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  1. Once again, you are correct and WTF has kept his record perfect on non answers.
  2. I don’t get it. :-/
  3. TBH I never thought it was.
  4. Not sure how “El Presidents little hands bone spurs” can determine who is a war hero. Just sayin...
  5. It seemed like she didn’t even believe the $hit she was selling here!
  6. Probably, more than likely
  7. Lol it doesn’t make sense but when you are like WTF and are only this board to get a reaction, it doesn’t matter.
  8. I am just glad that WTF has finally admitted his President lies. Took him along time but he has finally moved the goalpost on that as well!
  9. Reminds me of the nothing from nothing song.
  10. Oh he rules... What, is more of the question however.
  11. Ultimately it is the gunman that is the main criminal, however... That does not leave you without blame when you are speaking in controversy. Yes, Candace as well as others do share in the incitement and absolutely she does in her response online!
  12. Prematurely no doubt?
  13. All I will say is, more people have seemed to be pulled into the possible target window than before.
  14. Sorry to say, but home grown US terrorist have been around for as long as this country was formed. And didn’t require social media to be radical.
  15. And get away with it. Wouldn’t this be just as bad as what a certain congressperson said? Just asking for a friend.
  16. Wait.... I missed white boys being the Doors?
  17. And occasionally got good penetration.
  18. AKA Matt Bosher’s tackling Dummy!
  19. You are starting a “don’t shop local” campaign?
  20. That’s odd.
  21. Much better than grab someone else’s I would say. But then again, that guy is in the White House so..
  22. I know my thought was, to have a name like Levitra he has gotta be a hard playing guy!!
  23. And that said stuff, would be staff no more in two seasons. My point. Drafting Purely on either BPA OR NEED and not BFPA is both lazy and will make you unemployed quickly.