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  1. He hasn't missed in forever and a day...but he's inconsistent?
  2. OZ and Gage are PLAYERS. Period. I'm not sure how this isn't obvious.
  3. Gotta get your sports references under control. "Riding the pine" means sitting on the bench. Riding Matt Ryan's pine...ummm...
  4. Easier? Lol. It wasn't difficult, as much as it was funny.
  5. Soooo, you're saying that you hope RM can have them playing like contenders, but not be awarded the job? I thought football was supposed to be the "ultimate meritocracy." Saying that out loud is wild! "I want RM to do a fantastic job, a BETTER JOB than the guy he replaced, but then I want someone else to take the job." Sheeeeeesh
  6. Unless he went into Arthur Blank's office and kicked over the desk...this move was mindnumbingly stupid.
  7. You must be new around here, because long suffering Falcons fans KNOW this is NOWHERE near accurate 😂.
  8. Somehow you missed the point while stretching to pat yourself on the back. I said, and have BEEN saying every since Brent Grimes was a Falcon that the "fans" are weirdos on social media. Harassing players, their wives, pretending to have "inside information" about what players are thinking because they *gasp* liked a tweet. A certain group of fans didn't like Takk from the word go. That's fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, (and you can pretend you didn't see any of this if you want to) people were STALKING Takk on twitter. Camped out in his mentions, talking j
  9. They just have a personal axe to grind. They have been lying/exaggerating his behavior. If he was living up to expectations on the field they'd love his "quirkiness" or his "candor." It comes off as entitlement and it's creepy AF.
  10. Every time I read something as silly as this^ I feel queasy. You'd have to be Mr. Fantastic to reach any further. Just say you don't like the player instead of furthering baseless (and frankly ODD) conspiracy theories about him.
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