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  1. So… Thank goodness the NBA has a “soft cap” is what you’re say.
  2. Just pictured him with a wig and a two piece bikini on!!! 🤢 🤣
  3. The only thing I can think of, he light skin’did! Isn’t that right @ya_boi_j? 😏
  4. Like everyone else on the set said…. What took you so long!!? 🤣
  5. I bet he wishes he had a guy like right about now!!! Wait…..
  6. Who’s this 5’11 guy they keep talking about!?? Can they read a Bio? Trae is a hair under 6’2! He is a true tall 6’1! Just look at the photo with him standing next to 6’5 Matty Ice.
  7. And turned her out in the process! (is it too soon to say “Process” after what we did to him?) 🤣
  8. I just don’t know about breaking up the team chemistry like that, but ADDING a big time FA like that would be nice! I still would like to have a more physical presence in the middle(rebounder, shot blocker, a$$ knocker type) to clean up the “trash” I call it. A guy that can give us second chance points at will. That would be death to any one playing us to get ANOTHER crack at it and extend possessions.
  9. I had a different feeling this time around than that year. The way we lost in ‘88 AFTER finally breaking through the game before AND having game six won, just to nut up at the end was devastating! This game six lost was more of a, game in mid March type of loss. WTS I didn’t think we would win again in Philly. I am SO HAPPY to have been dead @$$ wrong!!! 🤣
  10. And bring Bogi off the bench??? Interesting…
  11. A little bit of more maturing will be his next growth phase. Then he truly will be the best player he can be! I just hope we can both keep the major pieces around him AND upgrade a few more spots.
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