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  1. I do what I can!
  2. Just call me, Negrodamus!
  3. Well I am into tackling so I am good with that! you set yourself up for that one!
  4. I predict that their will be two teams that will show up for every game and that there will be one week where no one shows up! (Maybe two!! OR three where no one else shows up! ) And folks will get tackled and some folks will even score.
  5. Whenever anyone uses this logic, they automatically lose all credibility in this arena. It’s the silliest point any can make!
  6. Arguably he!! !! He IS your best player!
  7. A$$ an IT Professional I don’t know how to take that.
  8. That’s what she said!!!
  9. Yeah and the pee tape would be “less filling” as well. Technically...
  10. You sure they didn’t mean...
  11. You know... I am tired of Agreeing with yo’ conservative gun totin’ A$$!
  12. Yeah, the move began in the early eighties and completed in 94 to solid red. I absolutely remember that like it was yesterday! matter of fact, you could say it began with Nixon’s southern strategy.
  13. You could have stopped right there! (And no I didn’t mean couldn’t! ) Yepper, you have one party that talks like them with respect and you have the other one TELLING them what’s good for them! (And that’s if they even bother to begin with)
  14. No way do I not believe he is partly the guy he says he is. Even if he was just pulling out chains, to go to some of places he did is not what a normal person would do!