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  1. Getting off to a slow start and a fluke deflected pass to Jones help in the loss too.
  2. We did this year what we have seen some of the great dynasties do when it came to drafting and going out and getting EXACTLY who we wanted. So many seasons, we all would sit back and watch guys go right behind the clown we picked wondering why we didn't get that guy. This time, all other teams were saying just that! I say defensively, we got meaner this year and continued the more athletic them as well. Even if this isn't the year, I can see it happening multiple times over the next five seasons!
  3. Thinking they have weeks 1-22 Circled(that includes 3 byes), but I get where you are coming from!
  4. This Work effort can become infectious and when you add winning, this is the making of the NEW Falcons Culture!
  5. Will only do that once or twice a month. Plus high blood runs in my family, seriously, so I have to watch what I eat.
  6. Oh goodness... I have to stay in shape to keep up with the young kids and plus I just like the way it looks when I wear a fitted shirt lol Not like I got a massive ego or anything, you know.... lmao
  7. I could only hope... But she likes to work out too so.... And yes, I do to! Workout... lol
  8. Don't worry... Mine would leave me for Tony Gonzalez. Not because of the same height... lol
  9. Yeah, I think the odds are that we bring back At least one. I think bringing back neither is the least probably scenario. I even seeing us bring the both back before letting them both walk. Too much of a big hole in the roster.
  10. And Hageman is going to need to put it together! I have a feeling we are only keeping one of the two unless we can work some contract magic here.
  11. Only problem is... Would Poe want to sign that soon. He made it pretty clear in FA that he only wanted a one yr deal so...
  12. Will you stop taking my words!?? Its like you are in my head and I JUST got over those voices I use to hear!!!
  13. Could also Sign another FA, too.