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  1. Hey, with Sunday’s game feeling like a throwback to the days of old Fulton county, where I was cold , rainy and irrelevant, is it possible for FOX to put us out of our misery and block out the game locally? I am asking in gist, I know it would go agothe rules of a sell out, but it would save us a lot of time. :-)
  2. Oh C'mon, I am sure we can get a pair of vintage 1983 sweat aged Chuck Taylors and tubed striped knee high socks! And if we are patient, the knee pads and goggles too!
  3. I think it was suppose to be a joke.
  4. Yeah, this all started when they learned they could use the "I'm tired of hearing about [feel in the blank]" even though they never changed their behavior to begin.
  5. Well Played there ole chap, well Played!!! But I think you thought this was WFW !
  6. This goes back to what I asked WTF! He keeps saying the Dems are holding things hostage, but can't answer WHY would they vote AGAINST the best interest of themselves and AGAINST the interest of their constituents. Of Course I have not gotten an answer.
  7. Gotta love how their words have a life of there own!
  8. All we are missing is Gorden Solé from this rant!
  9. Your first paragraph is exactly the speech I invisioned!
  10. Yepper, I am not one of these folks that is on the extremes, as Quinn has been somewhat consistent until this year. However, since LI we have been on an alarming trend of lack of preparation and focus, that we had before that game was played, which this threads stats do not indicate as they are more of 30,000 global overall view. By the way, that still doesn’t address how goodness awful we have been over 53 seasons.
  11. I think they were, just not much else and now folks are tired of the rah rah boxing speeches.
  12. JESUS, would you just listen! (I always wanted to say that! ) This needs to happen whether he thinks he wants the job or not!
  13. Currently nine draft picks in the upcoming draft doesn’t hurt either!
  14. I agree with you there. i think it would have been the Taints however playing catch up after we beat them in week three, without the momentum They built up.
  15. I am starting to think this as welll. To be honest, it would explain this season in full rich details.