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  1. Extremely





  2. The dude on the left doesn't look like he could last thru three innings of a softball game.
  3. Frank Wren was a moron who really screwed things up. John Hart may indeed be a lying son of a b***h as many people say, but this is Wren's mess he's cleaning up.
  4. Day #2. So weird to realize that Craig Kimbrel won't be coming thru that (outfield) door anymore. But it had to be done just to get rid of Upton. And if the Braves hadn't made the trade and then later on Kimbrel blows out his elbow (which with his velocity and torque is a possibility) there would have been he!! to pay for Braves general management.
  5. John Kincade of 680 the fan is such a freaking joke. On Twitter he's taking credit for calling the Kimbrel trade. Yet he berateded one caller after another who said BJ Upton should/could be traded. Talked down to them like they were morons saying that no team would EVER trade for him, NO MATTER WHAT. Seriously don't know why management at 680 keep that pompous arse and Boring Buck Belue around.
  6. Hallelujah! . Now instead of cutting Kroy, we can just trade him straight up for Bennett. Bring him home TD. [purple]
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