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  1. You guys make it so that I don't even have to say anything.. lol
  2. Mic Drop.
  3. And ONCE AGAIN.. It was the FBI not Obama ordering this procedure. And they were Legally obtained regardless.(Which would make anyone with half sense worry about what they have already in order to get a FEDERAL Judge to sign off on it!)
  4. It's a Process.
  5. Kill yourself in the process of pissing off Liberals who ideas would help you and make your lives better. Makes sense to me. That's about right.
  6. Nice!!! lol
  7. Well... To be fair... England has a Natural border all the way around it as it is an Island Nation that is not physically connected to the remainder of Europe. And B, Terror has been happening in this Country long before folks of middle eastern decent began scarring the white folks. Just look up Rosewood, Birmingham Church Bombings and Emmitt Till for starters.
  8. I don't think so, But they have done this panoramic view before.
  9. I do think its time to buy stock in paper bag makers from La and Ms.
  10. They still gotta crappy Team and play in a Crappy City though.
  11. Unfortunately, they have built a consistent defense that I can't see it allowing them to win more than 4 or 5 games.
  12. Or just simply just pledge it and nothing else. He's good at just show, no substance.
  13. This is the case! We are so use to chasing and catching up to others but folks... We are the team every one else is chasing and we need to get over not feeling that way! Falcons go out and play the way they are suppose to and we are the feared team they measure themselves against.