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  1. I understand! I've had some of their brews, not bad. Nothing better than a good brew man! The watered down brews of the macros have no interest to me.
  2. Sign this man!! No complaints at all after day 1.5 if this goes down
  3. Guinness out of tap only Heady Topper or Sip of Sunshine if you're privileged enough to ever get your hands on one...enjoy it, they're rare Bourbon County Stout out of Chicago You can't enjoy a good brew without a great cigar Cigar City Brewery whenever possible Always enjoy an IPA or Stout with your steak good sirs!! and of course, support craft brewers
  4. I have been a STH in Section 112 for 4 years. I do know that the people that sit immediately around me, all have said they are NOT renewing in the new stadium because of the PSL's. I have also not been contacted about PSL's in my section for the new stadium My understanding is that the current Georgia Dome Club section holders are the only ones that's been allowed to purchase PSL's in the new stadium and those seats are in the lower bowl, between the 15 yard lines on both sides. There are 2 things I don't agree with about the current PSL process and their prices...1. I think the longest holding STH should have first choice of their seats. If you don't want to pay the PSL, THEN ALLOW CLUB HOLDERS TO PURCHASE THAT SEAT. 2. The idea of relocating long time loyal Falcons fans pisses me off over money grabs. Will I purchase PSL's at the new stadium? Not where my seat is currently, I will not. I assume, based of the current club level prices, it will be ~$5k per seat, (I base that off of the fact I sit on the 12 yard line where the visitor locker room is, which according to the model is the first section outside of "club seats") and I have 4 seats. I am interested in seeing what the PSL prices are for the remainder of the stadium and upper bowl area. In the Dome, it's not a bad view of the field. That will determine whether I buy a PSL or not...where the seats are that I can afford the PSL on, and in turn, how much the gameday ticket will be in said section.