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  1. Roddy deserves it BEFORE Julio in my opinion. I know the team doesn't "retire" numbers but, to my mind...one would have to have been a Falcon lifer in order to qualify.
  2. Not sure why my post was merged into this thread. It wasn't about Julio. It was about Arthur Blank's classiness...🙄
  3. I don't follow other teams very closely, so I don't know if other owners do this sort of thing. In my opinion, Blank's statement on Julio was classy. I respect it even more, given the acrimony in the departure. I don't think his statement necessarily reflects the entirety of his feelings and I'm sure some of this was meant to save face. Either way, I'm glad he owns the Falcons.
  4. I'm just glad it's over. I was experiencing a serious overload on all the Julio talk.
  5. Players don't enter the hall of fame as a member of any team. Or are talking about Julio's prospective?
  6. I remember because I was like 19 and had to look up the word crucible 😂
  7. I'm not trying to be funny, but this post is basically a carbon copy of ALL of your recent Julio posts. All the way down to the flamethrower emoji. Your cutesy nickname for Julio and overall sentiment is coming off like a jilted boyfriend. Are you ok?
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