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  1. A tale of two halves it really was. It was such a weird game. Both halves were anomalies. It was like Bizzaro Bowl instead of Superbowl.
  2. You know, now that I think about it, it was almost like karma the way we lost to the Lions in London.
  3. And did you hear? Apparently, Derek Carr, the QB who's done everything without doing anything yet, is going to fly the Raiders every one of those 32,000 miles on his back.
  4. C'mon. You all know you want to go back to the days of Brian Finneran being our best receiver. P.S. No disrespect for Finn. He turned out to be a dayum good possession receiver and ST player.
  5. Does this mean I can't be idiotist against Patriots fans anymore?
  6. FACT. Time to burn MBS to the ground as a sacrifice to the football gods.
  7. I don't see how people bet on preseason games. It's hard enough during the regular season when you have some legit data to look at.
  8. Personally, I'm okay with it. Maybe it would have better to have their high school pic side by side with their pro pic to emphasis the "homegrown" part.
  9. You keep proving my points. Bye now.
  10. I'm okay with Cam's pic. But the better pic would have been him getting knocked senseless by Jones at the goal line.
  11. Hey, dude, I didn't post anything about Brady. What is wrong with you Patriots fan boys? Y'all have "scoreboard" and that's all that really matters. Can you not understand that. After 5 Superbowls wins, y'all shouldn't be so insecure about ratings and sports reports, and especially what other teams' fans think about it.
  12. Stop and think about how pathetic you sound. Your team wins the Superbowl and yet you get all butthurt just because little Tommy is rated behind Ryan that you created an account (probably not your first) just to troll and show your a$$. Just pathetic.
  13. "second-half silly time" is an excellent description.
  14. Slow the roll on CMC. It's still preseason. When the regular season starts and he's going against the big boys, it'll be just a matter of time before he gets broke in half.