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  1. When I first saw them I hated them. But them more I look at them an the different combinations, they really arent that bad. Kinda dope actually, in a simplistic way.
  2. Yes Beasley hasn't been the player that he can be. But any player who has lead the league in Sacs and hasn't suffered a major career changing injury (I believe) has the potential to do it again. With all the talent in the NFL, someone cant just do that by accident. He obviously has the talent and ability, but he needs the right scheme. Lets face it our defense has been trash for a while, and when you're trash and nothing major changes in scheme. It's only gonna get worse. Yes we were an ok defense for like a year but now Beasley isn't being used right or he could also not be motivated. This gu
  3. Of all of the things i said. How is that all that you read Of all of the things i said. How is that all that you read
  4. It is just a dog but it wasn't his dog. & you just can't go around killing things for no reason. Unless he was attacked or something then i dont see how its ok. If someone kicked & killed my dog id be pissed dogs are like family sometimes. Gotta control your temper. But on the flip side. No one should lose their careers for that. Kill him in his pockets. & thats what should have happened with Vick. Maybe a yr suspension & a huge fine. Not 2 years that's just crazy. Idk how much our society loves dogs
  5. Many of the greats had these issues during the draft. You take him anyway if he's worth it. I think he is
  6. As a person who is pro weed. This is dumb, you have to be smart enough to know when to chill out until you get your check. You never caught, NEVER. It's not that serious. Especially a couple days before your life is about to change. Dumb. i'd still draft him though, and wouldn't think twice about it.
  7. Obviously they know what they are doing and plan to upgrade the position. Why keep him, he's ok and may grow somewhere else but he's not a necessity. Yea everyone was rooting for him but only because Kroy sucked so bad. Not like he was being being robbed of the starting spot. He wasnt starting for a reason, although I do this his ceiling is the highest of the two
  8. Haha that's true with all of our sports. Even when the place is sold out. its not completely full until halftime.
  9. This is a business. Im sure EVERY single team does something to try to get an advantage. Some teams get caught. Most don't.
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