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  1. Im happy with 11-5. I just dont see us beating NO twice, even if they were bad this year those games are tuff
  2. Carolina isnt that good. Even though they beat us
  3. I feel like the black throwbacks are unlucky. We seem to lose at the wrong times when wearing them
  4. I see 10-6. I even have hope for 11-5. With the only loss coming from New Orleans. We can beat all of these teams handedly. It just depends on what Falcons team shows up. This is the perfect time to make a run. I don't see us beating the Saints twice this year though.
  5. Relax people. The football gods came to me in my dreams last night. Things will turn around. In fact we will go on a 5 game winning streak. Only losing 2 more games to the Saints and Bucs. Just enough to get into the playoffs. From there all is possible.
  6. man were beat up.
  7. haha this is the suckiest good team ive seen. smh we suck. cant even win games that weve won already. hmmm maybe were cursed
  8. Sadly I didnt catch all of the game. I heard we lost Julio. How bad was the injury?
  9. This reminds me of the game Bierman had in game one of the season in 2105 to pull out the W against the Eagles. He didn't do much else the rest of the season. Hopefully Reed keeps this up.
  10. Morten Anderson 2.0
  11. umm guys l understamd that we do not need Sherman, lets not act like he wouldn't take the defense to the level that we need to be. Id do it, Put Collins at safety