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  1. Well, I am offended by both of you mutha &uckas!
  2. Well... being the home of the civil rights movement kinda moves us up the list of southern cities. kinda the reason we are Atlanta, just saying.
  3. I think we got as much as we could out of Freeney. Now Abraham is another story!
  4. My thing is, depth is a good thing so maybe he replaces someone, maybe he doesn’t. But like last year showed, we could use a deeper LB core. And as far as get there quicker, if a guy comes free immediately off the line or is a bad match up, the QB can release the ball long before the best rusher can get to him. With all that said, I would “like” to upgrade our pass rush.
  5. Funny how when the "fight them over there, instead of over here" crowd has so quickly changed tunes.
  6. A white wash of sorts.
  7. Well, Theoretically If you can cover longer, it gives your rushers more time to get to the target. Also, can't hurt with matching up with the backs in this division for the same reason.
  8. I thought he did! Sorry
  9. Oh I am cutting somebody if that goes down! As much emotion as I have invested??? Please!
  10. What do the Taints have to do with this discussion?
  11. Hard to fathom Welker being as good outside of NE as well. PS: glad you found the one guy I didn’t mention and missed the whole point.
  12. Fortunately, I don’t have that luxury. My heart is tied to this team for the last 40 and a half years so my dumb A$$ ain’t going no where. Butt it will hurt!
  13. The sad part is... they have won all of their championship with “at best” average receivers, out side of gork(who has been been injured and partying)and Edelman.
  14. Would they DARE ruin this season to see what happens?