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  1. Vic Beasley 82? I don't feel like Vic and Takk should have the same rating. Vic should at least be 86
  2. I knew it was true. Things don't just come from the sky. Pay this man and win a Superbowl.
  3. Matt Ryan, Take a pay cut. Let's get this done Thanks
  4. So should the Saints, Rams, Eagles, Raiders, Jags ect. They have great rosters as well. I even think the 49ers have a shot with their roster. Let's just play
  5. Falcons have actually been very fortunate. We've had chances to get to and win superbowls about five times if I remember correctly since 2004. I feel like changing GM's isn't necessary right now. I think what we lack is consistent play from our players and depth. TD will make up for the lack of cash in the draft. I'm sure we'll trade up a couple times
  6. If we don't splash in free agency which doesn't seem likely. I'm expecting a big draft splash
  7. sad truth. Even though I don't feel like that'll make us better. We really need to get better not remain constant.
  8. I hope they have something up their sleeve because the Nfc will be even tougher this season than last. I want Suh. But if we can't get Suh then Poe. However I feel like if they really wanted Poe he'd be resigned already.
  9. I like it. But doesnt someone say this every year
  10. Well I would resign him if hes willing to stay. I just don't see us outbidding another team that would feature him. Nor am I sure if I would want us to.
  11. I wi say that if this team can pull off a superbowl win this year at home. Ill instantly forget all of the pain and grief of 2016, 2017, 1998, 2004, Mike Vick, PetriNutz,and every terrible Year since the inaugural season.
  12. He's talking like he knows that his time here is limited
  13. I agree with all except the SuperBowl game. Patriots are done, Imo. Theyll be out in the 1st or 2nd round. We'll face the Raiders or Jags maybe. Or maybe a surprise team.
  14. At this point Ryan should take a little less in order to build the team.