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  1. EXACTLY right. I hope he ends up somewhere and becomes a contributor.
  2. Have to agree. I HATED these boards when people were trying to get rid of him. Also... Alford > Trufant and it's not close.
  3. DEFINITELY one of the GOAT Falcons! He's in my top 3, and he's not 3.
  4. I gave up hope for a football season as soon as the states started reopening prematurely. In my opinion, the only thing left to see is whether or not the Chiefs will be the last Super Bowl champions ever.
  5. I'm not sure there's going to be a season. Hopefully, but it's not looking good.
  6. Cam is not in the NFL, but he's not jobless. He owns SEVERAL businesses.
  7. It's sad that this post is likely to be derailed and subsequently locked. OP is spot on though!
  8. 🌽y AF Totally insufferable. Just LOOKING for anything to cry about. Sheeeezus L Rice
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