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  1. Agreed. Tag me when you make that thread.
  2. Did you feel similarly about Peyton Manning and his sexual abuse?
  3. The beat goes on and the music doesn't change. Any black person in America who STILL believes in the viability of the Just-us system is wilfully ignorant. The evidence is overwhelming.
  4. NYPD infiltrated Black Lives Matter protests with undercover officers who referred to demonstrators as 'idiots' and 'ninjas' in newly-released email chains Undercover agents with the New York Police Department infiltrated the Black Lives Matter movement to track protesters' activity while calling them 'idiots' and 'ninjas' in internal emails. More than 700 emails between officers detail how the department kept tabs on activists taking to the streets nearly every day for a period from November 2014 to January 2015 to protest the decisions not to indict the cops in the killings of Michael Brown Jr and Eric Garner. The email chains allowed the NYPD to collect information and photos of protesters sent in by undercover agents and civilian sources planted within the Black Lives Matter movement, which made it easier for law enforcement officials to control the various events. The firm that sued for access to the emails, M.J. Williams Law, issued a statement this week accusing the NYPD of harboring 'animosity' toward the activists because the movement is critical of the department and policing in general. In one email thread from the night of December 5, 2015, an unidentified officer undercover at a protest writes: 'Ninjas spotted at foley.' Another officer responds: 'We were talking about people with swords and masks earlier. Are you serious about that?' The undercover officer replies: 'Not sure about serious. What do you consider a ninja?' About two hours later, an officer checks in from a different protest, saying: 'Team 5 undercover states one group is on Charles street and other group is proceeding northbound on the west side highway.' After midnight came and went, a frustrated agent reported: 'Still idiots up in Times Square.' An email sent later on says of the civilian informants: 'Realistically, if our sources r not gonna have anything significant to contribute tonight, cut em loose. I still got [Organized Crime Control Bureau] team.' NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill defended the emails on Thursday, claiming that the operation was all done by the book. 'I’m not really gonna go into what technology we have and we don’t have, but we do not interfere with the constitutionally protected activities,' he told WNYC. 'We’re looking to building trust with all 8.6 million New Yorkers. That wouldn’t be the way to do it.' The cache of emails was made public this week through a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request by M.J. Williams Law. The firm wrote in a press statement Thursday: 'The FOIL request itself was a follow-up to the disclosure of 75 similar communications ... about NYPD’s use of undercover officers to surveil these protests. 'The new FOIL release reveals a much larger, citywide operation that appears to have involved civilian informants.' 'According to the NYPD and the disclosed emails, NYPD deployed multiple teams of NYPD undercover officers (including from its Organized Crime Control Bureau or OCCB), NYPD "handlers", and civilian sources or informants to surveil the protests and protesters. 'The NYPD surveillance operation took particular interest in uniformed cop watchers, present to record NYPD's policing of the protests. NYPD's interest in cop watchers, and in the protests themselves, appears to be motivated by NYPD's animosity towards organized activity critical of policing generally and specifically of NYPD.' The emails indicate that the surveillance operation was overseen by several of the NYPD's highest-ranking officials. Among those whose names were not redacted are Chief of Intelligence Thomas Galati, now-retired Deputy Inspector Roberto Rios, Deputy Chief Matthew Whelan and Inspector William Viscardi. The latter three were affiliated with the Intelligence Bureau’s Criminal Intelligence Section. The full list of 700 emails can be seen below: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6604325/NYPD-infiltrated-Black-Lives-Matter-protests-undercover-officers-new-emails-reveal.html
  5. I agree. If I'm being honest, I really wanted to get under his skin as it's LITERALLY been years that he's been agitating me. My only recourse is to go "there" with him. Even I feel it's beneath me and overly vindictive but I'm sick and tired of his shenanigans. I ignored him a long time ago and he KEPT spreading lies and mentioning me. People, well a person shared screenshots with me of him doing it repeatedly. Mind you this is completely unprovoked. That's not to say that we hadn't shared sharp words previously, just that I had LONG stopped engaging him. Finally I had enough...took him off of ignore and decided to give it right back even better than he dished it. Subsequent to that decision, he was banned and I received a warning point and was advised to put him back on ignore. I tried that and it wasn't working for me. It's only tonight when I ignored Snatterbox that I realized I didn't use the feature properly. I didn't know there were options for ignoring. I assumed it was universal. Basically, I only had PMs from him blocked. Anyhow, I shouldn't be made to cower and hide from his antagonism. Then NATURALLY group think kicks in and I'm seen as the "outsider" because I don't post as often and when I do, it's typically not in a "yuck it up" manner. Perhaps I went too far, but we shouldn't pretend that it's unprovoked or that I'm responsible for upholding some standard of decency whilst he runs amok. Again...all he had to do was NOTHING. It's what I do when I see him post. When will anyone hold him accountable for that? It's frustrating.
  6. I'm not. Would I have said anything to him if he'd left me alone as I've asked him REPEATEDLY? No I wouldn't. The solution is simple. All he has to do is nothing. He can keep scrolling when he sees my name exactly as I do when I see his. I think you should offer that advice to him. Don't start none... won't be none.
  7. You're a LIAR. I've never even been in that thread. Show me ONE post I made in there...don't worry, I'll wait. If you have me confused for someone else keep your mouth closed until you're sure. I've LITERALLY never posted in that thread at all. The board has a search function use it.
  8. Save that behavior for the room down the "hallway" in your double wide...Cleetus.
  9. From my perspective, the "place" didn't get weird. Somebody decided to insert himself into a conversation I was having and once again tried to exercise what he thinks is some sort of authority over me, by telling me what to do. Let's not gloss over the part where I was minding my own business.
  10. Your feeling were hurt because I said I wasn't your friend? Wow your sensitive AND a coward. Whether or not YOU think my response was reasonable is immaterial. If you dish it out...be prepared to take it back. If you didn't want me saying anything to you, I suggest you just keep scrolling next time. EVERY SINGLE TIME you mention me I'm going to defend myself. You don't get to talk crap and then try to tell me what's in bounds and what's out of bounds. Mind your business like I was doing. It's simple.
  11. I said ALL OF THAT. Meant every syllable. Are you going to pretend that was unprovoked? Throwing rocks and hiding your hands? I kept the screenshots dummy. You don't think you get to say whatever you want to people and then play the victim? And as far as you appealing to the gallery...that's for losers. I couldn't care less about anyone's opinion about how I defend myself against you. All of your tough talk faded away when I gave you the address...typical of your ilk.
  12. Charlotte to be exact, and actually, you tried to get me to meet you at some random address...as if I'm stupid enough to go for that. If you're going to tell it...tell the whole thing. Lastly, I've never called the police in my life for ANYTHING. I wouldn't begin for you. My offer still stands. You have the address, or you can continue obfuscating like you've been doing for the last hour in my inbox talking about your wife's dinner...as if I give one iota about that. All of this energy because you just can't help yourself. All you had to do was keep strolling...just know that EVERYTIME you mention me, I'm going to defend myself. I suggest moving on with life.
  13. Maybe that's the ignore feature partially working? I certainly receive other PMs. *Shrugs* I'm chalking it up to a happy accident.
  14. Literally all I've asked for. He just can't seem to control himself. I'd challenge ANYONE to find EVEN ONE post where I engage him initially. Even one. It's Sasquatch... doesn't exist.