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  1. Man, did y'all see all the cows in the Philly stands? Them Pennsylvania women need to learn what the word "diet" means.
  2. Hmmm ... and yet what did Stupid Sark call on the biggest play of the season?
  3. "He jumps teams more than LeBron fans."
  4. We didn't get to see Heath Evan's head explode on tv. Oh well, guess you have to take the good with the bad.
  5. Tell me KARMA didn't see this and say "I'll be waiting for your bytch a$$, Vicodin Man, and when you least expect it, BOOM!!!"
  6. Takk just may become the heart and soul of this team.
  7. Exactly. Classless crap like that is why they deserve this misery.
  8. Would you rather have these or 300 more Sark threads?
  9. Let me help you out: Imagine this happening to the Jets. Now, once AGAIN, these are OUR boards, and if you don't like it then take your sorry Patriots a$$ and get the he11 out of here. Why are you even here? We NEVER even came close to playing to our potential and playing good enough this season to get a revenge match against your team in the SB.
  10. ... and the plane that flew over downtown with a 28-3 banner the day of the Saints game here on that Thursday night.
  11. Yea, but you just know Donovan McNabb was sitting somewhere thinking the same thing.
  12. Saints and their fans totally deserve this: 1- renting a plane to fly over MBS and taunt us with a 28-3 banner. 2- rat boy trying to bully Dirk Koetter after their game in Tampa. 3- rat boy mocking the Panthets with that broom after last week's game. I thought I read they actually sent that broom to Cam. Yep, KARMA was not happy and jumped out from behind the bushes at the last second and kicked them right in the balls.