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  1. Da he!! You find this picture of “Whitty Huton”!?
  2. That’s about as close as I will get to giving you a compliment! Especially DURING the season!
  3. And now those are their Starters, going against other Regular Starters.
  4. Touché!
  5. Well I wasn't judging either way..
  6. They played “a” decent game, let just leave it at that and build from it. Not get ahead of ourselves, ok?
  7. The way it should work is the guys in The Corporate office should go by the rules of the book instead of trying to determine whether this call fits in this or that game. That is the only way it will be uniformed.
  8. What you said makes sense, you have to call a game consistently and you can’t do that by pulling up one single play in a vacuum. My thing is, that was a clear call in any game.
  9. If they can make a buck, don’t think they won’t!
  10. If they didn’t want ticky Tac calls, they should have held their ground and not came up with this dumb rule to placate the Taints whinny fan base(minus @Iron Saint lol)!
  11. Or better yet, like Soccer Players who act like they just got shot one play and back in the game the next. The hook of the arm ALONE was enough to warrant a reversal whether you are in the stadium, New York or Calcutta!
  12. I get bad calls, but to get it wrong live, take two to five minutes Of multiple angles of looking at an obvious call and STILL getting it wrong is insane! How do you do that!?
  13. No, I have seen worse things that people are into. You do you man! Or should I say, you do the 7 footer!