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  1. Where's the "unhappy" information coming from?
  2. Alford, even with his penalties was ALWAYS a better CB than Trufant.
  3. I seriously can't figure out why Hurst isn't more involved in the game plan. I know about his fumble or whatever but it just seems like there's lots of untapped potential there.
  4. I must admit there's been a marked improvement in Mayfield's play. I'm hopeful he'll continue to improve. So far, I'm impressed with his work ethic and he seems to have guts.
  5. I'm not knocking any posters, but it's a sad day in Mudville when Falcons fans are hopeful that the Dolphins are tired from the London trip...or having internal locker room issues. I would love to beat the Dolphins easily but I'm not sure which Falcons team will show up. Also, I hope they are tired and having internal locker room issues 😭
  6. Before the season started, I picked JTM to lead the team in sacks. I stand behind that prediction.
  7. It's difficult for me to judge the defense as the time of possession seemed really one sided, especially early on. Obviously we can't win the T.O.P battle if the defense can't get off the field, but it felt more like NY couldn't stay on the field if that makes sense.
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