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  1. So you can go into a store and by a ready made bomb? There are laws and lobbyists groups for bombs and the making of them? Wow! I missed that one!
  2. We need to start calling these folks what they are, extremist terrorist! Isn’t that right, Trump!?
  3. Like I said, with the current roster it’s a need, just not the biggest.
  4. Nothing to debate, the OP said BIGGEST and from the current roster that would start with DT then DL then another pass catcher TE Or WR in the middle THEN FB or OL. You could even make an argument for another dynamic RB, before FB. So just on offense, TE or WR, and then FB are your needs. followed by OL with a possibility of a dynamic RB.
  5. I thought I was, but.. You wrong for that!
  6. But seriously, it is "A" need on, just not the biggest need which is what the OP stated.
  7. I don't think Coleman could hear them coming.
  8. I agree about the Stormy Daniels/Sex story, in its way of being "somewhat" of a distraction(I think it has a potential to show other actions but that's not why the Corporate Media is in love with the story), as it does push back the more pressing problems within this "administration" however, him soft shoeing the "Putin Appointment" and congratulating him is a sizable deal in the game of diplomacy.
  9. Not quite sure a guy we will be getting in the 5th round or later can be categorized as our biggest need, but I get what you are saying as it’s one of the next most important peices we need.
  10. Yeah, he is a solid guy in this defense. Is very much an upgrade over Riley, not necessarily a game charger but he does give you flexibility if you want to give Riley more time or draft for other positions in the draft.(allowing you not to reach)
  11. So... They take down the Austin Bombing Terrorist and the Corporate Media is talking about it? No, Porn Stars!?
  12. What in da &ucking he!! !!!!!?
  13. You are in for the best OP of the year award! And it’s just March ! Lol
  14. They should be ashamed of themselves!
  15. And now I have to take a industrial size mind bath!!