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  1. When I first saw them I hated them. But them more I look at them an the different combinations, they really arent that bad. Kinda dope actually, in a simplistic way.
  2. Yes Beasley hasn't been the player that he can be. But any player who has lead the league in Sacs and hasn't suffered a major career changing injury (I believe) has the potential to do it again. With all the talent in the NFL, someone cant just do that by accident. He obviously has the talent and ability, but he needs the right scheme. Lets face it our defense has been trash for a while, and when you're trash and nothing major changes in scheme. It's only gonna get worse. Yes we were an ok defense for like a year but now Beasley isn't being used right or he could also not be motivated. This gu
  3. Are the Rams the last line of Defense to stop the Aints from Playing in out Stadium in January? Honestly I'm not seeing any other team that has a legit chance to stop them this year. Theyre so lucky we got beat up this year smh.
  4. I just happen to know his family. Im not saying the deal will be done. But the Falcons have reached out.
  5. His family is from here. According to his family The Falcons have reached out already. Were just waiting, and trying to work out details.
  6. Falcons are in the running. I've heard that The Falcons have already reached out from a source close to Irving.
  7. Just go ahead and put Free on IR already
  8. I would hate for this team to go on a run and still not make the playoffs. Or worst make the playoffs only to b eliminated early. The last loss was very telling, as he Steelers suck just as much as we do if not worse. At least we have an excuse with injuries. Imo we're still one of the better teams in the league, but this is an off year. I'd rather have a top ten pick and be even better next year then to fall into the average category this season.
  9. Didn't Quinn say in the interview that he would play a big role at SS?
  10. Yep we lost our 2 best defensive players in game 1. Offense better get it together
  11. I do not trust Riley. Beasley may be moving back to Linebacker
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