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  1. Oh Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo. I can't wait for the season to begin.
  2. Even the Raiders have said no because he is radioactive and nothing but trouble. I think John Fox will pick him up anyhow.
  3. Cry baby bullsh1t. You got beat. Go home.WTF was that play call?
  4. cheating a$$ turtle! That last football only weighed 4.5 lbs. as well.
  5. Just wanting y'all to look out for it. If they show T. Brady (which they will) look for a pump knot over his god like, gorgeous left eye. Did he go out for concusion protocol? Or is he above the league rules?
  6. went to the puppy bowl for the little one's. Did the boobs come out or did I make the better choice? Team Ruff owning team Fluff over here.
  7. holy moly! This is going to be a fun game to watch. Best since St. Louis v. Tennessee so far. If only K. Perry's top will pop! Fingers crossed!
  8. Josh McDreamy is going to expose Dan Blah, blah, blah's d. Eat it Seahawks fans.
  9. The other players in the locker room with Lynch love him and he is a beast on the field. Having said that there is no way I would want to have him on our team. We can get a whole bunch of other needs for the money he would want. It would be better to pick up a third or fourth round RB who has a chip on his shoulder that wants to prove himself and in three years we can dump him off for another third or forth rounder. This might be crazy, but if Amari Cooper is around at eight I think he will be the best option. DL and DB's can still be picked up later and FA veteran DL and DB's should be the focus to get fast production and have leaders to show what talent we have how it's done. Some of the previously thought flops looked good at times this season. If the new crew of coaches can get better production out of what we have it could save us for better future picks. This draft class just doesn't impress me that much outside of 50 or so players. That's just my opinion and it stinks just as much as anyone else's.