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  1. I see a 5 - 11 season - maybe 6 - 10 given the new offense they'll have to learn. And all the other changes that have taken place with the staff since Monday. We haven't even played the player shuffle yet that'll come with free agency. Our sports curse plus the fact that teams that lose the Super Bowl typically don't do well the following season - for whatever reason - and I don't see much success coming next year.
  2. I voted other: I truly believe there's a curse on all Atlanta Sports teams. But, somewhere in the 3rd quarter we lost a right tackle to an ankle injury. It was that moment when I started to realize what was about to happen.
  3. You're absolutely right Skeet! Those of us who are true fans know how to criticize the team without trashing them. I've been critical of the Falcons over the years, and even left these boards for a couple of years after the 2012 meltdown because that's just where I was following that NFCCG loss to the 49ers. Probably where a lot of people (a lot of native Atlantans) find themselves this morning. But, I learned one thing during my hiatus - I was still a fan of the game, and without being a part of my home team I felt like I was a little kid, wondering around lost in a mall full of people looking for my family. I had nowhere else to go, and eventually found my way back home. Yes it's very hard to face up to that loss last night and then to come to the realization that we may not get back there for a long, long time. But, if you were born and raised in Atlanta Falcons territory; if you know the address of the Georgia Dome; if you know where the Falcons played before the Georgia Dome was built; if know the last name of the family who owned the Falcons before Mr. Blank; if you know the name of the Falcons player who ran a kickoff back for a TD in the 1998 Super Bowl (without Google); and if you know the jersey numbers of Bartkowski, George, Tuggle, Andrews, Johnson, Sanders, and Van Note, then you know where you belong. And we'll be here when you're ready to come back home. It's easy to be a Patriots fan, or a Steelers fan, or a Cowboys fan. But only an ATLien can be a fan of the Falcons.
  4. I always said "they" let the Braves win that series, so that the World Series Trophy would be on display in the host city of the 1996 Olympic Games.
  5. Right, use this place as a sanctuary from the the real world. Don't argue with your other acquaintances on social media from other cities. Don't engage any yankee trolls who may find their way in here in the coming days. Everything is going to be fine. The Falcons will fly again.
  6. I know right! And to win it in Game 6, 1 - 0 off of a solo home run by David Justice (in the 6th inning if memory serves)! Remember that!? That was nice!
  7. Many of you probably don't remember the Divisional Playoff game against the Cowboys in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium in January 1981 (http://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboysheadlines/2011/05/24/archive-cowboys-beat-falcons-in-80-playoffs-with-last-minute-touchdown). But, I'm sure you all remember what had been the biggest, most epic playoff collapse in Falcons playoff history back in 2012 against the 49ers - until last night. But, put those two games together with last night's epic failure to finish a game we had already won, and I submit that there is no doubt now that all of our teams are cursed! I don't know what it is about Atlanta sports teams, but they can never finish the job (except the '95 Braves). I'm sorry you young Falcons Fans (those under the age of 40) had to learn this lesson like this, but those of us over 40 were waiting, wondering when the other shoe was going to drop. I actually heard it drop mid-way through the 3rd quarter - and as a matter of fact, I think I saw the shoe on the turf this time. That's when I got up from the couch, leaving the party and went home to get in the bed, because I have seen this many, many times from the Falcons, Hawks, and Braves and I knew what was about to happen. I went to bed last night at around 10pm pretty sure what the final score was going to be. But, the pain gets easier to bear with each passing season, so don't fret. Take some time away from the game, stay away from ESPN, NFL Network, and any other national sports broadcast until at least the Draft, and you'll be alright. I promise you. I've been where you are more times than I can count and you'll be back. You'll want wear your jersey again, and fly your Falcons car flags in traffic on the downtown connector - so don't burn them (I've done that too).
  8. My kids are all happy like this is over. I keep trying to tell them we've got to stay focused. We really need to score a TD at the start of the 3rd quarter. None of them were alive in 1998, so they have no idea. I keep trying to remind them of the NFCCG in 2012. But, our boys are looking really good so far!
  9. Yeah, they've given us a few props, but by and large it's all about what Bellichick is going to dial up against our 27th rank defense. So, I just turned the channel. We'll see tonight! I think it will be the Patriots trying to keep up with us.
  10. . . . and what they are going to do to the Falcons tonight! I just turned to the travel channel. Time on deck: 10:46am
  11. Me either! NFL network has pissed me off all week talking about Brady this, and Bellichick that. Like Rocky Balboa vs Drago, we've gotta get to round two and cut 'em (knock the mystique off 'em)! I think Patrick DiMarco is going to have a big first quarter too. I predict 50 yds receiving with 1-TD for him before halftime.
  12. People, I need some help. I love Sam Adams beer, but I will not be drinking any Cold Snaps this weekend. I need some recommendations for a suitable replacement because I won't be buying any beers brewed in Boston.
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