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  1. I like the way things are working out. Julio is my Favorite Falcons player along with Roddy and Devin Hester. I don't get why everyone KNOCKS Hester so much when he's out their trying to catch the ball, I thought he done really great last year, he was more or less a rookie. Oh well, just my opinion. Sorry to change the subject, but your SPOT ON in my opinion, the predictable offense and defense the Falcons have had over the last decade days are over and done with. It got so bad last few seasons that I could sit at home and tell my friends what the Falcons were going to do next, even my 16 year old nephew called what the play was before it happened a few times, and you know if that happens with people at home the opposing team dang sure knows what's going to happen. Either way. The running game to me will be really interesting to watch. Although I say doesn't matter unless the O-line works and gels. We shall see. Always enjoy reading your comments PokerSteve because most 9-10 times I agree with what you have to say. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Problem was, the team and players chosen did not live up to expectations. Was that Smitty's fault? I don't think so. DQ has control over the players on the roster, that's a KNOWN FACT. As for Smitty, who's to say that he never had that opportunity. That means everything. Just saying. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Mike Smith. I don't believe he wanted to be here anymore toward the end of his Falcons head coaching career. There needed to be a change in atmosphere, not just coaching staff. Wrong choices were made, the outcome made that well known by all. But No, I'm not going to put all the blame on Smitty at all. JMO..........
  3. I dunno, sometimes what makes you strive to be great is the same thing that brings your downfall upon yourself. Priorities mean everything, especially when a team is looking at drafting you. I don't know a lot about Ray, but I know the Falcons need to try and make as big a statement as they can this year on defense to let everyone know that there has been a change for this team. We shall see.....
  4. You always make some honest great points man. You may be right. I was thinking or trying to make an argument for Amari Cooper. LOL, I stopped making draft choices here on the forums after Peria Jerry, man I thought he was going to be as good as SUH turned out being. Maybe he might have if it wasn't for his injuries. You know we hear about the major ones but what they call minor ones in the NFL are having to see an emergency care specialist for the average person. Should be interesting to see how this all works out. I can't wait until the draft starts.
  5. I have a a few legit questions though. And yes I have seen him play. But it seemed to me like when he got injured last season that the backup RB done equally as well or not far off. Would that mean that the backup or #2 RB is just as good? Or the Scheme for that team gives proficient RB's a chance to flurish? Or in other words, could his numbers and college career be credited more on scheme and blockers rather than pure skill? I know I will get flamed for these questions, but I am asking them anyway. I don't keep up with College Football as much as most people here on the forums do and that's why I am asking. Rather than flaming me, how about explaining to me why I might be wrong with these questions because I'm not saying that the Falcons shouldn't draft ANY PLAYER AT ANY POSITION, I'm just asking why? And posting highlight films and saying numbers prove this that and other things mean nothing. Please re-read the start of my reply if that's what you think, there are questions in there. Smart move would be as most say for the Falcons to draft a defensive pass rusher, "Vic Beasley" which I would be fine with that scenario. But I want to point out a recent NFL analyst review of the Falcons current status that I thought was interesting. Sorry, it was on NFL Network, can't remember who said it. But they said that if the defense can improve to the mid teens or say 16 or so that the Falcons should be right back in the playoffs because of the offense as it stands right now will be putting up points. So, with that being said, Why not draft Amari Cooper and go ahead and put Roddy in the Slot? Or go 4 wide with Julio, Roddy, Hester, Cooper? It's a crazy thought I know, but not only would you be drafting Roddy's future replacement when he retires but the offense could make up for where the defense is lacking by putting up points. In my opinion, the last few years the Falcons offense was suffering because the powers that be with the coaching staff were afraid to go ahead and score and would rather try and play clock management, we all know how that worked out. Yea the Falcons defense needs help, but it has gotten some improvement through FA's and new defensive scheme should help, same could be said with the offense. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the Falcons room for improvement glass half empty or half full? Lot's of questions, some of which wont be answered until after the draft and the start of the season. Either way, Kudos to every single Falcons fan out there who has posted information about players and the team and news, that really does mean a lot. I don't watch much college football because I have too many friends who like too many different teams and it's better that I let them argue among themselves with their private friendly rilvary jargon stuff. But they all know I am a die hard Atlanta Falcons fan, so it's all cool.... It's all for entertainment and fun. It's still nice to see your team win and impose it's will sometimes. Just a few of my thoughts and opinions. And for the record if KOG says GURLEY, then over the years reading his pre-draft post I must say, he knows what he's talking about because a lot of what he has had to say about players drafted by the Falcons or not drafted has more times than not turned out to be true from what I have read. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. LOL!!! Glad this is not April 1st, I think I will be avoiding the forums on that day.
  7. I saw on another sites forums where someone was saying that Clarence Hill was a Cowboys beat writer, and that Bennett went to school at Texas A&M. The person who said this believed that's why they thought the rumor was coming from that area. I dunno, can't verify this, only what I read elsewhere from somebody else. http://www.seahawks.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=109593
  8. That's what I'm thinking also. I mean hey : "Stadiums now days are built to echo and make fan noise louder so what difference would there be between the two if that were the case?". Look at the Seahawks stadium, they hold the record for loudest crowd noise. I wonder if this isn't some PR crap being released by the Patriots or the NFL to take away the attention from deflate gate. Falcons are an easy target for such things considering they will be the only remaining hottest NFL news after the superbowl with them hiring Dan Quinn for a while. I dunno... I'm speculating,..
  9. LOL!!! So us Falcons fan's have our phone's RING TONES setup to sound like crowd noise..... Really..... Whoever is the so called Whistle Blower on this is obviously somebody who lost their job and or don't like the idea that the Falcons are going to have a group of coaches and changes coming that from what it looks like on paper for now will make the Falcons a great team next season and the future. So this brings me to question a couple things. Less say for example : "A team were to play loud noises when the other team has the ball during a home game". These days, certain stadiums especially SEATTLE for example, their stadium was designed to echo and resonate sound as loud as possible, or louder than normal NFL stadiums. What would the difference be between the two? There have been hecklers for years in all sports. So what's the NFL going to do, regulate the volume of the Fans? You quiet the fans you might as well shut down the whole league because when the fans don't have a voice in what they are watching the sport no longer matters. Falcons do play in a DOME, and according to the reports the fan noise got louder when the other team got the ball. My question is how much of an impact did that actually make if it happened to help the Falcons, the way I see it given their record : "NONE".... Just a few of my thoughts on this. Sounds like somebody crying sour grapes because of the timing of this report and considering the hottest NFL news after the superbowl or on going will be the Falcons hiring Dan Quinn.... JMO..............
  10. So Rex Ryan is interviewing with the 49ers tomorrow, He may never make it to Atlanta Tuesday if he gets a great offer from the 49ers. I hope the Falcons get Rex Ryan as the new HC. http://www.si.com/nfl/2015/01/01/report-rex-ryan-interview-san-francisco-49ers-sunday
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