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  1. I like it for replays so they can show you how the play developed, but not live action.
  2. This. I don't Williams or Magee getting many snaps with the RBs in front of them on their respective teams. So, in a way, it's a wash.
  3. "... then Dez is fried chicken.", talking about if Green can't block. Never heard a QB about to get lit up described as that. LOL.
  4. Wait, I need some clarification: Was it a 10-week or 10-game suspension? If it's 10 games, we can't do anything with him till next week.
  5. Hopefully this is a good sign that Bryant is fully healthy.
  6. They would burn down the SuperDome if that happened ... and increase property values by billions in New Orleans at the same time.
  7. Let's hope today was the start of a run to the playoffs.
  8. LOL. Aikman for the millionth time today crying about who's out for the Cowgirlies.
  9. Aikman losing his chit in the booth. HE MAD!
  10. Today giving me back some hope.
  11. Was Arthur looking over at Jerry like "F you, beyotch!"
  12. Probably was the correct call. I'm just tired of his cliches.
  13. All gas. No brakes. 4th and short. Send in the FG team. Quinn is hot air.