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  1. Browns still on track for #1 pick. Do you ever wonder if Sam Darnold (USC QB) is underperforming this season on purpose for this very reason?
  2. LOL. Dayum. Titans kicker hit the goalpost on game winning attempt but 2-minute warning happened before the snap.
  3. Because a Cleveland win is a rare as snow in the deep South.
  4. Bucs 2-4. About to get real ugly for Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith down in Tampa, especially after being the sexy pick before the season.
  5. Cleveland all fired-up just because they got the game to overtime. LOL. Reminds me of that "hey, we might actually win a game" exhiliaration that us old-timers have experienced way too much with the Falcons over the last 30 - 50 years.
  6. Jets gonna be tough game next week.
  7. The parts I saw your defense was definitely fine. Your offense did a full game version of what the Falcons offense did in the 2nd half last week: next to nothing.
  8. Saints easily lose this game if Rodgers is playing. But give the swamprats credit: they arw taking advantage of their break(s), which is something we are having a problem doing.
  9. Whatever it is that is causing us not to be focused, we need to get rid of it tonight. The GB game was the only game this season where we seemed to have an edge. That may have been from a need to prove beating GB and Godgers twice last season was not a fluke. The other games we have seemed mostly lethargic, like they didn't really have any focus, possibly from looking ahead to NE. Whatever, we need to get right tonight, win or lose, for the rest of the season
  10. Don't care about so-called experts. What I care about is whether this team can get their heads out of their *****.
  11. Sounds like Bobby Petrino in that sense. But Petrino ALWAYS bails out on his team, college or pro, when the going gets tough. I don't think Shannahan is like that.
  12. As much as I hate to say it, the arrogant bastid isn't doing that bad. They've been close in most every game. In another 2 seasons, Lynch and him may very well have the 49ers positioned as a playoff calibre team.
  13. Hopefully they play like they are only on 4-days rest.
  14. I keep having this delusional dream that we bring back the black pants one day.
  15. Per his twitter https://twitter.com/MikeReiss/status/920259552133697536 As usual we are wearing the boring white roadies. P.S. How do you guys post the actual tweet on here?