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  1. And we was all state at that! Lol
  2. Just know I am not playing basketball with him! Lol
  3. Or....
  4. He is the best tackler five yards down the field and best cover guy that runs five yards behind his guy in the league! But with that said, This guy has ALWAYS given all he has. To bad he didn't have more to give.
  5. If it is only ghosts, then how is it in the kitchen fixing us breakfast???
  6. Yeeeeeeeeaaaah....
  7. You won't get an argument out of me either way. I say players should try and get as much as they can and teams should try to get the best deal they can.
  8. Absolutely! I see fresh eyes looking at unknown players that are going to try and impress. Should spark some serious competition on the offense. And the defense has so many young players they are just going to get better and have to fit just to get on the field let alone start!
  9. I had to take it back to ENDING the EMPIRE and throwing that old F*cker off the side of the building!!
  10. Funny you would go there... Was just thinking of Return of the Jedi type of comeback.
  11. Its been NEXT to Unbearable for me. As it has been for a lot around here.
  12. $hit! My black a$$ can't swim... :-(
  13. I am thinking it shouldn't take too terribly long, since they are essentially running the same system/terminology. Just will come down to getting familiar with each other.
  14. EXACTLY.... But the truth to the matter is... An Agent and GM are only a phone call/text/skype/facetime call apart.
  15. Even with the Cap increase next season, they wouldn't be able to fit it in without moving on from other players to make it happen. I don't see them compromising the defense for a year to year contract.