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  1. I have seen the QB step away from that pressure and then run or throw, than them throw the ball quickly this year. Matter of fact, I have seen them Stand in the pocket for four or five seconds and then throw it to a soft “zone” more than folks blowing covering that early.
  2. Fix the secondary? We have NO pass rush! at this point, even if we did trade Ryan, I would get a hellafied pass rush in place before another QB. but also we don’t know who will be the GM So all of this is fantasy
  3. I’m not sold on him either. Would almost Prefer to wait a year and get fields, unless you have designated a guy.
  4. It’s gotta be for more than just a first. Anything less than at least three additional picks in the top four rounds including at the least one first, would be giving him away for next to nothing.
  5. AT THIS POINT, any talks of trading for picks down the road is silly for TD to make, with his future being in limbo. He could be very well be setting himself up to be canned and helping the next guy get off to a great start!
  6. What deal? Did I miss an offer?
  7. There you go with common sense, again! UNLESS someone makes us an offer that we just can’t refuse, why would we first off. Second, who knows who is going to be the GM Moving forward so they aren’t going to start ditching talent for the next guy, he is going to try to win as much as possible now!
  8. Sounds about right to me.
  9. Ahhh.... the proverbial “$hits out of the horse” statement. Smh
  10. I can’t believe Lindsey let the truth slip out yesterday, with his “if Obama would have..,” line. I guess she is ready to be exposed and forced out if the closet.
  11. Trump is LITERALLY the last man on earth that should be saying anything about taking advantage of ones last name.
  12. What happens if the host of the party can’t make of due to legal issues???
  13. But it will teach us Libs a lesson! “mess with us, We will blow up everything!”
  14. So the complex portion of this is to simply have the conversation and hammer out the details, it would seem.
  15. Nothing is simple when it comes to a complex idea.
  16. Yeah, single guys have a way of not caring if things start turning color and falling off their bodies. You have a point.
  17. And when they hear, their private health insurance will go away they instantly think no health care or little care. Not overall National better health.
  18. I have no clue why it’s so hard for them to explain it like this.
  19. Oh and he likes dictators, communists and doesn’t give a crap about the military either as well.
  20. I told y’all WTF was funny!
  21. I think he blew up the Bull$hit meter with that one!
  22. You leave Maria Bartiromo out of this!!!
  23. Don’t act like that’s not coming as a talking point for the Republicans.