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  1. Being the last team to lose out of 31 is like winning the biggest loser... without the weight-loss and money.
  2. Vikings getting blown out to miss playing the SB at home erases the Stefan Diggs play.
  3. Only way he gets that TD is if he plays for New England.
  4. Vikings should've known they weren't gonna make it when it was announced they were hosting the Superbowl this year.
  5. Falcons hold eagles to 15... Happy Knowing Saints fans are happy....not happy.
  6. Maybe Vikings need to invest all their cap in both lines .
  7. Lol. .. Bill Cowher just said Brady put them on his shoulders.... No, the refs put them on their shoulders and won it.
  8. Another thing to think about is that Minnesota sacked every QB on their 17 game schedule EXCEPT one... Matt Ryan. I looked at that game and saw a line that was fighting with the best of the best and that was with Garland and Wes starting. I observed the following: 10.8 yards per completed catch 0 for 29 sacking Matt No INTs, Fumbles 102 rushing avging 4.6 But the 1 for10 on 3rd down killed us: besides penalties... on 13 incomplete passes: 1 hurry and drop in 29 plays 4 key drops 4 overthrows 1 screen the defense sniffed out 1 PI no call 1 hit The pocket was pretty clean, guys battled... Garland and Wes were starters... we could've won... the line isn't THAT bad. Garland and Wes are great backups for us. Now plug in an UPGRADE at right OG and we're going places.
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