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  1. Relax people. The football gods came to me in my dreams last night. Things will turn around. In fact we will go on a 5 game winning streak. Only losing 2 more games to the Saints and Bucs. Just enough to get into the playoffs. From there all is possible.
  2. man were beat up.
  3. haha this is the suckiest good team ive seen. smh we suck. cant even win games that weve won already. hmmm maybe were cursed
  4. Sadly I didnt catch all of the game. I heard we lost Julio. How bad was the injury?
  5. This reminds me of the game Bierman had in game one of the season in 2105 to pull out the W against the Eagles. He didn't do much else the rest of the season. Hopefully Reed keeps this up.
  6. Morten Anderson 2.0
  7. umm guys l understamd that we do not need Sherman, lets not act like he wouldn't take the defense to the level that we need to be. Id do it, Put Collins at safety
  8. I still think that we have an edge because of our QB but with their signing of Desean Jackson along with Evans, VJackson, Martin and suppose Winston improves even just a little. How far do you think they really are from us?
  9. wow. proved me wrong, I was not a believer that we'd get him. The Falcons are on thr rise and can maybe be take. serious now. I really thought we'd blow it
  10. I dont think we get him or he would have never left. I wish
  11. were not gonna get him
  12. honestly I agree. Our team is not good enough to stay the same and expect the same or better results. Our offense won't dominate again next season, Our division will be better, our defense is still mediocre most of the time. But it is still early so lets hope for something. I know that the draft is coming but I would of liked some proven talent and experience to upgrade us this year, especially with other teams improving. Its still early though i guess.
  13. I honestly doubt we sign any real difference makers.
  14. Idk I get all the "no cap room arguments" but that doesn't change the fact that we had a SB won last season. WE HAD IT WON, we had our opportunity and we blew it. Our window is small, and yes us as fans should be impatient. We cant lean on our offense anymore and think it'll get us back especially with teams Like TB who have just about as many offensive weapons as we do now. At this point I wouldnt even mind trading away one of these pieces for more (maybe Coleman, Alford ect). People keep saying that NE has to do this. Every team has to improve. Yes, maybe I'll feel crazy if we go out and make 2 or 3 moves tomorrow. But I hope you guys still feel the same if nothing happens, or the players you thought were gonna be brought in are never signed
  15. Resigning our own players is all well and good, but we can't get complacent and think that were ok just because we went to the Superbowl. The Patriots understand that. They understamd that other teams are getting better and they need to as well. SB or not. We were clearly the best offensive team in the league but obviously thats not good enough.Maybe Im just impatient but what are we doing