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  1. Tru was TERRIBLE and his 4 INTs were fools gold. Even WITH the penalties, Alford was vastly superior. DEFINITELY the easiest to replace. Campbell is second. I think most of the "Campbell was a liability" talk is from people who either didn't watch the games or didn't know what they were watching. De'Vondre DEFINITELY made impact plays and while not a pro bowl level guy... he'll be sorely missed. Clay is the most difficult to replace in my opinion. He was criminally underrated on these boards. He was hardly penalized and played with heart to decent results. Consistency is key and Clay was DEFINITELY that.
  2. I am sincerely hoping I'm wrong! I have absolutely seen exactly what I mentioned though. I recognize Takk's been underwhelming (and that's putting it nicely) on the field...but "fans" have been WAITING for him to "mess up" every since draft night. It's sad to watch.
  3. I always eye roll when a valid question is raised. It's what intellectually honest people do.
  4. Exactly the response I'd expect from you. Anyone with half a brain cell knows how you roll.
  5. Not sure what any of that had to do with what I posted...but if the performance is over, I'd like to reiterate. There were LOADS of people here disparaging Takk for having mental health challenges. I'm curious to see if they'll keep the same energy for Hurst.
  6. I wonder if the people who criticized Takk for having mental health challenges will equally criticize Hurst...
  7. Well he wasn't listening to De'Vondre Campbell... that's for sure.
  8. I've been saying Gono needs an actual opportunity.
  9. Sheeeeeesh. This is just... you know what? Never mind.
  10. Or because... they're human beings and have formed a bond with their teammates?
  11. I'm having a difficult time getting excited about this.
  12. "Vet minimum" is one of the most over used phrases on TATF. Why on Earth would Bennet take vet minimum?
  13. I don't know enough about Hurst or what he brings to the table to be either excited or disappointed. I don't like the idea of losing a 2nd rounder though. Hopefully it pans out for the Falcons.