro team not play help man D we are soft and a product of a soft coach
  11. Always baze slow to close out on d **** him