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  1. I don’t want to know how you know how white @mdrake34‘s shorts are!!
  2. Thought you said “white men”. Cruz is of latin(Cuban descent) so he would fall into the Colored category.
  3. No it’s not just black people. It’s any people who happen to not be white men!
  4. Ball loves being famous too, just like Trump so this will probably play out a month or two longer than it should.
  5. Only if he was in Alabama. But then again... It was a teenage boy not girl so it probably would have been worse than the manditory ten he is getting in OK.
  6. Kinda like joking about hanging folks from trees, I would imagine. But this is exactly what I have been saying. His base core group know who he is and have already come to terms with it and are fine/support his behavior.
  7. Is it just me, but does this guy look like a younger Asian Steve Bannon!?
  8. I still believe the loud Minotity that is backing Trump has known all along what Moore REALLY is and are just continuing with things that make it sound ok for others to vote for him. The Republican way!
  9. I don't see joke... Where see joke?? lol But I have been Assaulted by a few Bama's in my life.. Pretty sure we were doing some "illegal" stuff in there somewhere!
  10. Since they claim there is nothing to the Russia thingy they might as well claim this one too.
  11. Well actually... This is the best reason I have heard to vote for him!
  12. Yeah, that was a better joke than one I told that he didn’t get! Lmao
  13. Butt Kush Push rolls off the tongue so well though!!
  14. The moment you realize you have to explain a joke.
  15. Well to be fair... They didn’t ask anything about his back door!