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  1. To be honest, I hope that isn't true, because once a player has been paid like Von and is sent to another team then I suspect that it is all about business at that point, and not team. Not to mention to price tag!!!! I mean are you kidding me??? Beasley is the VON MILLER Rookie according to the media, so less see how that plays out before be overspend for the real player ya know, but not only that I must say regardless of numbers who's to say VON is the real deal to begin with? I mean, perhaps he was a product of a coordinator that is no longer there putting him in those capitalizing sit
  2. I'm out of here everyone. I was just throwing a few of my thoughts out there, NO OFFENSE MEANT. Regardless of what anyone thinks here I beg you all to consider one simple thing, and it is the most important thing as an AMERICAN that you must remember, and that is : LOOK : "While we may not always agree, and while we may not like one another sometimes, WE MUST AGREE on securing our country so we can continue these talks by any means necessary". And another thing, the PROPAGANDA being spread by the MEDIA : "Who's to say THEY AREN'T BEING PAID BY FOREIGNERS!!!", OR SPONSORS. JUS
  3. That made me laugh! Sorry I can't give you more than one like, it might be considered illegal considering the times these days!!! Hahaha I'm kidding....
  4. It's very clear that you have no idea as to the meaning of what "COUNTRY" and "RIGHTS" for EVERYONE actually means. You obviously have anger issues. My suggestion would be you seek help! If you think talking big about guns on the internet in a threatening manner toward others simply because you don't like what they have to say then LOOK : YOU HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM. And no, it doesn't make you a badaRSE, it makes you look small and tiny because you fail to consider that somebody out there might have BIGGER ONES or MORE.... Just saying.... GROW UP!
  5. That's messed up........ I mean that is kinda sick...........
  6. Meaning that would make you someone who thinks they KNOW IT ALL and are not open to anything other than what you think or want.
  7. WOW! You really have ZERO idea as to what is going on. If you were actually following the thread you would see I already replied...............
  8. Really, I'm a TROLL because YOU DO NOT LIKE ME SPEAKING THE TRUTH?????? Really? I haven't yelled or screamed about anything, I used CAPITALS to make sure what I was saying for your information : "THAT I COULD SEE WHAT I WAS TYPING BECAUSE I HAVE POOR VISION". And BTW : my health isn't worth a crap these days, THANKS TO OBAMA CARE.......
  9. You must be SMOKING some kinda something, when OR IF you start talking sensible then come back and talk cohesive to me, until then I wish you the best whoever you THINK you are - Man or Woman - LGBT or whatever, I wish you the best.
  10. YELLING??? OH WOW! So you HEARD ME PERSONALLY???????? I think not, actually I KNOW NOT! GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. RIGHT, glad you showed up. And NO I AM NOT SCREAMING, I'm just sharing my thoughts like the rest of them. Not going to judge. but considering the thread you must be talking about me eh?
  12. Careful what you say little one. Your freedom is on the line with comment like that...........
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