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  1. OL-are they going to come together? Who wins RT? I know that on paper this is better than we have had the past couple of seasons, but it is an area of concern. DE-I have very little faith in VIc or Takk. I hope that they prove me wrong, but I doubt it. RB- I just don't think that Freeman will take Dunn's advise and stop taking so many hits. I worry about his history of concussions. CB- I think our experience and depth are very suspect here. Lots of potential, but I have concerns. Overall I if 2-3 of these are good, we will have a great season.
  2. I think Julio will get anywhere between 19-20m a season, and Debo will get a deal that gives him 12.5m to 14m a season. After seeing what the LBs in FA got this off season, we better get it done sooner than later.
  3. If you say so....He signed for 17m, not 18-20m. Looks like a lot of people were wrong. I would rather be bad a reading then rude.
  4. Heck of a deal...makes me wonder where all the crazy 18-20m a year figures were coming from.
  5. Foye is the starter. Period. If the FO did not feel this way then LB would have been addressed in FA or the draft.
  6. Why do so many people say that Lindstrom is Mack's replacement? Has he ever played center? He has elite guard written all over him. Why the **** would we move him to center?
  7. So does that make us 8-8? I see a 10-6 season heading our way.
  8. And yet we only brought home one world series...I swear a cactus with a hat could have coached better.
  9. I can remember driving home from work, and when they said that the Falcons picked him I nearly wrecked my car in rage. Glad I was wrong though.
  10. I hope you are right, we are so due.
  11. I agree that Freeman is likely gone, but Mack and Tru will be here for 2 more years
  12. That is correct they are not open to the public
  13. /thread
  14. That question had nothing to do with football, and he may not be ready to address that situation yet.
  15. I know how I would feel if I just got done practicing in 90 degree temps for a couple of hours, and I had to answer Dled's stupid incoherent questions.