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  1. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22409092/jacksonville-jaguars-new-look-the-field I know. I know. I know. There are a lot of you who don't get the fascination with uniforms. But there are a lot of us who do and feel the Falcons are WAY overdue for a uniform change.
  2. Whether it was Sark being stupid and/or Gabriel not getting the job done, his production nose-dived this past season.
  3. Pat Sullivan sucked back then but the way the game is built for passing now, he could have been another Drew Brees had he played inthis day and age.
  4. 1974 vs. Dallas. A 24-0 butt-kicking from Dallas and it wasn't even that close. All you have to know about the 74 Falcons is they had 55 freaking turnovers in 14 games (16 game seasons didn't start till 1978). And they only scored 10 offensive TDs the whole season. Thankfully I was too young to realize just how bad they were.
  5. Props to you for a magnificent title for your thread.
  6. So when the special teams are good, Armstrong gets the credit. When they suck, blame the assistant and fire his a$$.
  7. SMH. This team would have been in the Superbowl if that moron Sark hadn't been the OC. This team made it that far in spite of that college coach flunkie, not because of him. Sark is an idiot compared to most NFL coaches and has no business coaching in the NFL. But Dan Quinn is too arrogant to admit he screwed up a GREAT thing by bring in Sark.
  8. Sark is an idiot on the NFL level PERIOD.
  9. And you just know Philly wants Dallas to have to watch them celebrate.
  10. So we can be humiliated so more.
  11. I keep hearing the Eagles players saying you wanted them to win. Why?
  12. Either us or the Cowboys.
  13. Christ, why do all these stupid football players always play the "no one respected us / everyone doubted us" card?
  14. Collinsworth: "You have to start paying attention to the clock now". DUH, YOU THINK?
  15. The problem is he says he can't put out "Georgia". Yet, in the end, he puts out a "Vanderbilt" on the biggest play of the season by first slipping, which ruined the timing of the play, and then letting the winning TD pass go right thru his winds.
  16. TD is pregnant? Congrats to him!!
  17. Magic 8 ball says "No! Embrace the suck!"
  18. I wonder if it eats at Quinn that, whether fair or not, a lot of people are crediting Shanahan and not him as the real coach who got the Falcons to the Superbowl.
  20. LOL. Wouldn't be surprised at all. She sux. Oh, my bad. I forgot it's politically incorrect for me to say she sux because she's a woman. I'm fine with a woman, but not her.
  21. I'd rather have Knapp calling plays than Sark. But then again I'd rather have the dumba$$ kid who punts for the local high school JV team call plays than Sark.
  22. Steve Sarkisian should apologize to us even when we win.
  23. Well, to be brutally honest, no one has to come here.
  24. Sorry but I can't let it go: As long as we have that dumba$$ college coach at OC running his college offense, WE'RE SCREWED!!