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  1. I was already three years in. Which doesn’t seem long but it was half of my life at the time!
  2. Naw, just the next best worse Sports ending in Atlanta history.
  3. Can we also make every team we play have that Tackle Dallas trotted out against us a couple of years ago that he abused all game long???
  4. You live My Favorite host out of this!
  5. As I am sure neither one of us as well. By the way, that's a great way to talk to a Mod.
  6. Uh... Minnesota finished the regular season 15-1.
  7. Oh don’t worry, the American South is to about to hit with a $hit storm. And I am sure they will still blame others as a way to combat this, instead of actually following specified precautions.
  8. I had a feeling it was going to be stupid
  9. Move over Step and Fetch, you have a new champ in town!
  10. This is my position. It’s waaaay too early to start saying one way or the other. Let’s just take of this the best we can now and then make a prediction later.
  11. Yes, yes you are correct. That would be where the underachieving part comes in, thanks for point that out.
  12. And almost did it a second time too! Lol
  13. It’s funny how they came “underachieve” for the last two seasons but still are still considered the class of the division. If it was anybody else, they would have been dropped them to third or lower.
  14. If you do don’t mind the brown stuff on it. It just adds character to the jersey. And it would be cheering against Brady, but I guess it will be determined on which one of you two need to lose more for us.