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Ezekiel 25:17

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  1. Hold on here now... how are they talking about reforming it??? Like a little trim? Making it into a snapper? I need details.
  2. I was wondering why Chimp decided to drop his dumb@ss lawsuit.
  3. Who knew that we would be taking the environment so seriously!
  4. Knowing how much America goes through anything dealing with a black man with a fine tooth comb, I am anticipating a big nothing burger.
  5. And then Chump can take on Biden in an IQ test! With him being in the losing and getting embarrassed mood, you know!
  6. I’m just glad the R is waaaaay on the other side of the keyboard! Lol
  7. They are so horrible at messaging you would swear they do it on purpose!
  8. Thank goodness you used an “r” and NOT an “n” there!
  9. ... And it has been five o’clock somewhere else for a while too!
  10. Is it my fault I thought it said bondage not bonding!!? 🤣
  11. I am just glad there weren’t chains and whips involved!
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