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  1. I didn't think much about the fourth down play until Quinn's breakdown: Dan Quinn's Film Breakdown Week 1 This is a neat little trick that can go a long ways in our man coverage look: Upshaw and Shelby in the 5-Tech push up field and watch inside to keep the QB on the track loop that the LEOs Tak, Vick and Brooks are running, wow... I want to see more of this! Even if the RB stays home and blocks, the LB covering him becomes a rush option. Imagine how more quickly the sack occurs if Poe or Jarrett beats their man? you see where this could go? May it be in the cards against Rodgers and the Packers.
  2. .....Also, the draw play on the same drive where Freeman got the first, looks like there was potential to do more damage on the run and have Sark look like a it me or did Freeman make that harder than it needed to be?
  3. Speaking of little things with potential big impact: Could you highlight a few run plays, like the first play of the game? I thought it was creative but poorly executed: we had a pulling tackle outside the TE blocking down from the WR position and Sanu took on a line back (should he?) due to a poor block the backer shoe-stringed a potential huge play that would've setup a play-action bomb easily. What went wrong?
  4. A number of thoughts to call out: 1. Tony G. the best tight-end in football said, "you're gonna get everyone's best shot"... someone in an earlier thread said that was nfl team decides they won't show up a certain week. But, Tony G., a HOFmer is acknowledging what everyone knows, you come alive (mental awareness enhances) when you're preparing to face what you think is a very tough situation no matter how well you prepare for all else. 2. Go back and watch the tape, the run plays mostly failed because of missed assignments, but the play call was good. A lot of good things would have opened up if execution was there. 3. If your argument is that we need to move away from running when it doesn't work: then notice the run vs. pass ended at 60/40. Also, how else will the offense gel and improve if we just abandon the run? Even Shanny focused on balance last year, it keeps defenses focus spread out. 4. Sark won the opener, shanahan didn't last year and the stats are virtually the same.
  5. We gave them (KC) the blueprint and they showed us how to execute to the end... This won't be NE's last loss by far.
  6. Is it me or has anyone noticed subtle changes to the run blocking scheme in the preseason? Guys are firing out on some running plays like inside zone vs. moving laterally on outside zone in other plays. Also, I saw what I think is power run mixed in (down blocking, pulling guard/tackle) on short yardage (See Brian Hill second effort 1st down running play against Pittsburgh). People have focused Sark keeping the passing game going with additions of quick sideline throws and WR screens, etc; but I haven't seen convo on the changes to the run game. I think Matt is gonna maintain all of his 2016 stats except passing yards (4900-500); and I hope that chunk moves over to the running game (total yards 1928 +500).
  7. Tom Brady after the loss: "Alexa call 1-800 Flowers and order Bill and Kraft some Roses!"
  8. To add to that: People who know sports on the radio in CA have highlighted that he knows how to create space. Matt Ryan is only focusing on seeing the spaces in the passing game. QB has been the killer in Phili and San Francisco (just like Shanahan in previous stops). When he has great QB play (Nick Foles year 1) things click (just like Shanahan with Shaub and Ryan). He may suck as a head coach managing a team, but he knows offense and that's what got him a shot in the league; (just like Shanahan who was rumored to not get along with Ryan and who might suck as a head coach like McDaniels).
  9. What does Green Bay have defensively over the Falcons? A linebacker who does national commercials with little acting skill. Looks like we have little to fear.
  10. In the words of a movie I can't remember: "I like the way you think". You're right, it's not an exact science because I was the student whose grades didn't match future corporate achievements. And to your point, Quinn says it's about scheme fit and how to highlight the player's best features. And as TD pointed out, we're going to take players based on how they rank according to Quinn's vision and not some "draft expert".
  11. If after 3 years of play his grade is round 7, the tape can't be far off. I think we agree that he'd be a project worth acquiring for the right value. But what matters is how Quinn will grade him.
  12. Lesson for us husbands: word choice is everything: the difference between the couch and the bed.
  13. I think the better question is would we beat the bears playing with their rules. Yes we're more athletic and would spread them out; but they were super disciplined, physical and mentally stronger than today's cry babies IMHO. And I'm sure the reason Miami was their only loss was because they adjusted after them. ( And no, the Browns of today would get embarrassed - RG3 would be RG-OBSELETE). This is coming from a young buck: We'd see a lot of alligator arms attempting catches and turnovers would dictate a close game. And they could very well win because today's pass oriented defenses struggle against the run which would open a killer play action (see ATL 2016).
  14. "So this is what Eli Manning felt like when he refused to play for a losing franchise."
  15. Title is click bait: I thought this was a new Justin Bieber song. BirdLegs... what I was called because of my slim legs. Got accustomed to long pants and sweats.