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  1. Oh don’t like there aren’t dudes in the northeast and Midwest making this exact same declaration.
  2. You have stocks?
  3. There are a lot of other things we could do before stop importing oil from them, but actually we ONLY import 9% from them. Wouldnt it make America great if we used our own to cover that?(using the simple MAGA logic). With all that said..... I thought we were talking about Russia.
  4. Halfway through this, I thought, didn’t know he played defense. This explains all the missed tackles!
  5. Yes he would’ve! just on another team.
  6. I think that was a flying hotdog as well!
  7. Now that’s deep!
  8. Cumming from a Beckham, I was thinking something completely different from the comment of “ripping the owner”!
  9. Depending on what happens first Tuesday in November, it just finally might.
  10. Sounds like we have found our scapegoat to me!
  11. I would tell him to go suck a d!ck, but I have heard that he wouldn’t be insulted, but yet encouraged by that!
  12. Well, I was thinking of a bag of goodies that you could share.
  13. Says who?