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  1. You left out, one was in a conference finals and the other was an earlier round game.
  2. I am ok with that because that forces the rest of the team to do what they do best. Stand around and be observers! Giannis is MORE than ok with being an iso player so let him!
  3. They just think it’s a “hate whitey” type of lesson. But in truth, it’s more of explaining WHY we are all &Ucked up like we are!
  4. I guess the morale to the story is… White folks don’t change. 😔
  5. That’s what happens when you are a big tent party versus a single issues party.
  6. The bottom line is, the Bucks should be respected as a very good team, but not feared. They are very capable of winning this series, absolutely, but we did just take down the one seed and the four seed in five with five road wins.(who does that!!? Lol)
  7. All I know is Milwaukee plays lazy defense compared to the best two defensive teams(the ones we just played) and when you rotate off of a shooter you are just wasting your time closing down. There is no way the Bucks are going to play stick and stay defense on ALL our shooters. It’s gonna come down to us making our open looks again.
  8. Well, you would be surprised how little it makes a difference when you get there late after the shooter has a good look at the basket. (Hand in the face doesn’t matter if you’ve already mentally measured the shot. That’s the beauty of having multiple shooters on the floor with spacing at all times. Plus Milwaukee doesn’t play defense nearly as well as the last two teams we’ve played.
  9. Not really waking back up, he just needs for his knee’s swelling to go down. Plus Bogi is 6’6 himself so that’s not that bad. PS I don’t think everyone the Bucks throw out there is that tall so somebody is going to get a shorter guy.
  10. That sounds like a dude that use to play in the NBA. Last I heard, he went to work for some four letter place that I thought went out of business decades ago! 😏
  11. You say that like he had it to begin with! 🤣 And by the way…. A Milwaukee sweep prediction is a back handed insult to his own team as they lost to us, that included THREE home losses!!
  12. Yeah, because he was the one telling everybody on the set that the hawks have so many weapons to beat the #1 seed. Now they aren’t good enough to win A game against Milwaukee??? That doesn’t make sense!
  13. The thing that makes this totally subjective is the that he is calling for a sweep by a team that has shown they aren’t that consistent v a team that has shown they don’t give a &uck who you are, they gonna fight! Just those two facts alone tells me the Hawks should get two at a minimal. Oh and that young team has beaten two physically tougher teams IN THEIR HOUSE to get here, so….
  14. IF Gono is the difference for this team being good v being sucky we got deeper problems than I ever thought!
  15. But they told me they believe you, though.
  16. Didn’t you know, that was Ben Simmon’s fault! And the refs too for not tackling him on the fast break!
  17. That doesn’t sound like he has an agenda, no!
  18. Also, this seems like a tell of two old PGs that handled their PGs different and got different results. Ben Simmons is completely broken right now.
  19. The good news is… I KNOW the Philly fans/media ain’t hearing that!
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