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  1. Being the last team to lose out of 31 is like winning the biggest loser... without the weight-loss and money.
  2. Vikings getting blown out to miss playing the SB at home erases the Stefan Diggs play.
  3. Only way he gets that TD is if he plays for New England.
  4. Vikings should've known they weren't gonna make it when it was announced they were hosting the Superbowl this year.
  5. Falcons hold eagles to 15... Happy Knowing Saints fans are happy....not happy.
  6. Maybe Vikings need to invest all their cap in both lines .
  7. Lol. .. Bill Cowher just said Brady put them on his shoulders.... No, the refs put them on their shoulders and won it.
  8. Another thing to think about is that Minnesota sacked every QB on their 17 game schedule EXCEPT one... Matt Ryan. I looked at that game and saw a line that was fighting with the best of the best and that was with Garland and Wes starting. I observed the following: 10.8 yards per completed catch 0 for 29 sacking Matt No INTs, Fumbles 102 rushing avging 4.6 But the 1 for10 on 3rd down killed us: besides penalties... on 13 incomplete passes: 1 hurry and drop in 29 plays 4 key drops 4 overthrows 1 screen the defense sniffed out 1 PI no call 1 hit The pocket was pretty clean, guys battled... Garland and Wes were starters... we could've won... the line isn't THAT bad. Garland and Wes are great backups for us. Now plug in an UPGRADE at right OG and we're going places.
  9. Remember that photo of what Vick would look like white? Well Kenan Thompson just showed us what Dr. Phil looks like black.
  10. I agree on getting younger. I just don't think the line is in a state of crisis... but nothing I posted disagrees with making SENSIBLE upgrades. But if they don't do much to upgrade the OL... we're not gonna go 6-10.
  11. Sharpe had to watch the film because he wasn't in the building... like all of us. And even if I completely agree with everyone on this board... the coaches don't walk away unscathed.
  12. No one is excusing Vick... I'm just not looking at it through a narrow lens. He's accountable and the coaches. It's not just one or the other.
  13. Here's some ZERO evidence for you: http://atlantafalcons.blog.ajc.com/2017/06/14/cover-99-vick-and-petrino-marriage-was-going-to-work/ 1. MARRIAGE WAS OFF TO GOOD START: Back in 2007, before it became apparent that Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was in big trouble with the law, word was leaking out about his transition to coach Bobby Petrino’s offensive system. Word was that Vick was picking up the offense. He was throwing darts inside of the team’s practice barn to wide receivers Roddy White, Joe Horn, Michael Jenkins and rookie Laurent Robinson and tight end Alge Crumpler. Team officials were giddy about their prospects. After one offseason workout in the Flowery Branch barn, Petrino, not known to gushed about much, told an associate, “We’re going to average 30 points a game.” Vick was elated, too. “What I will say is this, that year, I could have potentially been the league MVP that year,” Vick told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution after his retirement ceremony on Monday. “Just based on knowing his offense for three months, I was really proud about the fact that I put the time and hard work into learning his system.” Vick, like other members of the organization, believe the Falcons were ready to fly under Petrino. The coaching staff was strong. Defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Hue Jackson would go on to become head coaches. The defense was solid with defensive end John Abraham, defensive tackle Grady Jackson, linebackers Michael Boley and Keith Brooking, cornerback DeAngelo Hall and safeties Chris Crocker and Lawyer Milloy. Instead of soaring, the Falcons had to scramble. Instead of opening camp with Vick at the controls in late July, there was a plane pulling a banner in the air over the field on the first day of training camp that read, “New Team Name? Dog-Killers?” 070726 FLOWERY BRANCH, GA.: –A plane pulls a banner in the air over the field as the Atlanta Falcons practice during their first day of training camp in Flowery Branch on Thursday, July 26, 2007. (PHOTO BY CURTIS COMPTON/staff) Vick would enter a guilty plea on August 27, 2007 to federal dog fighting charges. The Falcons tried to salvage things by adding Joey Harrington and then later Byron Leftwich. Petrino would later bench Harrington because he held onto the ball too long. Leftwich was later replaced by Chris Redman. Vick was only 27 at the time and was maturing as a player and student of the game. If he’d continued to work on the offense and somehow figured out a way to solve his off-the-field legal issues, the Falcons were ready to soar. “Even though I didn’t get to play for him, he seen that I was one of the top QBs in the game,” Vick said. “Outside of the mobility, just being able to play the game from a mental standpoint. I was proud about that. I wish I could have played for him. That didn’t happen, but it was still a great time in my life.”
  14. Didn't they man handle us last year when we had the 6th ranked offensive line? Isn't this year the least Matt has been sacked? Aren't we ranked 8th in OL even with all the issues and injuries we had this year? I admitted there's other things to look at. But I'm delusional.... I can live with that.
  15. Yes he did... in addition to what you said he admitted to blank... he admitted it in interviews and his talks to groups as part of his story... but anyways... Vick came from poverty... I find it hard to believe he was completely lazy and uninterested in the very thing that was his source of Pride and vain glory. He lied about a DVD, I'm sure people lie at work about doing certain things... even high performers, I've got stories. There's something else to the picture... I don't care what he said to Arthur... even if you're sorry, you say everything Arthur wants to hear when you owe him $20 million... you say EVERYTHING the NFL wants to hear when you want back in... it's like apologizing to the girl you want back... you may be sorry... but you're gonna make sure you address everything SHE cares about in addition to what you think you did wrong. My point is that the coaching staff shared the blame for those poor performing years. The league didn't know what to do with him, coaches can be stubborn and the result is that they're partially blamed for wasting his talent while trying to experiment. Saying Vick was just lazy doesn't absolve Knapp of how he used him... but it doesn't make Knapp a bad coach because no one league wide had a proper plan for "Featuring his skill set"... and without the experiment, I don't think Andy Reid does well with him either. That's my OPINION in a nutshell... now back to the future of present day.
  16. So you're gonna be that guy tonight huh? Well I'm not gonna take the bait, I'm going to bed and will leave you with this... Not sure what I'm confusing but last I checked, succeeding in the passing game does things like taking an extra defender out of the box to help against a successful passing attack.. which you can counter by running out of a passing look or when unexpected... and who said anything about scoring points with the run? I'm talking about making us harder to defend to reduce stalled drives and getting into the redzone so we can score (of course players have to catch the ball and not slip). And Jake Matthews was brought here to be an Elite right tackle before Sam Baker's injury and is now above average playing LT in a league where good line help is hard to find. In light of that fact, I think we've adjusted quite well. And early thirties for linemen is their prime... we've just reached the place where we need to think future... TD has acknowledged addressing the line. We soon forget the lines TD has built like the 2012 line that was nasty and yet allowed us to get to the NFCCG and make multiple playoff appearances before that with Turner the Burner... and this one producing back2back playoff appearances despite injury and an awkward playcaller. And in regards to Knapp producing competent QBs... good thing Matt's a vet and doesn't need development. I personally don't care who called for his head in 06... if he was that bad, at least he can share lessons of what not to repeat with Sark. He's not coming in as our play-caller but a new set of eyes to provide Sark in his development "what alcoholics call a moment of clarity" - Samuel L. Jackson.
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