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  1. Ok, that’s a little much to have the kids in the room too! 😲
  2. I remember a time when it was dorky to play games at home alone all day. my how times have changed!
  3. You’re right, I wouldn’t and not sure if I want to TBH, understand.
  4. Why is this d@mn game so crazy for grown @ss folks!?
  5. I am sure this will be the “I was robbed” tour with a hint of “oh by the way, vote for those two over there”.
  6. Ah... I so remember reading that in two Corinthians! And in a totally unrelated story, I wonder if Loeffler will be mentioning this in the ad she makes standing next to Trump from the upcoming rally. You know, since she likes to find something people said about conservative traditions and stick then stick them in commercials.
  7. We ate yesterday at two because we had a few that wanted to drink and sober to drive back home by seven.
  8. When I was a kid, We tended to eat dinner on thanksgiving a little earlier than normal, like 16:00. But NEVER earlier than that.
  9. If they do, they won’t be doing it for long! Sounds exactly like what the conservatives want America to be like.
  10. Yesterday, folks started showing up early and that almost sent me to the madhouse!
  11. At some point, we will have true liberals running the Democratic Party, if not form their own. When that happens, the conservatives will truly see what liberal idea really look like.
  12. Well, all I know is I might lose the fight but I am Definitely gonna get my licks in! 😏
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