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  1. Nah, he is easily north of 260, probably even over 270.
  2. Well, like I stated, we will never know what they “could” do since their not going to. Now as far as what they should do is hold him accountable and if he is not fit enough than move on from him and not lie for him and protect him As a party. Flake alone does not have the power as you have alluded. With them being the party of “Morale” standards, you would think it would be in their DNA.
  3. Well, since he isn’t gonna do anything anyway or his fellow Senators, we will never know. Unless you count a Saber rattling speech as something.
  4. Well.... I can’t say that.
  5. Was wondering how soon it would take for this to be shot down too.
  6. I wish the media would stop making up “nice phrases” and not calling them what they are. Lies!!! Every time anyone says an “alternative fact”, they need to call it what it is, a lie!! And I am glad folks in this Thread do the same thing when approached with such falsehoods.
  7. These are the moments when I am so happy we have a GM and it is not anyone on This Board!
  8. Why do we hate them??
  9. Not surprised at all. Was just saying the other day, this lack for human life playground antics by Trump would push them closer together.
  10. No way does that man ONLY weigh 240, no way! Even with fat weighing less(and he has a lot of that) at 6’2.5 with that gerth he is easily in the 265-270 neighborhood.
  11. That's why I am more than ok with either of the guys they are mentioning now.
  12. I say both as Knapp didn't know what to do with him at the time either, he was use to a pocket passer that would actually run the play called.
  13. That has been why I am ok with having an Average NFL experienced guy who can help him out and be the OC Quinn thinks he can be. As of right now, he is behind the game!
  14. Yeah, that wasn’t close to believable.
  15. Going to the store is beneath him!