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  1. Easy. You're speculating on possible conflict between Matt and the Falcons. They'll start calling you a troll.
  2. Sometimes I wonder if Tom Condon is on the phone telling Aaron Rodgers "Don't worry, Aaron, we'll wait and see what Matt gets first". Then he flips to his other line and tells Matt Ryan " Don't worry, Matt, we'll wait and see what Aaron gets first". JK
  3. Whatever words they used, Vaughan McClure equated to "top priority". And TD says "#1 focus" at the after-season press conference and if you can't equate "#1 focus" to "top priority" then you're being dense. Now let it go. You WILL NOT convince me otherwise. So deal with it. And PLEASE stop quoting Rich McKay. That's guy is an idiot who was basically "fired" as GM and made into a "do-boy" for Arthur.
  4. Well, yes and no. Yes, he turned out to be a great signing, but, no, he wasn't someone whom they focused on signing when 2009 FA started. He was just the best kicker on the streets they could find to bring in to replace a struggling Jason Elam in the middle of the 2009 season. After all, it wasn't "Yes!! We signed Matt Bryant!" but "Thank God we finally got rid of Jason Elam". We just got lucky that he turned out to be great.
  5. I was only a teenager then but I went to the 1st game of the season vs. the Rams when the defense dam near put Joe Namath into retirement right there and then. Scott Hunter actually beat out Bartkowski to start the season and scored on a QB sneak for the winning score. And I went to the last game of the season vs. the Saints where they set the record for least points allowed in a 14-game season. That was also Bartkowski and the offense's best game of the season. Plus I thought Claude Humphrey nearly killed Archie Manning on one sack.
  6. The Ravens had a great defense the year they won the Superbowl. You know your defense was great when you win the Superbowl with a garbage QB like Trent Dilfer.
  7. I also think it will come in around $30 million/year give or take a million or so. If there is a sticking point, it could be number of years or amount guaranteed. I just think the Falcons would have been better served saying after the 2017 season ended "obviously Matt's new contract is a priority AND in due time we're confident in getting it done" instead of using phrases such as "#1 focus" and reported as saying it was a "top priority". Whether you agree or not, some fans and some of the media were given the impression that the Falcons were counting on MR's new contract to free up m
  8. Hmmm ... upon further review ... maybe it's good Matt didn't sign a new contract and thereby freeing up money for the Falcons to use in Free Agency. Outside of Turner, Mack, and Sanu, I can't think of any other FA signees who weren't mediocre or busts for us since TD came in. Maybe I'm forgetting someone.
  9. If that's Hooper, please tell me he's catching the ball with his hands and not his body.
  10. This is Atlanta where the unbelievable jumps up and slaps you silly all the time.
  11. I'm tired of you. You're going on ignored real soon. Yea, because these analysts just shake a magic-8 ball instead of working their sources to find out what's going on.
  12. Neither one of us know if he has any connections within the Falcons front office BUT he's got a helluva better chance than any of us schmucks on here.
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